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Look at these stunning Climbing Nasturtium Pictures and add this showy trailing specimen to your collection!

Looking for a low-maintenance yet prolific bloomer for your yard? These Climbing Nasturtium Pictures will blow your mind!

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Do Nasturtiums Climb?

Yes, this ornamental annual climbs through any structure to reach the sun.

Native to South America, Nasturtium grows bright funnel-shaped flowers that need 3-5 hours of direct sunlight to bloom well; thus, the plant does every bit to reach the heights, trailing through trellis, fences, stakes, arbors, or any neighboring plant.

Making a Nasturtium Fence

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures

Making a Nasturtium fence is as easy as it sounds, as this vigorous climber spreads profusely with even the minimum support. Simply grow the plant near your garden fence. You need not worry about the soil type; all it needs is a well-draining medium.

In case, you want to train the vine in a certain direction, you may twirl the stem around the fence or install a wire trellis.

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Nasturtium in Hanging Basket

Nasturtiums strike a beautiful show if grown in hanging baskets. The cascading foliage with vivid blooms looks stunning as they trail down the baskets. All you need is to hang it at a spot that receives bright direct sunlight.

While growing in hanging baskets, the semi-trailing varieties would do well as they grow to a length of 2-3 feet. The best varieties include Black Velvet, Empress of India, Orange Gleam, and Purple Emperor.

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How to Grow Climbing Nasturtium?

Making a nasturtium climb is not a tough task, as this plant is quite a vigorous grower. All you have to do is to give it the right support and a direction to grow.

Water well, ensure it gets plenty of bright light, and it will be more than happy to climb wherever you want!

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures

1. Cheerful Nasturtiums Climbing the Garden Fence

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 2

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2. A Foral Trio of Nasturtiums, Geraniums, and Lobelia


3. Nasturtiums Climbing the Garden Arbor

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 4

4. Cascading Nasturtiums on Rustic Metal Rim

5. Nasturtiums with Variegated Leaves Climbing the Willow Trellis

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 5

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6. Nasturtium in Three Tiered Hanging Basket

7. Trailing Nasturtium Creating a Privacy Fence

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 6

8. An Exotic Showstopper!

9. Nasturtiums Climbing the Woodshed

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 7

10. A Really Colorful Climber!

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11. Nasturtium Bed with Garden Stakes

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 8

12. Cascading Nasturtium Bed with Inbuilt Trellis

13. Sprawling Nasturtium in the Sunny Corner

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 9

14. Nasturtium Climbing Up the Ladder Railing


15. A Bright Floral Spot in the Yard

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 10

16. Nasturtium Climbing the Window

17. Showy Display of Heirloom Nasturtiums in the Yard

Climbing Nasturtium Pictures 11

18. Beautiful Climbing Nasturtium in a Pot


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