24 Ideas on Creating a Succulent Garden From Unusual Items

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Creating a Succulent Garden From Unusual Items is a fun project that can also be a great gardening experience for your kids!

Imagine transforming ordinary objects into stunning displays of vibrant succulents? Our guide has some amazing ideas on Succulent Garden From Unusual Items!

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Succulent Garden From Unusual Items

1. Tabletop Teacup Succulent Garden

Create a unique succulent haven using old teacups. Simply set them up, fill them with soil, and plant your favorite succulents for a charming and compact arrangement. DIY here.

2. Vintage Toolbox for Succulents

You can also repurpose a vintage toolbox into a stylish succulent garden planter. Fill its compartments with succulents, turning it into a beautiful centerpiece. Check out the DIY here.

3. Tree Branch Planter

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 3

Look for a branch in your garden, cut it to your preferred size, hollow it out, and plant succulents for an earthy and natural touch. This DIY is that easy.

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4. Miniature Suitcase Garden for Succulents

Don’t throw away old suitcases or bags. They make lovely succulent garden arrangements with a little bit of TLC.

5. Succulent Birdcage Garden

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 5

Your birds might not like the cage, but your succulents will absolutely adore the large space. You can keep it on a shelf or hang it. Here’s the DIY tutorial.

6. Succulent Planters with Wine Corks

If you have spare wine corks, you should put them to good use and create a fashionable and recycled succulent garden with this DIY.

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7. Succulent Garden in a Book

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 9

Books don’t just give information; they make stories and succulents come alive. Check out how to make this unusual succulent garden from a book here.

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8. Succulent Seashell Garden

A cheap and attractive DIY project you can do on the weekend is collecting sea shells and planting a succulent garden in them.

9. Chair Garden of Succulents

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 11

This chair is just the beginning. You can turn a whole lot more unusual stuff in your home into beautiful succulent gardens. Start with this DIY.

10. Succulents in Old Boots

If you have a pair of old boots or shoes that you have no use for, they might just come in handy for making a small succulent garden. Follow this DIY to get started.

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11. Basin Full of Succulents

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 13

Who knew that a bit of soil and weekend’s work could turn a basin into a beautiful succulent garden? DIY here.

12. Unusual Succulent Garden Idea using Broken Pottery

Do not worry if any pots in your garden break. You can use these pieces and create a succulent garden from this unusual item. Here’s how to do it.

13. Ice Cube Tray Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 15

A tin ice cube tray can also be turned into a succulent garden planter if you know what to do. Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

Cookie jars help store a lot of things, but they also help when you’re creating a succulent garden for tabletops or shelves. DIY tutorial here.

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15. Hanging Basket Succulent Globe


With a pair of hanging baskets, you, too, can create this unusual and amazing hanging succulent globe garden.

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16. Succulent Garden in Drawers

This DIY succulent garden in drawers is a wonderful idea to lighten up your garden or indoor space. And it doesn’t take much time or money. Learn how to do it yourself here.

17. Vintage Radio for a Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 21

You must have an old radio, television, or an old speaker box lying around. Follow this DIY and turn it into a magnificent succulent garden that will double as home décor.

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18. Basketball Hanging Succulent Garden

Even something as unusual as a basketball can be turned into a succulent garden. All you need is any type of ball, this DIY, and some elbow grease.

19. Wooden Crate DIY for Succulents

Succulent Garden From Unusual Items 23

You can easily use wooden crates to create hanging or tiered succulent gardens in your home. Here’s how.

20. Vertical Succulent Garden Using Shutters

A window shutter, some paint, and beautiful succulent varieties are all you need for a wonderful vertical succulent garden from unusual items. Learn to make it here.

21. Succulent Garden in a Cup Cake Stand


You can find a similar cupcake stand in thrift or yard sales if you don’t have one in your home. But these really do make the best succulent gardens. Tutorial here.

22. Wooden Box for Growing Succulents


Just add a bit of moss and soil to the base, and the wooden box will be good to go. You can also go for bedazzled jewelry boxes. Here’s the DIY.

23. Repurposed Old Fan


An old fan can be turned into a beautiful hanging succulent garden display if you know what you’re doing. Learn how here.

24. Mini Ferris Wheel for Succulents

This Ferris wheel full of beautiful succulents can be created using a kid’s toy or a cupcake stand. Just add a moss and soil base suitable for the succulents, and it’ll be ready.

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