20 Best Clematis With Blue Flowers

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Check out the Best Clematis With Blue Flowers to grow in your yard for a vivid color show with minimal maintenance!

Do you want to fill your backyard with a lively display of colors without investing a lot of time and effort? Here’s a list of the Best Clematis With Blue Flowers that’ll tick all your boxes!

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Best Clematis With Blue Flowers

1. President

Best Clematis With Blue Flowers

This deciduous vine grows star-like blooms in a dark blue-violet hue. The blooms are overlapping sepals with silvery undersides that look gorgeous on green foliage.

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2. Brother Stefan

The large lavender-blue flowers with cheery yellow stamens look like a blue floral blanket throughout the summer!

3. Stand By Me

Best Clematis With Blue Flowers 2

This non-vining Clematis cultivar features blue flowers through late spring and early summer. The plant needs ample sunlight to rebloom by late summer.

4. Climador


The climbing shrub features dark blue-violet flowers with pointy sepals and dark anthers from late spring to early fall.

5. Diamantina

Best Clematis With Blue Flowers 3

Unlike the typical Clematis, ‘Dimantina’ features blue-violet double blooms that are almost 4-6 inches across. It needs regular pruning to produce the best flowers.

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6. General Sikorski


This deciduous climber boasts large flowers during the autumn. The blue petals have a red tint in the center with creamy-yellow stamens.

7. Multi Blue

Best Clematis With Blue Flowers 4
shutterstock/Olga Glagazina

This flower will have your heart if you want to add some drama to your yard! The central silvery-blue tepals expand to form multi-layered petals on maturity.

8. Blue Angel


The pale pastel blue flowers with yellow stamens will add a dreamy appeal to your garden. Ensure the plant gets 4-6 hours of bright sunlight for the best blooms.

9.  Alpina Brendon Blue

Best Clematis With Blue Flowers 5

One of the most forgiving varieties on the list, ‘Alpina Brendon’ grows masses of drooping mid-blue flowers with long petals in the early spring.

10. Elsa Spath


This deciduous climber boasts single flowers in a blue-mauve hue and red-maroon center throughout the summer.

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11. Alpina Frankie


This deciduous climber grows a blanket of droopy blue flowers. The white petaloid stamens add more drama to the blooms.

12. Fujimusume


A prolific bloomer shows off large flowers in a mid-blue hue. The broad and large petals spread about 6-8 inches across and look beautiful with creamy-yellow anthers.

13. Integrifolia

It is a low-growing herbaceous cultivar with light blue flowers. Perfect for growing in pots, you can also display it on your balcony, porch, or patio garden.

14. Macropetala Lagoon

Garden Design by Carolyn Mullet

If you want to cover the tall pergolas in the garden, this vine is the perfect fit. It has an impressive height of 10-15 feet and blue bell-like flowers.

15. Lasurstern


The star-like flowers of this vine have wavy petals. The flowers can grow as wide as 6-8 inches and looks stunning on the glossy dark-green foliage.

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16. Mrs Cholmondeley


This vigorous climber with pale lavender-blue petals will fill your garden from late spring to summer. Trim the plant regularly to encourage more blooms.

17. Multi-Blue

One of the most beautiful on this list, Multi-Blue Clematis boasts 4-5 inches large, double flowers with silvery blue tepals that enlarge to produce multiple layers on maturity.

18. Alpina Ocean Pearl

Thorncroft Clematis

The mauvy-blue flowers have a white tint on the inner part and grow prolifically in warmer areas. The flowers are home to beneficial pollinators.

19. Perle d’ Azur


The blue star-like flowers grow upto 5-6 inches in diameter and display a dreamy show with a pink tint from the base.

20. Viticella Sea Breeze

The flowers display a pale lavender-blue color and fade to almost white around the center by maturity. It is one of the longest-blooming varieties on this list.

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