29 African Violets Display Ideas

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Flaunting Saintpaulias in your home and garden has never been easier than with these African Violets Display Ideas!

African violets are one of the most versatile flowers that go well with every type of home arrangement ~ Be it a bedroom, kitchen, shelves, tabletops, or a corner – they’ll be happy to add that charming vibe!

African Violets Display Ideas

1. In a Repurposed Toolbox

African Violets Display Ideas

You can repurpose an old wood toolbox and use it as a rustic African Violet planter.

2. African Violet Varieties in a Container

African Violets Display indoor ideas

Pair different varieties in a large container for a colorful display of African Violets.

3. Glowing in a Decorative Box

African Violets Display Ideas 2

If you have a shoebox, decorate and use it as a mini pedestal for your African Violets.

4. Stylish Hanging Planter Display

African Violets Display Ideas indoor

Hanging planters allow you to save space and display your Saintpaulias in style.

5. African Violet Indoor Garden

African Violets Display Ideas 3

You should create an indoor garden of African Violet pots. Use windowsills, stands, and those old trunks.

6. Tabletop Display with Variegated Saintpaulia

African Violets Display Ideas for home

You’ll never get bored working if your table has a variegated African Violet.

7. African Violet Pair in a Tray

African Violets Display Ideas in pot

Pair a cute little African Violet plant duo in matching pots and keep them in a tray for a clean look.

8. Coffee Table Companion

African Violets Display Ideas in pot 2

Use a saucer and keep an African Violet pot on the coffee table so you always have a companion.

9. African Violet Terrarium Display

African Violets Display Ideas in terrarium display

Terrarium displays never go out of style, especially if they have African Violets in them.

10. Windowpane Hanger with Saintpaulia

African Violets Display Ideas in hanging

You can also hang one on the window pane so it gets plenty of sunlight to grow lush.

11. In a Glass Bowl

African Violets Display Ideas glass bowl

Don’t use a glass bowl as a planter; use it as a small pot stand. It’ll look amazing.

12. Baby African Violets on Tiered Stand

African Violets Display Ideas in tiered stand

You can also display African Violets on a tiered plant stand. These are cheap and can also be made yourself.

13. African Violets with a Figurine

African Violets Display Ideas couple pot

Different African Violet varieties paired with a figurine or statue can do wonders for an indoor display.

14. A Lovely Trio!

African Violets Display Ideas in lovely trio

The African Violet trio would look beautiful – place the pots anywhere you like it!

15. On a Grow Light Stand

African Violets Display home ideas

You can also create a small African Violet display on a grow light stand. This will also ensure they get ample light.

16. African Violets on Different Levels

different African Violets Display Ideas

Why not use a wooden box to create a tiered display of African Violets? Pretty, right?

17. A Mini Container Garden

African Violets Display in container garden

Check out this beautiful African Violet container display with different varieties!

18. A Table Centerpiece

African Violets Display cenerpiece Ideas

A small potted African Violet can create a gorgeous display anywhere – from tabletops to kitchen counters.

19. Colorful Pot Display

African Violets Display Ideas in colourful pot

Choose a pot with a lighter or darker tone to complement the colors of your African Violet blooms for a nice display.

20. Tiny Shelf Garden of Saintpaulias

tiny African Violets Display Ideas

You can take a bunch of small pots and create a potted African Violet display.

21. Printed Pots on Round Table

African Violets Display Ideas in printed pot

Talking about stylish pots, you can also try out printed ones. We recommend keeping these on the table for everyone to see.

22. African Violet on the Study Table

African Violets Display on study tablle idea

You can even keep one on your study table – the lamp can be used as a grow light for this.

23. Cloche Terrarium Display

African Violets terrarium Display Ideas

A cloche terrarium will look amazing and will form a tiny, self-sustaining environment. What a cool display idea!

24. Wrapped African Violets in Vases

African Violets Display glass Ideas

Any small vases or even shot glasses can be turned into African Violet planters.

25. On a Stubby Stand

African Violets Display Ideas in pot stand

Add African violet blooms to a stubby pot – it’ll capture everyone’s gaze.

26. Tabletop Garden with African Violets

table top African Violets Display Ideas

All you need is a frame, some moss, and Saintpaulia pots for this one.

27. Bird Nest Display

African Violets birds nest Display Ideas

You can use twigs and moss to imitate a bird nest and plant your African Violets.

28. Woven Candle Basket Idea

African Violets Display Ideas in basket

Woven baskets are a timeless classic for growing beautiful flowers. Add a few scented candles, too.

29. African Violets in Teacups

African Violets Display Ideas in teacups

If you have a cake stand and some teacups, you can repurpose these for an African Violet display.

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