30 Cool DIY Laundry Room Sign Ideas

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Make cleaning fun with these super easy DIY Laundry Room Sign Ideas! Don’t miss out! Scroll and learn how to jazz up the washing!  

We’ve rounded up some amazing DIY Laundry Room Sign Ideas to make your laundry space go from meh to wow! These signs are easy to make and will add a pop of fun to your chores!

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Cool DIY Laundry Room Sign Ideas

1. DIY Dollar Tree Laundry Room Sign

DIY Laundry Room Sign Ideas!

You can make a lovely laundry room sign just like this one with a frame, scrapbook paper, some paint, and a sticker from Dollar Tree. Here’s how.

2. Easy DIY Laundry Room Sign

Easy DIY Laundry Room Sign

Here’s how you can spruce up your laundry room by adding a sign that doubles as a lost and found station. Check it out here.

3. Southern Living Laundry Sign with Storage

Southern Living Laundry Sign with Storage

You can set up a small storage station with shelves full of decor and a nice laundry room sign right above the washer like this. Don’t forget the plants. Here’s the DIY.

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4. Laundry Room Tag DIY

Laundry Room Tag DIY

You don’t need a huge sign that screams, “Laundry.” Go small and easy with this DIY laundry room tag that you can hang anywhere.

5. DIY Rustic Laundry Sign

DIY Rustic Laundry Sign

Follow this DIY to learn how you can make a rustic laundry sign that will become the centerpiece of the laundry makeover.

6. Wash, Dry, and Fold Sign

Wash, Dry, and Fold Sign

If you have a small laundry space, do not worry. You can still make a small, attractive sign that packs a punch like this idea. DIY here.

7. Wood Frame Sign

Wood Frame Sign

Look how a simple wooden sign can turn your laundry into a work of art. Here’s the DIY with detailed instructions.

8. Laundry Sign with Wash Symbols

Laundry Sign with Wash Symbols

Worried about messing up the clothes while washing? This functional laundry sign will help you take care of them properly.

9. Minimalistic Laundry Sign

Minimalistic Laundry Sign

No one loves doing laundry. Why not ask Alexa or Siri to do it via a sign?

10. Fun Laundry Sign

Fun Laundry Sign

If you’re always slacking and not doing the laundry, this funny sign will keep you in check before you run out of clean clothes.

11. DIY Change Jar for Laundry Room

DIY Change Jar for Laundry Room

Create a beautiful Mason Jar Laundromat hanger to collect the coins you randomly find in clothes just before washing them. Here’s the DIY.

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12. DIY Stenciled Laundry Room Sign

Do you love those old countryside boards? You can bring one into your home with this DIY for a stenciled sign.

13. DIY Laundry Room Signage

DIY Laundry Room Signage

This multipurpose laundry room sign has a rod that will allow you to organize stuff easily.

14. Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Sign and Shelves

Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Sign and Shelves

This laundry sign resting on the shelves has the perfect message. Here’s how you can make it.

15. Funny Laundry Sign DIY

Funny Laundry Sign DIY

This laundry sign has a fun message for those with a common laundry and bath space.

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16. Modern Hanging Sign for Laundry

Modern Hanging Sign for Laundry

Follow this quick and easy DIY and create a lovely modern sign that will blend right in with your decor.

17. Arrow Laundry Signs

Arrow Laundry Signs

These arrow laundry signs can be easily found at Dollar Tree. All you need to do is paint it and add some stickers. Tutorial here.

18. Wood Frame Sign for Laundry DIY

Wood Frame Sign for Laundry DIY

Add aesthetics to a laundry sign by furnishing it with a wooden frame. It will definitely look better.

19. Laundry Sign of Stickers

Laundry Sign of Stickers

You don’t need to create a sign out of board or plastic. If you have a clean wall, get some 3D stickers and paste them for a modern laundry sign.

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20. Circular Wash and Dry Sign

Circular Wash and Dry Sign

Laundry signs are just as much fun when they’re in circles. They fit better into smaller spaces and shelves as well!

21. DIY Wood Frame Sign SimpleDIY Wood Frame Sign Simple

Here’s a simple DIY sign with a wooden frame for those who like it simple. You can create this easily over the weekend.

22. Cool Pizza Pan Laundry Room SignsCool Pizza Pan Laundry Room Signs

Did you know you could turn pizza pans into lovely hanging laundry signs? Learn how to make these here.

23. Black and White Laundry Sign DIYBlack and White Laundry Sign DIY

Make your laundry fun by adding this black and white sign to the room. All you need is a wooden board and laundry decals. Tutorial here.

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24. Printable Laundry SignsPrintable Laundry Signs

Get rid of all the hassle and print some exciting laundry signs with this step-by-step guide.

25. Funny Laundry Room SignFunny Laundry Room Sign

If you love a bit of humor, go with this funny sign that you can make with reclaimed wood and latex paint. Check out the DIY here.

26. Laundry Sign with Clothes Pins

Always losing your socks? Not anymore. Here’s the DIY you need that will make sure you never lose a pair again.

27. Vinyl Sign for Laundry DIYVinyl Sign for Laundry DIY

Get a dashing vinyl in your favorite color and transfer it to a board with ease. Here’s how to get started with this idea.

28. Easy Laundry Sign With Chalk CoutureEasy Laundry Sign With Chalk Couture

Give your laundry room an extreme makeover with this beautiful laundry sign made out of a chalkboard. Follow these instructions.

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29. Cardboard Sign DIYCardboard Sign DIY

Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can quickly still turn cardboard into a chalkboard sign with this DIY.

30. Scrap Wood Laundry Room SignScrap Wood Laundry Room Sign

This scrap wood laundry room sign is the definition of rustic and cool. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourselves.

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