14 DIY Container Water Fountain Ideas That Are Easy And Cheap

If you love the sound of water and want to get an inexpensive water feature for your home or garden, try one of these DIY Container Water Fountain Ideas!

1. DIY 2-Tier Fountain

Build an ecstatic fountain from two large garden pots and a small pump. Watch the tutorial here!

2. DIY Container Fountain Tutorial

Create a container fountain for your backyard or urban balcony, quickly. To learn more, watch this tutorial video here.

3. Beautiful Container Water Fountain

A soothing addition to your garden, this perfect water fountain is easy to make. Visit LOWE’S to see the DIY.

4. Inexpensive Tiered Water Fountain

Get a few nice looking different sized pots to complete this tiered fountain project available at the Addicted 2 DIY.

5. DIY Bubble Fountain

Adding a small water feature in your garden is not very expensive, and you can make it yourself. Try this DIY tutorial here.

6. DIY Terracotta Pot Fountain

Check out five DIY terracotta pots fountain ideas with tutorials in this post here.

7. Easy Terracotta Pots Fountain

Get a few medium to large sized terracotta planters to create a water fountain. Visit Instructables to see the steps.

8. Unused Plant Pots Water Fountain

Make use of the heaps of unused plant pots sitting idly in your garden. This informative tutorial here shows how to do this.

9. Flower Pot Water Fountain

Take two flowerpots to make this water fountain for your front porch, patio or balcony garden. This simple project is available here to follow.

10. Seating Area Water Fountain

DIY this modern water feature for your small garden or outdoor seating area. The tutorial is here.

11. Whata Wata Fountain

This tiered water fountain project requires easily available items and a few steps. Everything in detail is here!

12. Easy Container Water Fountain

This is the simplest container water fountain tutorial in our list of DIY water fountains. Check out the instructions at the BHG.

13. Award Winning DIY Container Water Fountain Project

This water fountain project is another one to get inspired from. The tutorial is here.

14. Outdoor Container Water Fountain

This outdoor fountain idea is perfect for your yard. You’ll need a 5-gallon plastic bucket, slightly large sized pot, river rock, and water pump. Watch the video for help!


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