30 Charming Succulent Christmas Trees

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Decorate your tabletops with style using these Succulent Christmas Tree ideas! They are easy to make and look fantastic with the festive spirit!

You can have mini Succulent Christmas Trees for your desk, tables, and other small places. They look amazing and make for a festive centerpiece!

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Beautiful Succulent Christmas Trees

1. Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Succulent Christmas Tree

You can make this gorgeous succulent tree with a few supplies and use it as a centerpiece. Details are here.

2. Tabletop Christmas Tree


All you need is a shallow bowl, topiary frame, moss, and various sized succulents to make this one!

3. Mini Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Trees 2

Making this sweet-looking mini succulent tree is easy, and you can also include your kids in this DIY!

4.  Compact Christmas Tree for a Small Table


This miniature Christmas tree can add a pop of color to any table. It is also quick and fun to make!

5. Beautiful Centerpiece Succulent Tree

Succulent Christmas Trees 3

You can make this one easily using a mini Christmas tree frame and succulents of your choice.

6. Succulent Topiary Tree


This magnificent succulent tree centerpiece will look good for several months if groomed regularly.

7. Succulent Tree with a Wooden Platform

Succulent Christmas Trees 4

All you need is green oasis cones, cuttings of assorted succulents, and a wooden board to make these awesome centerpieces!

8. Christmas Tree with Succulents, Ornaments, and Baubles


Combine clippings of different succulents and shape them into a beautiful tree using wires, moss, and pins. Details are here.

9. Succulent Tree for an Apartment

Succulent Christmas Trees 5

Use a small cone frame, sphagnum moss, and succulent cuttings to make a charming Christmas tree.

10. Stubby Succulent Tree for Coffee Table


Use real or fake succulents to make a stubby Christmas tree for a coffee table.

11. Christmassy Succulent Trees

Succulent Christmas Trees 6

If you want the trees to be maintenance-free, you can them using faux succulents.

12. A Pair of Two Trees


Make two succulent trees using real or faux succulents with a metal bowl and display them on a wooden table.

13. A Colorful Succulent Tree!

Succulent Christmas Trees 7

This colorful tree has a mix of succulents, berries, and flowers. You can use real or fake ones.

14. Twig Christmas Tree with Succulents


Prepare a mini tree using twigs and add succulents to give it a unique look.

15. Succulent Tree in a Jar

Succulent Christmas Trees 8

A succulent tree in a jar will make for a sweet centerpiece for the table. You can also use faux plants to make this.

16. Colorful Succulent Christmas Tree


Add a splash of colors to the Christmas tree with mini succulents and colorful baubles.

17. Lush Green Christmas Tree on a White Countertop

Succulent Christmas Tree 20

All you need is a large chicken wire, sphagnum moss, and pretty succulent clippings to make this one.

18. Over-the-Top Christmas Tree


Spruce up your holiday table with this succulent Christmas tree of pastel hues! It will look great on any table!

19. Haworthia Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Tree 23

Clamp in pretty clippings of Haworthia on a conical moss sheet and tuck pretty baubles in between to make this succulent Christmas tree.

20. Succulents on a Wooden Frame


Stack wooden blocks one by one and tug mini succulents to make this beauty. You can change the size according to your needs.

21. Succulent Christmas in a Tin Tub

Succulent Christmas Tree 26

Gear up the merry vibes of your place with this Christmas tree made from several real or faux succulents, artificial berries, and miniature ribbon knots.

22. Succulent Christmas Tree in a Cedar Wood Planter


Get your hands on decorative bulbs, shimmering baubles, stars, and a dozen succulents to mimic this beauty.

23. Pretty Rosette Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Tree 27

Arrange colorful rosettes of artificial succulents in a conical shape and vamp up your living space!

24. Moss and Succulent Christmas Tree


Gift your loved ones this mini Christmas tree made from succulent snippets tucked in soaked moss, twirled with fairy lights.

25. Mini Succulents Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Tree 28

Get your Christmas tree decorated succulents in hues of red, pink, and green this holiday season.

26. Succulents with Fairy Lights


Twirl mini LED lights around a pretty succulent Christmas tree with owl-shaped planters and set the perfect holiday vibes.

27. Thrifty Succulents on a Table Top

Succulent Christmas Tree 29

Create an Insta-worthy tabletop this holiday with a colorful Christmas tree of bright succulents. It is one of the best Succulent Christmas Trees you can make!

28. Rainbow Succulent Christmas Tree


Tuck layers of multi-colored succulents around a moss-rolled chicken wire to create this rainbow succulent Christmas Tree.

29. The Magician’s Hat

Succulent Christmas Tree 30

Add dreamy bling to your Christmas decor with this magic-themed succulent idea with black hat!

30. Hens and Chicks Christmas Tree


Beautify your room with this Mexican Rose Christmas tree decorated with golden balls and shimmering stars.

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