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30 Stunning Images of Coleus in Hanging Baskets

If you are a fan of variegated vivid foliage, these Stunning Images of Coleus in Hanging Baskets will have your heart!

Variegated foliage adds an extraordinary appeal to bland corners and decks up your garden with vivid colors. Check out these Stunning Images of Coleus in Hanging Baskets for some inspiration!

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Stunning Images of Coleus in Hanging Baskets

1. Windowbox Coleus Cocktail

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2. Mix and Match of Vibrant Shades

3. Hanging Rex Begonia Crown


4. Colorful Foliage Hanging Basket

5. Colorful Bunch of Hanging Coleus

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6. A Vivid Crown of Fallen Angel

7. A Rustic Basket of Beautiful Coleus

8. Rainbow of Coleus and Begonias

9. Variegated Coleus Wall Garden

10. Hanging Basket of Red Bud Coleus

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11. Collage of Variegated Foliage

12. Bright Coleus Basket by the Garden Fence


13. Striking Coleus in a Hanging Urn



14. Gorgeous Bouquet of Variegated Coleus

15. Hanging Coleus Basket with White Blooms and Dark Foliage

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16. Variegated Coleus Basket with Chains

17. Hanging Coleus Garden from the Porch

18. Gorgeous Hanging Bouquet of Coleus, Caladiums, and Begonias

19. A Basket of Coleus and Other Foliage Plants

20. Cascading Vivid Coleus from Hanging Basket

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21. Hanging Display of Colorful Coleus

22. Pallet Box Coleus Garden

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23. Huge Hanging Basket of Coleus and Begonia

24. Colorful Coleus Hanging By a Tree in the Garden

25. A Hanging Coleus Basket for a Patio Railing


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26. A Vivid Hanging Coleus in Yellow and Red Hue


27. On a Wooden Fence


28. A Hanging Basket of Coleus by a Metal Sheet Fence


29. A Mini Coleus Basket for the Patio


30. A Bright Maroon Hanging Coleus for the Yard


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