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Blooms come in different shapes but do you know about the Flowers That Look Like Stars? If not, we have some starry ones for you!

Flowers that look like stars are botanical wonders that bring a ‘starry’ touch to any space. These extraordinary blooms mimic the form and radiance of stars, offering a visual delight!

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Flowers That Look Like Stars

1. Star of Bethlehem

Flowers that Look Like Stars

Botanical Name: Ornithogalum umbellatum

The Star of Bethlehem flower is known for its star-shaped, white petals that radiate symmetrically from a central point, forming a perfect star. The flower predominantly comes in white, which further accentuates its star-like appearance.

2. Balloon Flower

top best Flowers that Look Like Stars

Botanical Name: Platycodon grandiflorus

Named for its balloon-like buds, the Balloon Flower opens to reveal a star-shaped flower with five pointed petals. The Balloon Flower most commonly comes in shades of blue or purple and offers a subtle, almost negligible, scent.

3. Blue Star

Flowers that Look Like little Stars

Botanical Name: Amsonia tabernaemontana

The Blue Star flower has slender, needle-like petals that form a star shape, usually with about six petals. As the name suggests, it has a gentle blue hue.

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4. Star Jasmine

beautiful Flowers that Look Like Stars

Botanical Name: Trachelospermum jasminoides

Star Jasmine is famous for its petite, star-shaped flowers that usually have five or six slender petals. It is highly fragrant, releasing an intense, sweet aroma, especially during the evening.

5. Blue Eyed Grass

Flowers that Look Like Stars in pot

Botanical Name: Sisyrinchium angustifolium

Though not technically a grass, Blue Eyed Grass produces small, star-shaped flowers with six symmetrically arranged petals. Generally, the flowers are blue or purple with a yellow center and have a mild, barely detectable fragrance.

6. Star Gentianbloom that Look Like Stars

Botanical Name: Swertia perennis

Star Gentian boasts a star-shaped formation with multiple narrow, tube-like petals radiating outward. The flowers are generally a striking blue or purple.

7. Stapelia

Star-shaped Blossoms in pot

Botanical Name: Stapelia grandiflora

Stapelia flowers exhibit a star shape with five thick, fleshy petals that extend outward. Colors range from red to maroon or even brown, often with a textured or hairy appearance. They emit a foul odor, similar to that of rotting meat.

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8. Cypress Vine

Star Shaped Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Ipomoea quamoclit

The petite flowers of Cypress Vine form a perfect 5-pointed star shape, creating a celestial effect in your garden. The flowers are usually red or white, but they do not have a strong fragrance.

9. Star Flower

Flowers with a Starry Aspect

Botanical Name: Isotoma axillaris

Each flower head consists of five elongated petals, spreading outward from the center to mimic a star. Their vibrant blue or violet color comes with delicate dark blue veins but lacks a distinct fragrance.

10. Starfish Plant

top best Flowers with a Starry Aspect

Botanical Name: Orbea variegata

The flower exhibits a 5-pointed star shape that is unique and striking, very much resembling a starfish. It has brownish-red petals but beware; the flower emits an unpleasant, carrion-like scent to attract flies for pollination.

11. Star of Persia

Blooms Resembling Stars

Botanical Name: Allium christophii

The individual florets form a five-petal star, contributing to the large, spherical flower head that seems like a collection of stars. It boasts a lavender hue and comes with a mild, pleasing fragrance.

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12. Edelweiss

best Blooms Resembling Stars

Botanical Name: Leontopodium alpinum

Edelweiss has five woolly white petals that form a star shape, making it one of the most recognized star-shaped flowers. White in color, this flower does not have a strong fragrance but adds textual interest.

13. Star Flower

amazing Blooms Resembling Stars

Botanical Name: Triteleia laxa

Though technically a 6-petal flower, the petals form a shape closely resembling a star. These flowers are usually blue or white and do not emit a strong fragrance.

14. Star Cluster Pentas

Flowers with a Star Aura

Botanical Name: Pentas lanceolata

The flower consists of five petals forming a star shape, and these individual flowers cluster together for a dazzling effect. Available in red, pink, and white colors, the flower has a subtle, pleasant fragrance.

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15. Star Gazer Lily

best Flowers with a Star Aura

Botanical Name: Lilium orientalis ‘Stargazer’

Its flowers genuinely mimic the shape of a star, complete with pointed tips creating a star-like silhouette that is both symmetrical and captivating. These lilies have a strong, sweet fragrance.

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