15 Beautiful DIY Pothos Wreath Ideas

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Here’s our collection of the most beautiful DIY Pothos Wreath Ideas! Try them to stylize your home decor.

These DIY Pothos wreath ideas offer an artful way to decorate your home with the most low-maintenance houseplant.

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DIY Pothos Wreath Ideas

1. Pothos Wreath in Kokedama Balls

DIY Pothos Wreath 1

Make a beautiful pothos wreath using a single leaf (you can also use cuttings) in kokedama balls; check the tutorial in this video. Keep the balls watered, and make sure the cuttings get sufficient light exposure.

2. Living Pothos Plant Wreath

Attach a circular wire ring on the door and hang a pothos plant in a glass jar; check more details here.

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3. Hawaiian Pothos Wreath

This potted pothos wreath idea is worth a try; you can easily create this with the help of this video.

4. Pothos Wreath Propagation Station

DIY Pothos Wreath 5

Hang the circular ring on the wall and tie a glass bottle filled with water; now insert the pothos cuttings in it. With time, the pothos will cover the ring and turn into a beautiful wreath.

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5. Twin Wreath

DIY Pothos Wreath 9

Create this wreath using metal wire and rope; you can experiment with shapes and make a two-into-one! Watch this video for more steps here.

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6. Heart-Shaped Pothos Wreath

DIY Pothos Wreath 11

Shape a wire in a heart shape and cover it with a rope. Attach a water jar with pothos in the center of the wreath, again using a jute rope. Hang it on hooks on your balcony or patio.

7. Boho Christmas Pothos Wreath

This DIY boho Christmas wreath can be made with a grapevine wreath, a Pothos plant (real or faux), round ornaments, and a glue gun. Learn the steps here.

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8. Small Mirror Wreath of Pothos

DIY Pothos Wreath 15

If you hang a pothos planter next to a mirror using a wall hook, you can trail the vine to grow around the mirror and form a wreath.

9. Wreath from Pothos Cutting


Propagate several Pothos cuttings in water; once they have roots, transfer them to a grapevine and moss wreath. It’s that simple!

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10. Pothos Wreath with Holiday Hues

DIY Pothos Wreath 17

Add some festival elements like faux pine cones and berries to the wreath to make it Christmas-worthy. You can do it with any idea on this list.

11. Wreath on a Circular Pot Fixture


You can turn a hanging pot wooden fixture into a wreath with this bamboo hanging plant holder and a couple of bows for decoration.

12. Tabletop Wreath with Pothos

DIY Pothos Wreath 19

Add a wreath-like structure atop any pothos plant pot and train it to grow along with it. You can keep the pot as is or put it inside a bigger pot or bucket for a unique touch.

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13. Pothos Wrapping a Circular Frame


A Pothos plant pot below a mirror can do wonders for your room. You only need to grab the long vine and let it hang around the mirror.

14. Mini Pothos Wreath

DIY Pothos Wreath 21

Check out this quick and easy DIY tutorial and learn how to make a Pothos wreath in a pot like this one.

15. Pothos Wreath on a Vintage Mirror


Pothos vines and mirrors go hand in hand when you’re trying to make a lush indoor garland or wreath. The long vine can easily be trailed around any mirror or picture frame.

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