What Does Calendula Smell Like?

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Wondering What Does Calendula Smell Like? We’ll explain all about its scent and notes!

What Does Calendula Smell Like

Almost everyone loves calendula flowers, but not many are aware of the notes that its fragrance carries. Some think it is on a sweeter side, well others have no explanation for it. Well, we’ll tell you what it is, exactly!

So, What Does Calendula Smell Like?

What Does Calendula Smell Like 2

If you will take a deep breath after holding a calendula flower, the first note that you’ll come across is a mix of herbal and sweet. Let’s have a look in detail.

1. Herbal

This is the primary scent note of the flower, something that hits your senses the moment you smell it. It is not a distinctive fragrance, but some people say it smells a lot like a mix of sage, mint and thyme—the reason why these blooms are so refreshing, especially when they are crushed!

2. Spicy

After you get past that herbal note, the second fragrance that will hit you, is a subtle, spicy note. Mind you, it is very faint, and some people don’t even recognize that it is there. It can be explained as a mix of the scents of nutmeg and clove.

It adds a warm undertone to the overall fragrance of the flower.

3. Floral Undertones

Now, the third note that the flower provides is, again, a very subtle hint of “flowers,” a fragrance that we generally associate with something that comes from blooms in a broader sense.

It has a mild scent of citrus, with a fragrance that will remind you of the notes of marigold, which makes calendula quite refreshing!

Well, this is how these flowers smell! If you love blooms with a relatively subtle and milder notes, this is the plant to have in your patio! Do note that calendula’s fragrance is not overpowering, however, if you are allergic to certain notes, do take caution.

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