Burlap For Plants: 15 Practical Burlap Uses In The Garden

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Do you know those unwanted gunnies in the junkyard can benefit your plants? Check out these Burlap Uses in the Garden to learn more!

Burlap (Hessian) is a woven fabric usually made from jute. It is an inexpensive and biodegradable material that can benefit your plants to quite an extent. Learn about the Burlap Uses in the Garden below!

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Burlap Uses in the Garden

1. Use Burlap to Protect the Plants in Winter

Protect Plants in Winter

Burlap can be used to protect the plants in winter. It prevents the cold winds from affecting your plants. Screens and barriers can be made from burlap. However, it is also important to keep in mind that snow should be allowed to accumulate around hardy plants as it acts as an insulator around these plants and prevents them from freezing.

2. Shield the Plants Against Rabbits and Deer

Image Credit: Betty on Gardening

Rabbits and deer are some of the common creatures that nibble away the bushes and fruits in winter. By building barricades with burlap, you can save your plants. Here’s an informative article to read!

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3. Providing Shade from the Sun

You need to protect your plants from the sun, especially the transplants in summer. Moreover, burlap shading is a good idea if you live in a climate where the sun is intense.  This will ensure that your plants grow healthy even during the periods of harsh afternoon sunlight.

4. Suppress Weed Growth Burlap Weed Protection

Controlling weeds in the garden is one of the essential maintenance chores. Weeds are of course more robust compared to your garden plants. They put up ian ntense competition for acquiring light, space, and nutrients. Click here to see the step by step DIY!

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5. Burlap Sack Dog Bed

This No Sew Burlap Sack Dog Bed is perfect for every pet owner looking for an inexpensive, washable bed for their furry friends. The DIY article is available here!

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6. Frost Covers

You can use burlaps to cover the plants at night. They will protect the plants from frost. However, once the sun comes up in the morning, make sure to remove them again.

7. Burlap Wrapped Vases and Planters

You can grow herbs and small indoor plants, or keep cut flowers in mason jars, empty bottles, and pots of no use. But, without the decoration, these items may look dull, you can use burlap to wrap around them to make them look attractive. Take a look at the step-by-step DIY tutorial here.

8. Burlap Fabric Planter

Burlap Fabric Planter

This DIY burlap sack planter is so amazing that it looks rustic and awesome. In just a few steps given on the Shelterness.com, you can DIY this and gift it to someone who loves growing plants. You can also add additional features with ribbons and paper crafts to add on to its beauty.

9. Burlap Topiary

Decorations like designer lamp posts, topiaries, cut outs, etc. can make your garden look more interesting and this DIY burlap topiary idea is a good one, too. You can keep it anywhere in your home or garden. To learn more about this DIY, visit Cottage At The Crossroads!

10. Burlap wreaths

Burlap wreaths
This gorgeous burlap wreath is accented beautifully with beige peony flowers and artificial greenery.

Near your garden fence or on the boring walls of your garden or somewhere else, you can hang a burlap wreath like this. The tutorial is available on here!

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11. Mulch Your Garden with Burlap Sheets

If you’ve prepared the garden bed well for planting but require some time to start off the sowing of seeds and the actual gardening process. There are chances that weeds may grow during that period. To prevent this, it is better to cover the soil with burlap which will prevent the soil from getting degraded and the weeds to grow on it.

13. Use the Gunnies to Move or Dispose the Yard Debris

If you are into gardening, then you must know how yard’s waste piles up every time. It becomes difficult to move this off. Burlap can be used to rake in leaves and other clutter.

14. Burlap Birdbath

You can use burlap to design a bird bath. How much burlap you need depends on the size of your vases you choose. One of its kind of tutorial is available on Empress of Dirt with many other DIY birdbath ideas to follow!

15. Grow Potatoes in Burlap Bags

Potatoes can take up a lot of space in the garden which is why you can try to grow them in burlap bags. Check out the informative ‘how to’ article here!

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16. Use Burlaps to Trap Caterpillars

Wrap the burlaps around tree trunks or shrub shoots and bind them with twine. The caterpillars, moths, and other insects move into the burlap while invading your plants, which can then be handpicked and removed.

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17. DIY Burlap Hanging Planter

You can use burlap as a hanging planter and grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs of your choice. The permeable texture of the fabric will allow proper drainage while giving a rustic look to your garden.

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18. Use Burlap for Lining Flower Baskets

You can use burlap as an alternative to coir liners. It is a cost-effective option and will help you utilize baskets with big drainage holes for growing pretty blooms.

19. Protect the Plant Roots During Transplantation

The gunny bags will make your transplantation easy. Dig the roots carefully and place the plants on the burlaps. You can then grab the corners and transplant them to their final rooting destination.

20. Use Burlap as a Decomposable Pot

If you want to grow big plants or trees but are not convinced about directly starting the seeds in the garden, burlap can be a quick fix. Start the seeds in burlap bags; once they reach a certain height, dig a spot in the garden and push the plant along with the rug.

The fiber, on coming in contact with soil, will decompose, adding to the soil’s nutrients.

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