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8 DIY Garden Art Flowers From Recycled Materials

Learn how to make DIY Garden Art Flowers out of recycled materials to decorate your garden!

1. Spoon Flower Art

Weld some silverware spoons to complete this DIY flower art project for your garden or flower bed, it’s a brilliant idea! Visit The Instructables to get the detailed tutorial.

2. Bottle Cap Garden Art Flower

Collect bottle caps to complete this DIY garden art idea. You’ll also need glue, paint, and newspaper. Here’s the tutorial.

3. DIY Bottle Cap Flower

Another creative idea with bottle caps. Make a vintage bottle cap flower following the instructions here.

4. Garden Art Dish Flower

Create garden art flowers using old kitchen glassware and plates! Visit Empress of Dirt to read more.

5. DIY Hubcap Flowers

Spray paint hubcaps and adorn them with something that works as stem and your hubcap garden flower will be ready! Check out this tutorial to replicate the DIY.

6. Repurposed Plate Flowers

This DIY recycled garden art available here to follow.

7. Garden Art Dandelion

Use a bunch of plastic bottles, dowel rods, smooth foam ball and adhesive to recreate this DIY garden art dandelion project. Take help from this video tutorial.

8. Dish and Cutlery Flowers

Visit Empress of Dirt to make these kitchen utensil flowers, it looks nice on the garden wall, or you can use it to beautify your porch with a little creativity!


  1. These Beautiful works simply look lovely. The thought of them displayed right in my garden makes me smile. Can’t wait to try them out. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. This is an amazing recycled wall masterpiece. We love the inspiration from blogger Art Bar. You could set it up on a cardboard backing and then let students add to it, paint it, and create with it as there is free time throughout the day.


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