18 Flowers that Are Safe for Cats

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Looking for Flowers that Are Safe for Cats? These blooms not only look fantastic but are also completely harmless to your feline friends!

In this guide, we have hand-picked Flowers that Are Safe for Cats. These blooms promise beauty with peace of mind, helping you make a harmonious living space for your beloved pet.

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Flowers that Are Safe for Cats

1. Aster

Flowers that Are Safe for Cats 1

Botanical Name: Asteraceae

They are famous for star-like flowers in bright colors. Asters are great for different uses – you can plant them along borders, put them in containers, or use them as cut flowers.

2. Freesia

Botanical Name: Freesia

Freesias are popular for their sweet scent and trumpet-like flowers. They come in many colors: white, yellow, orange, red, and purple.

3. Gerbera Daisy

Botanical Name: Gerbera jamesonii

The Gerbera Daisy is famous for its enormous, vibrant blooms that resemble sunflowers. They come in various colors, including salmon, orange, pink, yellow, and white.

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4. Orchid


Botanical Name: Orchidaceae

They are available in various colors, forms, and sizes. Orchids are popular for houseplants due to their elegant appearance and long-lasting blossoms.

5. Rose

Flowers that Are Safe for Cats5

Botanical Name: Rosa

Roses have a pleasant scent and are recognized as symbols of beauty and love. They come in a plethora of options- there’s one for everyone!

6. Snapdragon


Botanical Name: Antirrhinum

Snapdragons have tall spikes of colorful flowers that open from the bottom up. They also attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

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7. Sea Lavender

Botanical Name: Limonium

Sea Lavender is a charming plant with soft, airy blooms in lovely shades of lavender, pink, and white. It loves sunny spots and well-draining soil.

8. Sunflower

Botanical Name: Helianthus

Sunflowers are known for their big, bright yellow flowers and dark centers. They’re famous for their flower heads that follow the sun across the sky.

9. Calendula

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis

Calendula flowers can add a splash of color without risk and have bright orange and yellow flowers that look like daisies. They’re also used in cooking.

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10. Camellia

Botanical Name: Camellia

Camellias are shrubs or small trees with shiny leaves and beautiful flowers that look like white, pink, and red roses.

11. Canna Lily

Flowers that Are Safe for Cats11
Angry poof

Botanical Name: Canna

Canna Lilies have big leaves and bright red, orange, yellow, or pink flowers. They do well in both sun and a bit of shade.

12. Cosmos

Botanical Name: Cosmos bipinnatus

Cosmos are annuals with white, pink, and purple flowers resembling daisies. They’re also great for bringing in bees and butterflies.

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13. Impatiens

Flowers that Are Safe for Cats13

Botanical Name: Impatiens

Impatiens are a gardener’s delight, blooming in bright colors like pink, red, purple, and white. They’re a super choice for garden beds and pots.

14. Petunia

Botanical Name: Petunia

These trumpet-shaped flowers come in lots of colors and patterns. They’re a right pick for hanging baskets, pots, or garden beds.

15. Nasturtium

Flowers that Are Safe for Cats 15

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum

Nasturtiums stand out with their bright yellow, orange, and red flowers. They are completely harmless for cats, and you can also use them in the kitchen!

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16. Pansy

Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis

Pansies are special with their unique, face-like flowers. They come in purple, blue, red, yellow, and white colors.

17. Zinnia

Flowers that Are Safe for Cats 17

Botanical Name: Zinnia

Zinnias are famous for their bright and giant flowers. They’re easy to grow and bring butterflies and helpful bugs to your garden.

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18. Cat Thyme

Botanical Name: Teucrium marum

Despite what its name suggests, cat thyme isn’t a proper type of thyme. It’s a small, fragrant shrub that many cats find irresistible.

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