16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas

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Have a look at the best DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas that will help you move your plants around with ease!

Here are some out-of-the-box DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas that will make your gardening chores easier!

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DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas

1. Movable Raised Planter Box

DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 1

This movable garden bed is made up of old shipping pallets. It looks aesthetic and costly but can be built from old shutters and casters. Find the DIY here.

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2. Rolling Garden Bed

Make this rolling garden bed and harvest your favorite herbs and veggies in it. All you need are some wooden planks, nails, shovel, and other supplies mentioned here.

3. Vertical Herb Garden

16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 2

Plant your favorite herbs in this free-standing herb garden. Make sure to let the wood stain dry for a few days after following the instructions mentioned here.

4. Mobile Raised Garden Bed For Cascading Blooms

This Portable cascading flower bed looks like a pretty bush in the garden. You can grow petunias or any flowering plant of your choice. Follow the DIY here.

5. Dog Proof Garden Bed

16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 3

This DIY is ideal for you if you have limited space or just have an apartment balcony. The height of this garden bed makes it dogproof too! Check the details here.

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6. Portable Salad Garden Table

This salad garden table is the best way to grow healthy salad greens on a table that can be moved easily. Read details here.

7. Edible Portable Garden Bed

16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 4

This portable garden bed is made from casters, cages, outdoor fabric, scrap wood, and some crafting materials. Get the details here.

8. Rustic Wheelbarrow Flower Bed

This DIY project can be a fun activity for the weekend. Get some wooden pallets and wood-working essentials to get your work done. Find the details here.

9. Herbs on Portable Raised Bed

16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 5

This portable and functional raised garden bed for growing herbs is a great option for small spaces. You can find the steps here.

10. Movable Vegetable Garden

You can move this vegetable garden to any sunny or shaded corner of your yard to protect the seedlings from unsuitable weather conditions. Learn more here.

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11. Vertical Raised Bed on Wheels

16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 6

Grow any vegetable of your choice on this raised bed that can be moved anywhere as per your growing needs and convenience. Check more here.

12. Raised Garden Bed with Hidden Wheels

Construct a large mobile raised bed to grow vegetables, greens, and herbs of your choice. Follow the video tutorial here.

13. Veggies Garden Made from Milk Crate

16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 7

Reuse milk crates and make a portable raised bed; you can move it anywhere in the garden without any difficulty as per weather and your needs. See more here.

14. Raised Bed from Pallet Boxes

Recreate this simple project in your yard using pallet boxes, some good quality seeds, potting soil other gardening supplies. Watch the tutorial here.

15. A Minimalistic Portable Garden Bed

16 DIY Portable Garden Bed Ideas 8

This mobile garden bed is useful for small spaces such as a sunny balcony, windowsill, or porch. Find the tutorial here.

16. Raised Planter Box with Hidden Drainage

Build this super easy raised planter bed for microgreens, veggies, and flowers following some simple steps discussed here.

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