16 Corten Steel Landscaping Ideas for Garden Design

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Corten steel landscaping is a new way to design a garden. Check these 16 ideas for inspiration.

What is Corten Steel?

Also called the weathering steel, cor-ten steel is maintenance free. It is developed to eliminate the need for painting. It is a group of steel alloys that form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years. Read more about corten steel on Wikipedia.

“By forming a film of dark brown oxidation over the metal, Cor-Ten successfully resists the corrosive effects of weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, and fog. In this way, the protective layer prohibits deeper penetration of the elements and eliminates the need for painting and the expense of rust-prevention maintenance over the years, saving both money and time.” If you don’t know much about corten steel landscaping, read this informative post.landscaping with corten steel

In the past, the rust was estimated as an avoidable and undesirable thing. But now with the use of corten steel, a rusted appearance is possible: A door or furniture, a garden fence or a railing made of corten steel is appreciated by the landscapers and designers, especially in contemporary gardens.

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Landscaping with Corten Steel

Here you’ll find 16 creative and inspiring ideas related to Corten steel landscaping in the garden.

1. Corten Steel Fence


The Corten steel is a material with multiple applications both practical and aesthetic. For example, modern Corten steel fence can be made in large panels.

A Corten steel fence like this will enhance the design of the exterior and make your time in the garden more enjoyable. It is very suitable for outdoor space and brings a touch of naturalness and modernity.

2. Corten steel fence and visual barrier3

The protection and privacy are of the paramount importance. To protect yourself from prying eyes, fix a Corten steel barrier which, besides its decorative function, also acts as a fence.

3. The Corten steel in the garden – a material that has multiple applications4

Corten steel has the appearance not only an aesthetic, but it is also resistant to atmospheric conditions. It is almost maintenance free. Under the top layer of rust, there is a special protective layer that prevents the corrosion in it.

4. Corten steel fence made of the reinforcing braided rods5

A braided fence made of several reinforcing rods is used to replace the ordinary fence, without cluttering the garden and without reducing the ventilation.

5. Decorative corten steel fence6

The Corten steel fence is the contemporary version of the metal fence. It is used with concrete or other material.

6. Corten steel garden gate, eye-catching7

If you are looking for a catchy element with rustic style, get yourself a garden gate made of Corten steel to enhance the look of your outdoor space. These type of doors and gates are in fashion. What you have to do only is to choose the design that best fits for your garden.

7. Corton steel entrance door8

Rusted door and clean floor do not match each other or quite the contrary?

8. Corton steel walkway

9A corten steel walkway can be a good idea to implement. A rustic garden path will look good and be of low maintenance.

9. Corten steel risers to sublimate the steps of the outside staircase10

The gross appearance of Corten steel is ideal for rock gardens. This material can be used as risers or for edging.

10. Veranda with a seemingly “rusty” landscape with cor-ten steel raised beds

11Combine Corten steel and wood and you will not regret your choice. These materials combine wonderfully and create an atmosphere that is both rustic and modern.

11. Corten steel edging for landscaping12

The role of garden borders is to separate the planting beds. Create a rusty steel edge that will be low maintenance too.

12. Corten steel raised beds for ornamental garden13

Most of the modern gardens are landscaped with raised beds made of Corten steel, which house the ornamental plants and grasses.

13. Corten steel water feature


Get inspired by the design of this Corten steel water feature filled with rocks. The lush vegetation brings freshness and makes the garden a true paradise.

14. Garden sculpture15

Such a sculpture made of corten steel can completely change the design of your garden.

15. Corten steel brazier or other accessories16

Place a corten steel brazier in the garden or on the terrace, this eye-catching accessory will bring the whole family together.

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  1. The corten steel fence made of reinforcing braided rods is pretty cool. Though my favorite would have to be the contemporary designs. I may not be too fond of the color but it would be cool to have.

  2. If you talk about landscaping I think grass, trees, flowers, that sort of thing. I had never thought about steel or steel elements. Steel is used in buildings and for construction. I didn’t think about steel fences. My wife has been talking about wanting to do some landscaping and a new fence, I will need to see what she thinks about a nice steel fence. It sounds better to me than a wood or plastic fence.

  3. The fencing of braided bars is made of rebar. As far as I know, this is not available in corten steel. Corten steel is only available in plate and square tubing where I live. The rebar will continue to rust, but given the very long time this takes, this is usually not a problem for the durability.


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