35 Most Beautiful Black and Blue Butterflies

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Check out the most Beautiful Black and Blue Butterflies showcasing vivid hues! Get their details and identify them easily in the garden!

Discover the mesmerizing charm of these stunning Black and Blue Butterflies adorned with elegant shades of black and blue.

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Black and Blue Butterfly Meaning

Don’t know the meaning of black and blue butterfly? We’ve got you covered! The Black and Blue Butterfly holds profound symbolic meanings that have fascinated cultures across the globe. The combination of black and blue on its wings represents a perfect balance between two contrasting elements.

Black, often associated with mystery and the unseen, signifies transformation and the unseen aspects of life. On the other hand, blue embodies tranquility, harmony, and open communication. Together, they symbolize the journey of self-discovery and personal growth as one navigates through life’s mysteries while maintaining inner peace and effective communication with others.

But what about black and blue butterfly spiritual meaning? In spiritual traditions, the black and blue butterfly is considered a messenger of profound change and metamorphosis. A black and blue butterfly tattoo reminds individuals to embrace transformation and embrace the unknown, even during challenging times. The butterfly’s presence may serve as a reminder to maintain a sense of calmness and clarity amid life’s chaos.

Blue and Black Monarch Butterfly

The Blue and Black Monarch Butterfly, a member of the Nymphalidae family, captivates with its stunning appearance. Its wings combine shades of serene blue and mysterious black, creating a mesmerizing sight. This butterfly is a symbol of transformation and tranquility, representing personal growth and positive change in life.

To attract these enchanting butterflies to your garden, consider planting specific plants that they love. Some favorites include Milkweed (Asclepias), which is crucial for Monarchs as it serves as a host plant for their caterpillars.

Additionally, Butterfly Bush (Buddleja) and Lantana are popular choices, as they provide nectar-rich flowers that Monarchs and other butterflies enjoy.

Black and Blue Butterflies

Some of the butterflies on this list may have a very light tint of black and blue hue on their wings.

1. Pipevine Swallowtail

Black and Blue Butterflies 1

Scientific Name: Battus philenor

First on the list of is the swallowtail black and blue butterfly; these are mostly black with bright blue coloring on their hindwings. They also have light blue spots near the edges of their wings.

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2. Red-Spotted Admiral

Scientific Name: Limenitis arthemis

The Red-spotted Admiral is a common black and blue butterfly species found in North America with black and blue colors. It has black wings with blue edges and red spots.

3. Summer Azure

Black and Blue Butterflies 3

Scientific Name: Celastrina neglecta

These black and blue butterflies are active for a long time during the summer and fall. They are light blue with black edges on their wings.

4. Mangrove Skipper


Scientific Name: Phocides pigmalion

With a beautiful black and blue butterfly name, the Skipper Mangrove has a dark color, with a violet-blue shade, a black body, and black veins on its wings.

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5. Reakirt’s Blue

Black and Blue Butterflies 5

Scientific Name: Echinargus isola

These black and blue butterflies come from Southern America and Florida. It has a light blue body with black spots that have white edges.

6. Atala

Scientific Name: Eumaeus atala

The Atala butterfly is a common black and blue butterfly found in Florida’s subtropical climate. They feed on the nectar of many subtropical flowers, including wild coffee.

7. Anna’s Blue

Black and Blue Butterflies 7

Scientific Name: Plebejus anna

Looking for a black blue and orange butterfly? Anna’s Blue females have a mix of brown, black, and orange colors on them, which makes them light-toned black and blue butterflies on this list.

8. Long-Tailed Skipper

Scientific Name: Urbanus proteus

Long-tailed Skippers are butterflies with a partly blue body, which is a dark metallic blue color. Both male and female skippers have this blue color.

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9. Common Checkered-Skipper

Black and Blue Butterflies 9

Scientific Name: Burnsius communis

The male Common Checkered-skipper has a body that is blue and black in color. This butterfly is found all across the United States.

10. Spring Azure

Scientific Name: Celastrina ladon

These black and blue butterflies have blue coloring, but males are dark blue, and females are violet-blue. They live in almost all US states, including Alaska.

11. Boisduval’s Blue

Black and Blue Butterflies 11

Scientific Name: Icaricia icarioides

A stunning blue and black butterfly, the Icaricia icarioides is mainly blue and black in color. It has light blue wings with black veins and black edges with white borders.

12. Sonoran Blue

Scientific Name: Philotes sonorensis

These are frequently found in The Sonoran Desert, which includes areas in California and Baja California. Both male and female butterflies have a light blue color on their wings.

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13. Arctic Blue

Black and Blue Butterflies 13

Scientific Name: Agriades glandon

These black and blue butterflies have dark blue inner wings, a blue body, and a blue head. The outer wings are black with white edges, and there are black dots on the wings.

14. Square-Spotted Blue


Scientific Name: Euphilotes battoides

The male has light blue wings with black dots and orange stripes, while the females are brown. The body of the butterfly is light blue-gray, and it is a beautiful black and blue butterfly species.

15. Silvery Blue

Black and Blue Butterflies 15

Scientific Name: Glaucopsyche lygdamus

The Silvery Blue butterfly is named for the silvery shade on its blue wings. Both males and females have blue wings with a little bit of silver shine.

16. Gilbert’s Flasher

Scientific Name: Telegonus fulgerator

Gillberts’ Flasher is a butterfly species found in North America. These black and blue butterflies have a two-color body with brown to black and blue wings.

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17. Tropical Checkered-Skipper

Black and Blue Butterflies 17

Scientific Name: Burnsius oils

It is known for its blue and black colors. The main color of its wings is blue, with black edges. You can often see white dots on its wings as well.

18. Blue Metalmark

Scientific Name: Lasaia sula

A brilliant blue and black butterfly, this one is famous for its bright blue color, which looks like shiny metal. The outer part of their front wings is in a darker blue shade.

19. Florida Purplewing

Black and Blue Butterflies 19

Scientific Name: Eunica tatila

When their wings are closed, you can’t see their colorful side, but when their wings are open, you can see that the inner part of the wings has a dominant blue to purple color.

20. Great Purple Hairstreak

Scientific Name: Atlides halesus

These black and blue butterflies are common in the US with dark blue and black colors. Both males and females have blue and black colors on their wings.

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21. Mexican Bluewing

Black and Blue Butterflies 21

Scientific Name: Myscelia ethusa

These butterflies have colors like blue, black, and white on their wings. You can see alternating black and blue stripes on the top side of their wings.

22. Two-Barred Flasher

Scientific Name: Astraptes fulgerator

On its wings, there are two long bands and two short bands that are white or light blue in color. These bands are on opposite sides of the butterfly’s dark blue metallic body.

23. Guava Skipper

Black and Blue Butterflies 23

Scientific Name: Phocides lilea

The males of these black and blue butterflies have lighter blue wings with black body that has light blue stripes. Females are mostly black or dark blue in color.

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24. Forrer’s Leafwing


Scientific Name: Memphis forreri

The wings of these black and blue butterflies have a pattern of blue, dark blue, and black colors. The black color is seen mainly on the outer parts of the wings.

25. Blackened Bluewing

Black and Blue Butterflies 25
Brittanie McCormack

Scientific Name: Myscelia cyananthe

As the name suggests, these black and blue butterflies have a combination of black and blue colors. The upper side of its wings has dominant black patterns.

26. Sara Longwing


Scientific Name: Heliconius sara

Looking for a blue and black butterfly? Sara Longwings are one of the largest black and blue butterflies in the country, with a wingspan of over 60mm. The wings are mainly black and dark blue.

27. Cascadia Blue

Black and Blue Butterflies 27

Scientific Name: Euphilotes heracleoides

These black and blue butterflies have a very pale blue color that sometimes looks gray or white.  The wings of this butterfly have black patterns, including small black dots.

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28. Blue Admiral

Scientific Name: Kaniska canace

These black and blue butterflies mostly have a black color, but their wings have long light blue bands on the edges.

29. Blue Copper

Black and Blue Butterflies 29

Scientific Name: Tharsalea heteronea

Last on the list of black and blue butterflies, males have dark blue undersides with black lines, while females have light blue or blue-gray undersides with black dots.

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30. Blue Morpho

Scientific Name: Morpho menelaus

The Blue Morpho is a true beauty, with its dazzling iridescent blue wings that seem to shimmer in the light.

31. Common Bluebottle

Scientific Name: Graphium sarpedon

A sight to behold, the Common Bluebottle showcases stunning blue wings adorned with elegant black spots, making these the prettiest black and blue butterflies.

32. Blue Emperor

Scientific Name: Polyura schreiber

The Blue Emperor is a real black and blue butterfly with large and regal blue wings adorned with intricate black markings.

33. Icarus Blue


Scientific Name: Polyommatus icarus

Looking for a butterfly with black and blue wings? The Icarus Blue is a delicate wonder, its wings adorned with a mesmerizing shade of blue that resembles the beauty of the open sky.

34. Ulysses Butterfly

Scientific Name: Papilio ulysses

This beauty enchants all with its radiant electric blue wings, truly a symbol of natural splendor.

35. Blue Triangle


Scientific Name: Graphium sarpedon choredon

Boasting a striking and unique pattern of blue and black that forms an alluring triangular design on its wings, the Blue Triangle is an amazing blue and black butterfly.

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