35 Indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas

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After viewing these indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas you’ll realize why it’s one of the best large houseplants and so popular.

Image Credit: House Beautiful

The trend of fiddle leaf fig is not yet over. It’s still one of the most sought-after indoor plants even though it’s not an easy-to-grow plant but ficus lyrata has its charm. Place it in a boring room and it’ll become dramatic and lively, after all, there are not many 6-foot tall handsome houseplants.

The large scalloped leaves, towering height, and strong reddish-brown branches of fiddle leaf make it look like it has come from a tropical jungle. And the best part, it’s quite versatile and goes with every style of interior.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas

1. Look Who’s Peaking?

Image Credit: Ballard Designs

2. #Sunkissed

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas
Image Source: larrydoom

3. Tall Plants by a Bay Window

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 10
Image Source: kathykuohome

4. That Large Houseplant

Image Credit: Houzz

5. Fill an Empty Corner

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 3
Image Source: zwubbena

6. Perfect Shelf Plant

Image Source: plantladycatie

7. Green Corner in a Loft Room

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 4
Image Source: mydomaine

8. Fiddle by a Baby’s Crib

Image Source: kristina.roy

9. Tall Plant in a Contemporary Apartment

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 5
Image Source: glam_plantsmx

10. Juice Bar with Nature’s Touch

Image Source: amanda.ibanez

11. Fiddle Leaf with a Zebra Plant

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 6
Image Source: chloehslater

12. Green & Blue

13. A Center of Attraction

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 7
Image Source: theheartsdlite

14. White Living Room with Greenery

Image Source: keystoinspiration

15. Fiddle Leaf in a Guest Bedroom with Paintings

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 8
Image Source: ballarddesigns

16. A Tall Fig in a Minimalistic Room

17. A Chic Urban Space With a Touch of Nature

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 9

18. A Giant Fiddle in a Glamorous Living Room

19. Fiddle Leaf and a Lounge Chair

20. A Funky Retro Space With a Planter

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 11

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21. Fill the Bedroom Gap!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Ideas 2
Image Source: lukehpell

22. Fireplace & Fiddle Leaf Ficus

23. A Green Spot By a Window and Piano

Image Source: life_of_fiddle_leaf_fig

24. Touching the Sky!


25. Lush Fig in a Basket by the Stairs


26. At the Corner of a Mansion Style Room

27. Taking up the Space


28. In a Big Black Container


29. A Touch of Green in a White Room

30. A Tale of Two Figs


31. Standing Tall on a Pathway



32. All Over the Place!


33. In Shiny Copper Color Pots


34. By a Matching Couch


35. A Tall Fiddle Leaf Fig in a Brass Bucket


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