Plant In A Book | 11 DIY Book Planter Ideas

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These DIY Book Planter can become the impressive tabletop centerpieces at your office desk and reading room.

How to Make a Book Planter

First, learn how to make a book planter a super quick way. Get super cheap old books from the thrift store, yard sale, library or friends.
Remember, you’ll need to use thick hardback or hardcover books for this purpose.
Why? Because hardcover books have protective covers.

The steps are simple, glue the pages together and measure a rectangular box on the front page of your book.
Now, cut the box with a craft knife to create a space for planting and line it with plastic. Fill it with enough soil and plant the succulents.

1. Old Book Planter

Old Book Planter

The Apartment Therapy shares this DIY Book Planter Tutorial with advice that it can add a little charm to your office or home. Read that here!

2. Growing Book Trend

Book Planters

This article at Trend Hunter doesn’t represent a tutorial but talks about a growing trend of book planters. A good short read!

3. Vintage Book Fairy Garden

Go one step ahead by creating not just a planter but a fairy garden in a vintage book. Watch the tutorial video here!

4. DIY Book Planter with Succulents and Fabric FlowersDIY Book Planter with Succulents and Fabric Flowers


Visit the Green Wedding Shoes to learn about this book planter craft. It looks so calm once you plant and arrange the succulents, moss, and fabric flowers in it.

5. Fantasy Garden in a Book

Book planter idea

A fantasy garden in an old book with an entryway and a secret key. Sounds fictional! Learn how to do this on this blog.

6. Designing a Vintage Book Planter

Designing a Vintage Book Planter

Glue the book pages together, cut a rectangular box with a craft knife, AND visit the for the full tutorial to complete this project.

7. Tealight Candle Holder+Book Planter

A vintage book planter decorated with tiny stones, seashells, and a tealight candle. Find the how-to video here.

8. DIY Book Vase

With one small trick, you can DIY a book vase for yourself. Find out the tutorial here!


9. Succulent Book Planter

Succulent Book Planter

The tutorial is available here in Spanish, but you can translate it easily.

10. Recycled Book Planters

The DIY tutorials at Instructables are always easy to understand. This Book Planter project is not different as well. Click here to see the article!

11. Succulent Planter from Vintage Books

If by chance you love growing succulents and reading books, this is the best way to combine them. A Book Planter, find the tutorial at Insteading!

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  1. Wow. This never even occurred to me. Combining the two best things that I love into one amazing masterpiece of an ornamental planter. I am definitely going to borrow this idea. Thank you so much. By the way, how do you know how much water to give your succulents and how do you keep the pages dry?

    • Well, when you use glue, I suggest using Mod Podge, because it’s waterproof, so the water you give to the plants wont really damage it and you can just give your succulents a little bit of water

      (Ik this is really late–but I hope this helps anyone else that has the same question)



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