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12 DIY Container Topiary Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Beautify your indoor space, entryway or garden with  these12 best DIY Topiary Ideas for containers.

1. DIY Artificial Topiary

Buying the artificial topiaries for your home can be very expensive, but this step by step DIY video here teaches you how to create them cheaply.

2. DIY Olive Topiary

This olive topiary idea here can change the appearance of your interior. It’s quick, simple, and inexpensive.

3. Herb Topiary from Cuttings

Choose cuttings of woody herbs to create terrific topiary specimens, this informative article at thecrownedgoat guides you about everything you need to learn to do this!

4. Faux Boxwood Topiary

Decorate your living room with this faux boxwood topiary DIY here. You’ll need a few general supplies and a small investment of time to get it done!

5. DIY Jasmine Topiary

Create a jasmine topiary, it may not look as beautiful as the common topiary plants, but it’ll greet you with the most delightful fragrance. Click here to see the original post!

6. DIY Moss Topiary

Create the moss topiary–fresh, fluffy, and bright. Check out this blog to see the step by step tutorial!

7. Rustic Heart-Shaped Topiary

This is beautiful, learn how to create lush and rustic heart-shaped topiary, with an ivy plant following the instructions available at the Hometalk!

8. DIY Fake Plant Topiary

If you fail at keeping your indoor plants alive, fake plants, as long as they look natural can be an option. Moreover, you can create nice topiaries with them as well. Check out this tutorial to learn more!

9. Beautiful Peony Topiary

This is beautiful, learn to create decorative peony topiaries for your home, showcase them at some event or keep them flanking at your fireplace. Here’s the DIY tutorial!

10. Interesting DIY Faux Plant Topiary Tutorial

Even if you hate faux plants (just like us), you can give it a try. At My Vintage Porch, check out this one more DIY topiary idea!

11. DIY Moss Ball Topiary

If you didn’t make mind to try out our number six tutorial, convince yourself to try this one with Artificial moss balls. Click here to see the how-to!

12. Topiary Orb

Now, this is with the real plant! Follow this DIY here to create a nice tabletop centerpiece using a hanging plant; it involves recycling as well.

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Beautify your indoor space, entryway or garden with  these12 best DIY Topiary Ideas for containers.


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