25 Most Beautiful DIY Table Top Decoration Ideas

25 DIY tabletop decoration ideas that you’ll love to follow. Easy and exciting, most of these centerpieces don’t require many efforts!

1. Easy Sand Candles


This breezy centerpiece-art is reminiscent of the unique sand models found at fairs and carnivals. The votive holders are easy to customize with endless sand color combinations to match with any type of decor, while the compact arrangement makes it a worthy add-on to space-constrained coffee tables.

Go to marthastewart.com to learn more

2. Painted Rocks


A unique way to liven up your drawing room is by displaying painted rocks and candles for the coffee table decor. The golden shimmer on the rocks looks beautiful to behold, and the stark white pillar candles lend a pleasant contrast to all the glitter while notching up the glamor quotient of the space considerably. Also, this is one of that table top decoration ideas that don’t cost anything.

See the tutorial here

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3. Wine Cork Candle Holder


Did you imagine that? It’s a unique combination, especially when you are thinking of using them to decorate your tabletop. Corks and candles create a beautiful cacophony of light and colors and have the potential to brighten up a dull, worn-out centerpiece considerably. All you need is a glass jar, some corks and of course candles, that’s it.

See the step by step tutorial on Two Twenty One

4. Mason Jar Planters


Mason jars are surprisingly versatile to use. And when you are thinking to jazz up the empty space of your centerpiece, you sure can’t go wrong with a set of spray painted mason jars. For an aesthetic touch, use the jars as planters to showcase your favorite small indoor plants in an eye-catchy manner.

Here’s a detailed post on it

5. Scrap Paper Tree


That’s bizarre DIY idea but wonderful. Consider using colorful, scrapbook paper leaves to bring a bright Spring feel to your home. This is a simple project that requires little in terms of time, money or effort, and yet looks more attractive than most of the store-bought decor pieces in your house. You could use these beautiful trees for a baby shower, birthday party, wedding, bridal shower, and practically any event that has a happy feel to it. The possibilities are endless!

This DIY idea was found on Everyday Mom Ideas

6. Succulent Centerpieces


For a centerpiece with a natural appeal and staying same for a long time, consider using a mix of succulent plants (especially outdoors) in up-cycled tin cans. They are low care and still maintain the same, lush green appearance year-round. For this idea, all you need is a wooden tray, a handful of rocks, succulents and tin cans. You can multiply these supplies according to the number of tabletop pieces you need. Check out more succulent planting ideas!

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7. Personalized Pineapple Centerpiece


If you’re searching for an outlandish table top decoration idea, this one is something you’ll like! Using a fruit to make pretty centerpieces! This fragrant pineapple bouquet comes along with an exotic arrangement of flowers, ferns, and foliage to lend a natural and aesthetic look to your drawing room. You can also try nestling a votive candle or two within the fruits in place of the flowers. That would create a warm and toasty feel and add a magical glow to space.

To see the step by step tutorial, go here

8. Paper Flower Centerpiece


A whimsical floral centerpiece is guaranteed to get along with the mood of every season, every decor, and every personality. In addition to looking cute and pretty, it also has the potential to add a touch of ever-lasting finesse to your home. All you need is a burlap vase to add in the paper flowers. You can make the flowers with any kind of scrapbook paper you have. The centerpiece is a great add-on for birthday parties, weddings, and party favors.

Visit The Casual Craftlete to learn more

9. Leaf Centerpiece


With a little effort, you can create this. Fronds and clippings from indoor plants and neat, even-sized trimmings from garden ferns carry an air of elegance and look delightfully graphic, especially when you place them in dainty glass bottles or mason jars. They do not rely on the weather or daily maintenance to look good either. Additionally, they are quick to assemble as well.

Go to MarthaStewart.com to learn more about leaf centerpiece

10. DIY Glow Jars


That’s a cool idea for an overnight party, getting these glow jars as your tabletop centerpiece. Sublime and mystical to look, these take about a five minutes to make and create an enticing mood of magic in the dark. They also look amazing at evening outdoor parties and notch up the wow factor of festivities. As a tip, use some ice shot glasses along with the glow jars for the ultimate, fancy feel.

Click here for tutorial

11. Rustic Slice of Greenery


This rustic and ravishing centerpiece idea come packed with beautiful textures and a natural appeal that is perfect for sprucing up the outdoor and even indoor environment. It involves the use of recycled plastic containers and pine cones to create a neutral color palette.

The step by step article is available here

12. Festive Cornucopia


No festival is complete without an eye-catchy cornucopia of flowers and colors. This raffia cornucopia adorned with a sheet of dried wheat stalks carries an abundance of apples, pears, and golden squashes. Set on a rustic chest or, it forms the perfect piece of Thanksgiving decor that radiates warmth and good fortune like none other.

The step by step article is available here

13. Turkey Veggie Platter


Yes, this is a tabletop decor idea, not a recipe for your upcoming family gathering. In any case, there is no better way to bond than by way of food, right? This food-centered piece of decor attempts to tantalize the taste buds and send your imagination to overdrive with its stunning arrangement of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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14. Toothbrush Holder Vase


You don’t have to necessarily master the art of floral design in order to churn up pleasingly balanced and beautiful arrangements. This time, ditch the boring, conventional vases for quirky toothbrush holders to achieve the perfect symmetry and lend a quaint appeal to your tabletop. This is weird but stunning!

Visit the Martha Stewart’s site for more information

15. Elegant Candle Slipcovers

candle-slipcover-diyIroning may be an annoying, everyday chore, but it is also a fast way to convert useless fabric scraps into sophisticated textural additions to dull, plain candle holders. Just spritz the fabric with starch before ironing them and then wrap around the candle, followed by a bit of taping to keep the assembly from falling apart. Now, light the candles and watch them create a surreal glow of warm colors in your living space.

Learn more about this candle slipcovers DIY idea

16. DIY Snow Globe

snow-globe-102565700-heroCreate your own snow globe to infuse the magic of the holiday season in your home. Build mini snowmen from tiny birch knobs and arrange them in a delicate pendant globe spritzed with sea salt for snow. Use a simple dowel frame to hold the assembly in place. This captivating piece of tabletop decor paints a perfect scene of winter and acts as the perfect ice-breaker for awkward silences.

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17. Low Centerpiece


Who said the centerpiece has to be all tall and formal to fit in its typical definition? This low bowl bearing floral foam is a cute example of organized clutter that creates a secure base for the lush floral centerpiece.

If you like to know more about this, go here

18. Box of Greenery


Who said flower boxes are meant for only the garden? This simple yet captivating centerpiece idea enables you to recreate your own mini garden at your drawing room by using some local finds and recycled stuff. Just fill up a basket with attractive greenery like berry picks, pine cones and fall foliage. Design the arrangement well with an interesting mix of greenery to ensure a tasteful, multi-textured effect.

To read more, visit lowes.com

19. Fire & Water


While this elemental display may look somewhat complicated at the first glance, it’s premise is pretty simple. The underwater flame is the result of nested glasses, vases set up on a wee bit of food coloring for that ultimate showy effect to blend well with the fireplace in the drawing room and warm hues on the walls.

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20. Picture-Frame Vase


Display lovely family memories with a four-photo frame-cum-centerpiece decor that doubles as a compact planter. Fill up the picture vase with your favorite flowers to create a charming display for holiday pictures or family photographs. Slip a different picture on each side and put a bouquet of seasonal flowers, like these white amaryllis inside the vase.

This creative idea is curated from here

21. Floating Floral Platter


It is a centerpiece, a cheese board, a place to dock your cocktail garnishes, all in one basic white platter. Versatile to use and beautiful to behold, this tabletop decor idea is a great way to refurbish a boring white platter. Just float flowers in small bowls and arrange them alongside miniature votive candles for a contemporary look. If you have a long table, place a few platters all through the mid-section.

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22. DIY Terrarium Inspired Centerpiece


If you are someone with a green thumb, you would surely love to add an aesthetic touch to your centerpiece with a DIY idea that includes plants, right? Well, then a terrarium centerpiece is your answer. Just print out the templates on label paper, attach them to some cute, unused bottles lying around the house, salvage a glass dome from your nearby thrift store, and add in a couple of twigs, or maybe a fern to create a unique, mini-world full of lush green beauty. This cute and super-fun project is bound to attract eyeballs.

23. Metallic Painted Vases


Add a touch of glamor to your dull, old table setting with a sparkling mix of metals and color. Just take a glass vase and scrape off two-thirds from the bottom with a painter’s tape. Now spray-paint the bottom portion in gold, silver, bronze or copper shades. Insert candles and assemble metallic vases in various sizes. Stick to a uniform shape to create a finished and cohesive look.

If you like to learn more, this great DIY project is available here

24. Cross-Stitch Candles


Lend a traditional feel to a rustic tabletop with hand-stitched candles done up in warm pastel shades and glass paint. Use easily downloadable templates to spruce up the look and add a quirky twist to the whole decor. This quick, 10-minute project is a hit with all types of interior decor and blends with the moods of every season remarkably well!

Martha Stewart has a DIY post on it, check out

25. DIY Mason Jar Crate


Using mason jars to liven up your room is not a unique idea really, but yes, using a vintage-looking crate bearing a colorful collection of Mason jars is. For a super fun and functional piece of tabletop decor, consider a slightly sizable crate and spray paint it white for a shabby chic look.

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25 DIY tabletop decoration ideas that you'll love to follow. Easy and exciting, most of these centerpieces don't require many efforts!


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