10 Best Tricolor Aglaonemas You Must Grow

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Check out the Best Tricolor Aglaonemas that you can grow to add a pop of colors to your plant collection. They are also easy to maintain!

If you are a fan of colors, then don’t miss out on these Best Tricolor Aglaonemas! They will look stunning in your rooms in classy pots!

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Best Tricolor Aglaonemas

1. Tricolor

Best Tricolor Aglaonemas

Native to Nias and Sumatra Islands, this slow-growing sub-tropical plant showcases an excellent blend of dark and light green, along with spots of whites.

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2. Harlequin


This variety changes the look according to the light. It stays green with yellow specks and pink veins in the shade. The light makes it take a uniform yellow tint with pink hues.

3. Red Peacock

Best Tricolor Aglaonemas 2

The green foliage has shades of green and lime-yellow along with pink veins and stripes. Keep the plant in bright and indirect light for fine growth.

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4. Anyanmanee


This variety sports wide spotted leaves in dusty pink, deep green, and cream shades. It won’t mind a bit of shade but needs indirect light for the best colors.

5. Red GoldBest Tricolor Aglaonemas 3

Red Gold displays a mix of green, gold, and cream, with edges covered in a shade of red. It offers the best hues when kept in sunlight with afternoon shade.

6. Pink Moon


This gorgeous plant withstands low-light conditions effortlessly. The freckles and spots of pink and white on the green leaves make it quite striking.

7. Lady Valentine

Best Tricolor Aglaonemas 4

Lady Valentine showcases beautiful shades of pink on the leaves with variegation in cream and green shades.

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8. Golden Fluorite


Golden Fluorite’ exhibits green leaf margins, stems, and veins. Also, the leaves have splashes of golden green, pink, and yellow.

9. Brilliant

Best Tricolor Aglaonemas 5

Brilliant looks like what its name suggests! It offers mottled leaves with cream-white midrib and cream-gray splotches on a dark green surface.

10. Butterfly


The green surface of the foliage in this plant has lemon yellow variegation with pink midrib and stems. Keep it in bright and indirect light for the best hues.

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