These Succulents in Mini Pots Are the Cutest Thing

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For mini succulents, you need cute miniature pots too that go well with their size to magnify their cuteness.

These bite-sized succulents nestled in mini pots are guaranteed to melt your heart, and they’re really easy to replicate. Get ready for a double dose of adorable!

Check out Tiny Mini Succulents for a Cute Garden

 Mini Succulents in Pots

1. Succulents in the Hand

Mini Pots Are the Cutest Thing in hand

See how these cute little succulents are cradled in the palm of the hand. These varieties are barely larger than fingertips!

2. This Adorable Graptopetalum

 Mini Succulents in Mini Pots Are the Cutest Thing

The mini pot is perfect for nurturing these mini succulents. It’s plain and simple, but beautiful for sure!

3. A Pound Sized Burro’s Tail

 Mini Succulents in pound size Mini Pots

We bet you’ve never seen a Burro’s tail succulent that was barely as big as an English Pound!

4. Shot Glasses with Succulents

These Mini Succulents in short glass

Who knew shot glasses would be perfect mini pots for succulents? Here’s how you can create yours.

5. Cactus Terrarium in Whiskey Glass

These Mini Succulents in whiskey Glass

Turning a whiskey glass into a tiny mini cactus terrarium is a lovely project. It’s pretty easy too. All you need is a bit of soil, pebbles, and tiny cacti.

6. Succulents in Red, Pink and Green Hues

Colorful Mini Succulents in Mini Pots Are the Cutest Thing

The red one is a sedum rubrotinctum mini, the pink is a ghost plant, and the green one is an echeveria prolifica. We found the idea here.

7. Mini Boobie Succulent Planter

Mini Succulents in boobies Pots Are the Cutest Thing

You won’t find a similar succulent pot in any of your friend’s houses! You can make it yourself and many more.

8. Cacti on the Windowsill

These Mini Succulents in Mini Pots in Window

These mini cacti don’t mind some sun as they sit on a well-lit windowsill, adding their cuteness to your home.

9. A Tiny Jelly Bean Pot

Mini Succulents in tiny Pots Are the Cutest Thing

The tiny jelly bean plant nestled in a pot is no doubt the smallest you’ll ever see. Why not give it a try?

10. Animal Pots from Morrisons


If you’re a fan of cats and dogs (and of cute little succulents), you can get these from Morrisons.

11. Desert Plants in a Soup Bowl

These Mini Succulents in soup bowl

This idea might not be the smallest on our list, but it’s definitely the coolest. You should definitely give this one a try.

12. Cacti on the Rocks

If you can find a beautiful bowl in a vibrant color, just add a few rocks and cacti to these. They’ll look rugged and cute.

13. Mini Haworthia Tree

Mini Succulents in Mini Pots are Beautiful

The plastic white pot goes perfectly with this cute and compact Haworthia tree. Pretty, right?

14. Succulents in a Wine Bottle

These Mini Succulents in Wine bottle

You, too, can create this adorable little succulent garden in a wine bottle with this DIY. They’ve picked echeverias, but you can go with your favorite ones.

15. Cute Corked Succulents

These Mini Succulents in Mini corked

When you open the wine bottle, don’t throw away the cork – turn it into a tiny and cute succulent planter. Here’s the DIY.

16. Teacup Succulent Garden

These Mini Succulents in tea cup

Teacups aren’t just for tea; they’re for miniature succulents, too! Try it out for yourself with this guide.

17. Cute Crochet Pot Covers

These Mini Succulents in Mini Pots Are the Cutest Thing 1

Try your hand at crochet and create these cute animal-inspired pot covers for your tiny succulents. Here’s the DIY to get you started.

Why don’t you give these Creative DIY Crochet Plants Patterns a try too? 

18. Clay Basket Succulents

These Mini Succulents in clay basket

If you love the look of woven baskets, we’ve got this DIY that will help you create cute tiny ones for succulents.

19. Tea Tin Succulents

These Mini Succulents in Mini tea tin Are the Cutest Thing

Who knew you could repurpose old tea tins to plant mini succulents in your home? Here’s where we got this idea.

20. Succulent Coffee Pot

These Mini Succulents in Mini coffepotAre the Cutest Thing

Succulent terrariums are fun, cool, and look absolutely gorgeous, but this DIY takes their beauty to the next level.

21. Pink Rotary Phone Planter

These Mini Succulents in Mini pink phone

Any DIY with succulents and neon paints is definitely going to be cute! Here’s how to recreate this mini succulent pot.

22. Succulents in a Book

Follow this quick and easy DIY to recreate this amazing small succulent garden in a book. It’s simple and pretty!

23. Gold Bottom Mini Pots

These Mini Succulents in Mini Pots Are the Cutest Thing 6

If you don’t want to do much, get gold or silver paint and dip your mini succulent pots in it. The dual-tone and metallic sheen work wonders.

24. Grow Them in Wine Glasses

Grow Them in MIni Wine Glasses

What’s the best and cutest way to grow miniature succulents? In small wine glasses, of course! Here’s how to get started.

25. Pot in a Pot!

We’ve saved the best for last – it’s a cute little succulent pot inside another one. How cool is that! You can create your own with this DIY.

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