10 Spooky Balcony Halloween Decor Ideas

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Halloween is around the corner and here are some spooky Balcony Halloween Decor ideas you can try to introduce some terror!

If you want to decorate your balcony this Halloween season in a creepy and fun way, then we have some spooky Balcony Halloween Decor ideas for you. With a few additions, you’ll have a Halloween-ready balcony in no time!

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Balcony Halloween Decor Ideas

1. Halloween Decor with Darth Vader

Balcony Halloween Decor

This spooky black-themed balcony with a creepy mask man and Darth Vader is surely going to attract a lot of eyeballs.

2. Balcony with Skeletons

Make your balcony stand out from the rest this Halloween by placing skeletons wrapped in spooky outfits.

3. Scarecrows on a Balcony

Balcony Halloween Decor 2

Scarecrows with pumpkin heads are surely going to induce the Halloween vibe.

4. Skeleton on a Swing

A swinging skeleton from the balcony is going to scare any passerby to the bones!

5. Big Balcony Halloween Decoration

Balcony Halloween Decor 3

If you have a big balcony, then make the best use of its space by placing different items and hanging skeleton effigy.

6. Decorative Balcony Halloween

A scarecrow with a pumpkin head and cobwebs will make for a great Halloween decoration for a balcony.

7. Witch on the Balcony

Balcony Halloween Decor 4

A witch reading a book with large spiders on the walls is one Halloween balcony decoration idea you just can’t ignore!

8. A Roped Balcony Ghost

This balcony ghost in a white robe can you the winner of having the scariest balcony.

8. Mummy Wrapped in a Spider Web

Balcony Halloween Decor 5

You can make a mummy and wrap it up in stings of cotton ropes to make it appear as a spider web. Add miniature spiders for a more spooky look.

9.  Creepy Skeleton Statue in a Balcony

This creepy skeleton overlooking from the balcony will send a chill down the spine of your guests for sure.

10.  Collection of Several Creepy Skeletons on Balcony

Balcony Halloween Decor 6

A collection of skeletons in different sizes and shapes will fill up the balcony with a complete Halloween vibe.

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