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How to Grow Fuller Petunias

Learn the simple techniques of How to Grow Fuller Petunias to have its lush and colorful flowers in your garden and home!

Petunias look the best when they are full of colorful blooms! So, what is the right way to ensure they flower well and profusely? Here are the top tips on How to Grow Fuller Petunias!

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How to Grow Fuller Petunias

1. Pinching

Pinch the stems with your forefingers or thumb, exactly above the first set of healthy leaves and you will have rich, fresh blooms throughout the summer months.

If you have purchased petunias from the garden center or growing them from transplants, pinch off the top one inch from each stem. If you’re growing petunia from seeds (multifloras and grandifloras) pinch them back when they’re 5-6 inches tall. This will make them grow fuller and bushier.

2. Deadheading

How to Grow Fuller Petunias 2

Deadheading is one more essential step that makes petunias fuller and removes worn-out,  faded flowers so the plant focuses its energy on producing more blossoms. Follow two simple rules–cut off the flower once they become brown, and snip off the stems right above the next set of leaves.

3. Pruning Can Do Wonders!

Start pruning the plant when it is up to 8-10 inches long–snip three or four stems in half by making a cut just above the node. After this, the plant will form two or more new growing tips under each cut, and you will see these tips flower soon!

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4. Grow them in Full Sun

To have fuller petunias, a good sunbath for at least 5-6 hours is a must. Petunias favor warmth and do best in them.

Note: If you are living in USDA Zone 9-11 and other warmer regions can provide shade in the afternoon.

5. Grow in Right Soil

How to Grow Fuller Petunias 4

For fuller petunias, grow them in well-draining soil blended with peat moss or manure. If you are using regular garden soil, amend it with compost. You can prepare potting mix on your own as well. Check the post here.

6. Water Carefully

Underwatering can make the blooms look squishy and weak, whereas overwatering can kill the plant. A healthy petunia requires moderate watering and slightly moist soil for best growth. Keep in mind to water the plant when the topsoil dries out a bit between watering.

7. Fertilize Correctly

How to Grow Fuller Petunias 8

You can keep the petunias bushier by correctly feeding them. Apply slow-release fertilizer during planting or fertilize every other week during their growing period using a water-soluble 24-12-17 blend. Do follow the instructions on the label for dosage.

If your container-grown petunia plants have lush foliage but fewer or no blooms, then use a fertilizer that has a low nitrogen content.

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