5 Important Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent

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Love succulents? Want to make them live forever? Follow these important Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent and keep them happy!

Succulents are low-maintenance plants for sure. But if you’re one of those people who can’t keep them living as soon as you get them–Just follow these 5 Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent, and you’ll have them forever!

Here are some sharable secrets to keep succulents colorful

Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent

1. Keep Them Dry

Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent

Overwatering and frequent watering is the number one cause that kills succulents. Hence keep them on a drier side by allowing the soil to become dry between watering spells. Keeping succulents underwatered will do them more good than watering them more often.

Follow a simple rule of soil testing—insert a finger in the soil; if the soil feels dry, then it’s time for hydration.

Check out our article on how often to water succulents here

2. Use Well-Draining Soil

Succulents prefer soil that drains well, so never use regular potting mix or dirt from your garden. While repotting, stay gentle as succulent roots are quite fragile.

Mix three parts potting soil, two parts coarse sand, and one part perlite in a container and use it as a growing medium for succulents. We also have a detailed article on the best succulent soil recipes here

3. Fertilize Less Often

Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent 2

Succulents are slow growers and do not like to be fed at all times of the year like your regular plants. In fact, most of these plants prefer poor soil, which is why it’s better to feed them once or twice a month with a balanced liquid fertilizer like 20-20-20, diluted to one-quarter or half of the recommended strength on the packet.

Do this in the growing season and avoid feeding these plants in late fall and winter, especially in the cold climates (USDA Zone 9 and below).

4. Avoid Large Pots


Succulents have a shallow and small root system, and growing them in large containers increases the chance of keeping them in wet soil for long. Growing them in small pots will ensure that the roots develop quickly and the plant focuses its energy more towards growing upward.

One more benefit of keeping succulents in tight small pots is that they will grow more pups quickly.

5. Don’t Grow Them in Dark

Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent 5

You have to keep the fact in mind that succulents and cacti are different from usual houseplants and are accustomed to growing in the open, under full or partial sunlight. Most of the succulents will require at least filtered sunlight and bright indirect daylight to grow well. If you’re growing them indoors, you can do this by keeping them on a windowsill.

Bonus Tip – Avoid Misting

Unlike indoor plants that appreciate little misting on their foliage regularly, avoid doing the same with succulents. These plants love to stay in dry air and dislike humid positions. Misting will also make the soil unnecessarily wet, which might lead to root rot.

These were some of the most important Tips for Never Ever Killing a Succulent. Follow them to keep your fleshy friends happy for a long time to come!

Avoid doing these gardening chores in the afternoon!

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