37 Spectacular Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpiece and Gift Ideas

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Add your personal touch with these gorgeous yet inexpensive Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas for your loved ones!

Gifts are a token of love that becomes way more special when you craft them yourself! Find the best Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas listed below and express your gratitude to the close ones!

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Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas

1. Burlap Wrapped Pot IdeaWrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas

Make this low-cost, wrapped centerpiece for a dining or buffet table and give your regular plastic pots a cute look. Read more here.

2. Roped Container

Take a pot, jar, can, or bottle, and paint up the glue all over it. Wrap a thick rope around it; your flower pot is ready. Do not use clay planters. Watch the video for inspiration here.

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3. Twig Wrapped Pot

Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 2

Collect equal size twigs, arrange them in the same order, use jute twine, and tie them. Now take a pot, and wrap it with flax string fabric. Finally, take tied twigs and glue them on the wrapped planter.

4. DIY Leather Planter

Give a distinct touch to your pot with a piece of leather; read the details here.

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5. Wrap a Flower Pot with Painter’s PaperWrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 3

Gift your loved ones with this amazing centerpiece that can brighten up anyone’s day. Follow the three ways here and make this wrapped pot.

6. Paper Bag Wrapped Pot

Add vibrancy to any decor with this simple DIY project; use a paper bag as per the given direction here and enjoy the organic look.

7. Fabric Wrap PlanterWrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 6

This super cool idea is quite easy to execute; you only need a square piece of fabric, cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, or scarves. Read about the trick here.

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8. Wrap the Pot in a Tea Towel

Try this DIY and wrap the pot in a linen tea towel for a charming makeover of ordinary planters. Follow the direction here.

9. Prepare a Christmas GiftWrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 7

Make your Christmas gift more lively by covering it with colorful fabric. Check the DIY here.

10. Tissue Wrapped Flower Pot

Surprise your mum with this lovely Mother’s day gift; just use a piece of hot pink non-woven tissue. Read more in this post.

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11. Beautiful Gift Wrap Potted PlantWrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 11

Due to short of time, you don’t go out shopping; then this DIY is bliss for you. See here.

12. Wrap the Pot with Ribbon and Tulle

Embellish a flower pot with ribbon and tulle; this fun activity is easy and cost-effective. Watch more here.

13. A Colorful WrapWrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 12

Turn your regular plastic pot into a stylish, trendy planter by wrapping it this way.

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14. Simple Flower Bouquet in Newspaper

Flowers make the most beautiful gifts, and what can be better than adding a personal touch by collecting a bunch of them in a newspaper bouquet?

15. Centrepiece Covered with Jute Thread And cloths.

Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 14

Give random centerpiece items a rustic look by wrapping jute rope around them. You may also enhance their look by adding lace or paper cuttings adhesives.

16. Poinsettia Plant Wrapped in A Classy Gift Box


Poinsettias make for perfect Christmas gifts for their red and white bracts. Double up their charm by pairing them with classy gift-wrapped planters.

17. Burlap Wrapped Flower Planter

Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 15

Burlap wraps come in handy, are inexpensive, and add an aesthetic touch to anything they are graced with. Use this excellent idea to present your loved ones with the most beautiful gifts ever.

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18. Miniature Tillandsia Centerpiece

This cute specimen is perfect for gracing your center table. Grow it in moss balls to avoid the fuss of soil and water indoors.

19. White Pumpkin Centerpieces

Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 16

Get faux pumpkin planters from the markets and add pastel flowers, making them into gorgeous centerpieces. You may add golden grape vines and feather strands for a beautiful display.

20. Succulents Bed in Concrete Box

Do you love succulents? Try this gifting idea that’ll not just deck the indoors but are easy-maintenance, so you need not worry about fertilizing or watering them.

21. Succulent Bouquet in Wooden Box

Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 17

Succulents and wooden accent decors go hand in hand! Why not pair them for a creative gifting item? Make one at home as a centerpiece or present to your loved ones.

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22. Devil’s Ivy in Paper Wraps

The most inexpensive yet gorgeous on this list of Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas! All you need is a bunch of Ivy stems and paper wraps to craft it.

23. Colorful Blooms in a Plastered Container

Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpieces and Gift Ideas 18

Get an old container and cover it with a mold of plaster of pairs. You can then paint it in your favorite shade or just add adhesives for a finer look.

24. Kokedama Succulent Centerpiece


kokedama balls not just make beautiful decors but are great for displaying succulents that barely need any care. Mimic this amazing piece following the tutorial.

25. Yucca


A beautiful Yucca in an old stone pot makes the perfect statement with its large size and graceful looks.

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26. Wrapped Snapdragons


These burlap-wrapped Snapdragon flowers are one of the most Spectacular Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpiece and Gift Ideas you can make yourself.

27. Dieffenbachia and Areca Palm


Wrap mini Areca Palms and Dieffenbachia in fabric cloths, and you have an amazing little gift anyone would love.

28. Small Wrapped Kentia Palm


This leather-wrapped Kentia palm will certainly fill anyone you gift it to full of joy.

29. Blooms in a Pineapple Shell


Check out this DIY fresh pineapple with blooms that makes one of the most Spectacular Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpiece and Gift Ideas.

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30. Spray Painted Mason Jars with Baby’s Breath


Follow this DIY to create amazing spray-painted mason jars with bunnies and fill these with delicate Baby’s Breath plants.

31. Wrapped Coral Skeletons


Want to gift a special gift? These coral skeletons wrapped in melaleuca bark using jute ropes are exactly what you need.

32. Baloon Cement Planter with Baby Tears Plant


One of the most Spectacular Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpiece and Gift Ideas are these Baby Tears plants in balloon cement planters you can make with this DIY.

33. Purple Pansies in Moss-Covered Pots


Look at these wonderful moss-covered planters with purple pansies that make a wonderful gift.

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34. Bottle Vases with Garden Tulips


You can also go for this wooden table centerpiece with glass bottle vases that is an absolute eye-catcher.

35. Clothespin Flower Pots


Follow this amazing DIY to create clothespin flower pots that make the most Spectacular Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpiece and Gift Ideas.

36. Glass Jar Terrariums


Glass jar terrariums never go out of style when it comes to gifts or potted centerpieces for your home.

37. Kokedama Wrapped with Rope


One of the most Spectacular Wrapped Potted Plant Centerpiece and Gift Ideas are these small kokedama pots wrapped with jute rope that catch everyone’s gaze.

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