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Check out these Best Sunflower Colors that you may not have seen before. Scroll down and make your garden brighter with these stunning hues!

Sunflowers known for their typical colors surprise with a variety of hues you might not have seen. This list narrows it down to help you choose the perfect addition for your garden.

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Best Sunflower Colors – Yellow 

1. Gummy Bear

Different Colors Sunflowers 1

Instead of the traditional brown centered sunflower, Gummy Bear features bright yellow petals that look fluffy and peeks out from its large green leaves.

2. Teddy Bear

Best Sunflower Colors yellow

The appearance of this variety is somewhat like teddies, soft and fluffy. They are about 10-24 inches tall with golden-yellow double-petals.

3. Tall Teddy

Different Colors Sunflowers 3

It is also known as “Tall Sungold.” They have soft fluffy flowers that make them resemble giant teddy bears.

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4. Starburst Greenburst

Best Sunflower yellow Colors

This variety closely resembles Gerberas. However, one can easily differentiate them due to their tall stem.

5. Dwarf Sunspot

Different Colors Sunflowers 5

A best choice for container gardens and small spaces, these dwarf sunflowers grow to about 2 feet tall and are roughly 6 inches in diameter.

6. Bambino

Best yellow Colors Sunflower

Belonging to the Helianthus annuus species, the Bambino sunflower is a compact variety that is popular for its smaller size and bright color. They are a popular choice for bringing butterflies, bees and other pollinators to your space.

7. Black Peredovik Sunflowerslovely yellow Sunflower

Native to Russia, Black Peredovik is grown specifically for its high oil content and is also rich in nutrients like protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is also used as a part of crop rotation strategies to improve soil health and break pest cycles.

8. ProCut Peach

amazing yellow colour Sunflower

ProCut Peach sunflower is an easy-to-grow variety that produces one main stem with a solitary flower head. They have a relatively long blooming period and are ideal for commercial cut flower production.

Best Sunflower Colors – Red 

9. Early Black Heart

Different Colors Sunflowers 9

Early Black Heart sunflowers produces single-headed blooms with deep red petals and a distinctive black center. They have a relatively short maturity period compared to some other sunflower varieties.

10. Procut Red

Best Sunflower Colors - Red 

One will be thrilled by Procut’s striking red petals and dark center disk. It is a hybrid variety that was developed by crossing different types of sunflowers.

11. Rouge Royale Sunflower

Different Colors Sunflowers in india

This sunflower is known for its deep, rich burgundy-red petals and dark center disk. They are a popular choice for landscaping projects.

12. Velvet Queen

Best Sunflower Colors - Red 

Velvet Queen is a deep and rich sunflower variety that features velvety petals in shades of orange, red, and brown. They typically have a relatively long blooming period and its seeds are edible and can be roasted or eaten raw.

13. Chocolate Sunflower

Best Red Colors - Sunflower

It is a specific cultivar of sunflower that is known for its unique coloration, with deep burgundy petals and a dark brown center disk that looks like chocolate.

14. Crimson Blaze Sunflower

Best Red Colors - Sunflower for garden

The beauty of Crimson Blaze sunflower is in its intense crimson-red petals that resemble the fiery hue of a blazing fire. It has a relatively long blooming period and can be used as an excellent choice for garden beds.

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Best Sunflower Colors – Orange 

15. Moulin Rouge

Different Colors Sunflowers 15

One of the stunning orange sunflower varieties is the Moulin rouge – which features bright orange petals with a dark maroon center disk.

16. Mexican Sunflower

Best Orange  Sunflower Colors -

Tithonia Fiesta del Sol is a specific cultivar of Mexican Sunflower that is known for its bright orange or yellow flowers and its ability to attract butterflies.

17. Ring of Fire Sunflower

Orange  Colors Sunflowers 17

True to its name, Ring of Fire features flames like orange petals that surrounds dark brown center disk. Its vibrant and bold appearance makes it a popular choice in garden beds and borders.

18. Autumn Beauty

best Orange colour Sunflower

Autumn Beauty is a favorite of gardeners who want to add some variety to their sunflower collection. It can grow up to 6-8 feet tall.

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Best Sunflower Colors – Green 

19. Sun-Fill Purple

Best Sunflower Colors - Green 

This variety of sunflowers is a must-have to your plant collection! Its petals are green, but when they fade – they turn purple.

20. Sun-Fill Green

Best Green Colors Sunflower

It is a unique and uncommon variety of sunflowers with pure light green flowers that often grow in tight clusters.

Best Sunflower Colors – Pink 

21. Pink Petal Prism

Best pink Colors Sunflower

Its petals show off different shades of pink as you look from different angles. It goes from pale pink to deep rose.

22. Suntastic Pinkamazing sunflower Colors Sunflower

Their pink-peach petals with yellow hues make them stand out from all different sunflower colors.

23. Ms. Mars Sunflower

Different Colors Sunflowers 23

It has a bright dark pink hue in the centre that fades to yellow at the edges. It stands for bold expression and confidence, making any garden pop with its striking look!

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Best Sunflower Colors – White and Yellow 

24. White Lite Sunflower

Best Colors Sunflower
Garden Answer

White Lite is a newer cultivar with ivory-yellow colored petals and honey mustard centers. It’s great for commercial cut flower production due to its pollen-free single stem.

25. White Nite

Best Sunflower Colors - White and Yellow 

White Nite sunflowers are unique for their creamy white petals and dark yellow centers. They’re small which makes them perfect for containers and small gardens.

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Best Sunflower Colors – Black and White

26. Italian White

Best Sunflower Colors - Black and White

This one has pure white petals and a dark center disk. This is a great option to add interest to your garden throughout the summer.

27. Vanilla Ice

amazing Sunflower Colors - Black and White

This unique white sunflower variety is known for its long blooming period thus making it a great choice for gardeners who want to enjoy blooms for as long as possible.

28. Moonshadow

top Best Sunflower Colors - Black and White

This variety produces large, creamy white flowers with a dark center and can grow up to 5-6 feet tall.

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Best Sunflower Colors – Bi-Color

29. Florenza Sunflower

Best Sunflower Colors - Bi-Color

Due to its striking appearance and capacity to draw birds and other wildlife to the garden, this cultivar is a favorite among gardeners and flower enthusiasts.

30. Procut Bicolor

top Best Sunflower Colors - Bi-Color

The petals of this variety are golden yellow at the base, with reddish-orange tips and a dark center disk.

31. Cherry Rose Sunflower

beautiful Best Sunflower Colors - Bi-Color

Its petals are a delightful mix of deep reds and pinks that end in white or cream. For the best display, pair it with the yellow sunflower varieties on this list!

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