7 Best DIY Shoe box Ideas & Uses For The Garden

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Those shoe boxes you always throw away can be useful. Here’re the 7 Best DIY Shoe Box Ideas and Uses for the garden you need to look at!

1. DIY Shoe Box Hanging Planter

DIY Shoe Box Hanging Planter

Create a hanging planter using a shoe box. An affordable environment-friendly idea for urban gardeners. Just place the shoe box on a planter holder, and it’s ready. Such a planter will last for two years, and you can grow herbs, annuals or small vegetables in it. Learn everything about this project in detail at the here!

2. Seed Collection Box

If you’ve got a collection of colorful, beautiful seed packets–keep them with care by trying this absolutely free, and one of the coolest shoe box uses in the list. Make seed collection boxes out of them with the dividers. You can paint them according to your choice. This super cool DIY Shoe Box idea is available with the step by step instructions at A Piece of Rainbow!

3. DIY Chalkboard Painted Box Lids

DIY Chalkboard Painted Box Lids

Use shoe box lids to create a chalkboard. You can use it to display your favorite quotes in the garden or something else that you need to remember. This shoe box idea is cheap and easy to follow. Visit Stow and Tellu to learn more!

4.  DIY Shoe Box Planter

DIY Shoe Box Planter

Instead of throwing away shoe boxes, use them to create the container garden. Of course, your shoe box planters aren’t going to last long. That’s why it’s better to grow short living plants in them. Use tape or glue to strengthen them and, fill with potting soil. You can see more of it here!

5. Shoe Box Worm Bin

If you have got a few unused plastic shoe boxes or other small-sized plastic storage containers, use them to create a worm bin. It’s an excellent idea for apartment dwellers. Click here and here to learn more!

6. Shoe Box Garden

Keep the lids on but create a big rectangular opening in each box so that the plants can pop out easily. Choose shallow root plants. Herbs like mint or lettuces or other leafy greens can be a good option. To learn more, watch this video!

7. Shoe Box Fairy House or Garden

Image Credit: It happens in a blink

One of the most awesome DIY shoe box uses if you’ve kids. A great way to improve their creativity–Let them make a shoe box fairy house or garden. Click here and here to follow these two helpful tutorials!

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Those shoe boxes you always throw away can be useful. Here're the 7 Best DIY Shoe Box Ideas and Uses for the garden you need to look at!

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