18 Best Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water

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Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water is a beautiful way to enhance your living environment. How? Check it out!

This guide highlights exceptional plants that thrive in these conditions. Each brings its unique flair and minimal care requirements to your home or office.

How to Grow Plants in Water- General Tips

When you are handling plants to grow in glass bowls of water, it is essential to follow some basic tips just to ensure their health and longevity. For example, changing the water weekly to prevent bacteria growth or stagnation can harm the plant.

Fill your containers with distilled or non-chlorinated water, as tap water may contain harmful chemicals to plants. Avoid placing too many cuttings or leaves in a single container. Overcrowding can restrict growth and lead to poor health. Also, keep leaves above the water level to prevent rot and fungal infections.

Always use clear containers to allow light to reach the roots, and make sure the container size is appropriate for the plant to avoid overcrowding. Additionally, these plants thrive in bright, indirect light. So, rotate the container periodically to ensure even growth and prevent the plant from leaning toward the light source (legginess).

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water

1. Water Lettuce

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water 11

Botanical Name: Pistia stratiotes

When grown in a clear water container, water lettuce creates a serene aquatic display—it floats elegantly with its lettuce-like leaves.

It thrives in full to dappled sunlight, requires fresh water, and is best kept away from pets and children due to its toxicity.

2. String of HeartsPlants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water

Botnaical Name: Ceropegia woodii

Position it where it can receive filtered sunlight, away from direct rays. Submerge only the roots to avoid rot, and change the water biweekly.

A diluted liquid fertilizer can help boost its growth and flowering—it is all set to grow beautifully!

3. Baby’s TearsPlants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water near window

Botnaical Name: Soleirolia soleirolii

Baby’s Tears can transform a simple glass bowl into a lush green oasis!

Only you have to snip a small section of stems, place them in water, and watch as they quickly take root. Refresh the water weekly!

4. Pothos

amazing Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

How do you propagate or grow pothos in water?

Place your pothos in a transparent bowl on a shelf where indirect light spills in. Now, wait for its lush, trailing vines to enhance your space’s beauty!

5. Philodendron

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water 3

Botanical Name: Philodendron

It is known for its versatility; the philodendron thrives in water as easily as in soil.

Varieties like the Heartleaf Philodendron bring a soft, verdant aesthetic to interiors, with leaves that gently drape over the sides of the bowl.

6. Spider Plant

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water in table

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Spider plants are a robust option for water culture! Why?

Because they are known for producing rich, arching foliage that spills over the container’s edge. These plants are undemanding and only need a spacious bowl with consistent moisture to grow.

7. Lucky Bamboo

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water 1

Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana

Lucky Bamboo is known for its resilience and architectural form! You know that, right?

This plant thrives easily in water-filled containers, where its elegant stalks can be styled into various shapes, such as spirals or braids.

8. Asparagus Fernbest Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water

Botanical Name: Asparagus setaceus

Growing Asparagus Fern in water is simple! Use a section with roots attached, clean them, and place them in a vase with some stones for stability.

Set in a location with gentle morning sun and indirect light throughout the day. Perfect!

9. Peace Lily

lovely Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum

Peace lilies are known for their white blooms and can be grown in water easily. Start with a broad-necked container, avoiding lead crystal to prevent contamination.

This plant not only adds a serene touch to your indoors but is also efficient in purifying air!

10. English Ivy

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water 5

Botanical Name: Hedera helix

When grown in water, English ivy displays a classic appeal, with vines that trail beautifully over the edge of glass containers.

This plant adapts quickly to its environment, thriving in water if the roots are submerged.

11. Arrowhead Vine

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum

Compact and versatile, the vine is ideal for small spaces. To propagate arrowhead plants in the water, clip a healthy stem just below a leaf node and place it in a water-filled bowl.

12. Chinese Evergreen

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water 7

Botanical Name: Aglaonema

Known for its striking, variegated leaves, the Chinese Evergreen adapts beautifully to aquaculture. It’s a low-maintenance choice that brings life to any cozy corner with its silver, red, and pink foliage.

13. Begonia

Plants to Grow in Glass of Water

Botanical Name: Begonia

You can effortlessly propagate Begonias in water! How? Start with a single leaf from varieties like wax, rex, or tuberous begonias. Place it in water, and let nature do the rest!

Refresh the water weekly to fend off bacteria and prevent rot.

Have a look at the best types of Rex Begonias 

14. African VioletPlants to Grow in Water

Botanical Name: Saintpaulia ionantha

If you want to do a rewarding project – grow African violet from a leaf! Simply snip a leaf with a stem, suspend it in a water-filled jar, and in about a month, watch as tiny roots and a new plantlet begin to form.

15. Fiddle Leaf Figbest Plants to Grow in Water

Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is ideal for a stylish, soil-free setup! It thrives in bright, filtered light. Always rotate the container regularly to ensure even growth, as the plant tends to lean toward the light source.

Also, use a sturdy bowl to support its large, majestic leaves.

16. Duckweed

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water in office table Botanical Name: Lemna minor

Duckweed grows quickly and doesn’t demand much space or care. It needs ample light to maintain its vibrant green color. This tiny plant is perfect for creating a green carpet over your water bowl’s surface.

17. Frogbit

best Plants to Grow in Water

Botanical Name: Limnobium laevigatum

Like Duckweed but larger, Frogbit forms a floating rosette of light green leaves, ideal for spacious bowls.

Native to warmer climates, it grows fast and is an excellent choice for adding greenery to your indoor water gardens.

18. Coleus

Plants to Grow in Glass Bowls of Water

Botanical Name: Plectranthus scutellarioides

Coleus displays a variety of hues as a color spectacle and requires minimal care when grown in water.

Place it in indirect sunlight, and change the water every few days to protect bacterial growth.

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