23 Houseplants in Water Centerpiece Ideas

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Looking for ways to showcase your plants in style? These Houseplants in Water Centerpiece Ideas are perfect for catching everyone’s eye.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or need something to spruce up the space, these stunning Houseplants in Water Centerpiece Ideas are exactly what you need.

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Houseplants in Water Centerpiece Ideas

1. Trailing Vine in a Mason Jar

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 1

Transform a simple mason jar into a captivating centerpiece using plants like pothos and philodendron that gracefully dangle, radiating natural beauty and charm.

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2. Golden Pothos in Beakers and Flasks

Infuse a touch of scientific elegance into your decor with pothos or any other trailing plant, artfully displayed in beakers and flasks, creating a unique and eye-catching arrangement.

3. Houseplants in Mini Bottles and Glasses

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 3

Take your tabletop aesthetics to the next level with houseplants in water, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance of your living space while requiring minimal maintenance.

4. A Dedicated Corner of Plants in Water on Mini Stands

Want houseplants in water centerpiece ideas that showcase vintage sophistication? Go with the combination of stump coasters, plant stands, and glass jars.

5. Satin Pothos in a Mason Jar

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 5

The Satin Pothos, adorned in a glass jar, glistens with its lustrous leaves, creating a distinctive and visually stunning focal point.

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6. A Tranquility of Different Water Growing Plants


Take a look at the calming presence of dark green foliage emerging from the water, adding depth and tranquility to your home’s interior.

7. Rosemary and Fiddle Leaf Fig in Tall Glass Beakers


Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 7
One Kings Lane

Combine the fragrant essence of Rosemary with the lush beauty of a Fiddle-leaf Fig, creating a harmonious and aromatic centerpiece of houseplants in water.

8. Plants in Tall, Medium, and Small Glasses

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 9

Dive into an underwater world of wonder with a submerged plant display that captures the mesmerizing allure of aquatic greenery on a windowsill.

9. Dwarf Spikerush in Water Centerpiece

The Dwarf Spikerush creates houseplants in water centerpiece, introducing a touch of wild charm, making it a unique and captivating addition to your decor.

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10. Glass Globes for Plants

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 11

Miniature trees enclosed in delicate glass globes form a captivating miniature forest like look, inviting curiosity and admiration from all who see them.

11. A Stunning Garden Geranium

Adorn your space with the exquisite beauty of a stunning Garden Geranium, adding a burst of vibrant color and life as houseplants in water.

12. Peace Lily in a Large Glass Bowl

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 13

Discover tranquility as a Peace Lily graces an aquarium, creating a serene underwater oasis that enchants and soothes the senses.

13. White and Red Peace Lily Display


The duo of white and red peace lily showcases the beauty of contrasting colors in a striking arrangement that captivates and inspires.

14. Coleus and Spider Plant in Stubby Glass Jars

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 15

Create a captivating display of houseplants in water by showcasing miniature Coleus and Spider Plants, adding a touch of exotic color to your decor.

15. Peace Lily in a Glass Globe


A Peace Lily enclosed in a glass globe radiates elegance and sophistication, a timeless houseplants in water centerpiece that symbolizes peace and harmony.

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16. Water Lily in a Ceramic Planter

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 17

Delicate and ethereal, a Water Lily floats in a white planter full of water (you can also use a glass bowl), bringing an air of enchantment and serenity to any space.

17. Hosta in a Water Vase

Hosta shoots immersed in a water vase creates a striking visual contrast that highlights the plant’s exquisite colors!

18. Monstera in a Unique Water Bowl

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 19

The Monstera plant, gracefully growing in water, exudes an exotic and tropical aura that elevates your decor’s aesthetic. It’s great for tabletops!

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19. Pothos Trailing in Style from a Glass Bowl

Long stems of Devil’s Ivy flowing out of a water bowl create a mesmerizing display of cascading greenery, adding depth and vitality to your decor.

20. Cute Lucky Bamboo in Water

Houseplants in Water Centerpiece 23

The cute Lucky Bamboo grows gracefully as houseplants in water, bringing a touch of Asian-inspired elegance and good fortune to your interior space.

21. Swiss Cheese Plant on the Windowsill

Lush Swiss Cheese plant elegantly adorn your windowsill, bringing a touch of tropical beauty to your living space.

22. Monstera and Arrowheads on the Walls

Houseplants in Water 25

Elevate your decor with Monstera and Arrowhead houseplants in water on wooden wall hangers, bringing a trendy botanical ambiance.

23. Variegated Monstera Centerpiece


A stunning centerpiece with water and a plant stand featuring variegated Monstera, adding a captivating and stylish focal point to any room or event.

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