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Love chrysanthemums? Take a look at these Fantastic Landscaping with Mums Ideas for a colorful show in your yard!

Chrysanthemums are one of the most beautiful flowers that you can have in containers to add a touch of colorful class to your yard. Here are some extraordinary Landscaping with Mums Ideas!

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Remarkable Landscaping with Mums Ideas

1. Blend the Colors with Other Plants and Flowers

Landscaping with Mums Ideas

Being vivid and colorful, mums can be an amazing choice to mingle with other flowers and variegated plants. You can mix these beautiful blooms with pampas grass, kale, and other plants of your choice in tin buckets to make a focal point at the entrance.

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2. Make a Bold Statement


Do not shy away from making a bold statement, and what could be better than to display mums in their full glory? Pair these flowers in bunches together in different styles of pots, add a tall lantern, and keep them at the front door!

3. Add a Colorful Appeal


Soft pink ‘Calisto’ mums combined with different shades of red and orange is the color blast you need for the front display. It can be a refreshing idea, especially if you are going to use a tall and large urn to enhance the colorful appeal.

4. The Magic of Tier Planting

Sprouts of Fenton-Berndt’s Blooms

You don’t have to go overboard to be creative with mums. Simply growing them in pots on the staircase to get the advantage of tier planting is the simplest yet striking way to display the beautiful colors of these flowers.

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5. Make Them Part of a Raised Garden Bed

Landscaping with Mums Ideas 3

Mums are the most versatile flowers, and they can blend in their surroundings really well. If you have a raised bed in your yard, then growing striking orange mums in the corner will really enhance the overall look. They will match really well with ornamental grasses and pee wee oakleaf hydrangeas like the picture above. It is one of the best Landscaping with Mums Ideas!

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6. Don’t Forget to Match Mums with Pumpkins!


A fun and quirky fall display is always incomplete without the use of pumpkins, and what could be better than adding different colored pumpkins and mums together on the front staircase? You can also throw in some touches of Halloween decor by disturbing the space a little for that spooky vibe!

7. A Flowerful Abode

Landscaping with Mums Ideas 4

A large porch with a big swing in the center, flanked by different colors of mums is the perfect way to invite fall! You can add different artifacts like lanterns, faux or real pumpkins, and a carpet to complete the look of the decor.

8. A Tale of Hanging Twins


Want to keep it simple? Simply add two large hanging baskets of mum on the porch, right above a classy white bench, and you will have one of the most elegant and colorful displays of two big bunches of mums!

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9. A Backyard of Dreams

Landscaping with Mums Ideas 6

A large backyard can truly use the beauty of mums to its fullest. Don’t go overboard; simply showcase them in different containers in the shades of yellow, magenta, and white as shown in the picture; add a red bench to the frame, and you have yourself a perfect backyard!

10. Add a Fiery Touch to the Porch


A large and tall container of orange mums, growing in a big and bushy way, is all you need for a fiery orange display on the porch. Pair it up with different colored real or faux pumpkins for a bold display.

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11. Elegance Personified!

Landscaping with Mums Ideas 8

Nothing can be more elegant than a pair of white mums adding an elegant look to the garden porch. You can add one pot on a vintage rustic chair and wrap the other container in a nice blue or any other wrap of your choice to complete the look.

12. A Dining Table Centrepiece


Planning an outdoor party? Well, you can decorate the drinks table by adding red or maroon mums in a vintage tub or tin bucket of your choice. Flank it with a couple of beer or wine glasses, add the American flag, and you have a super cool table for the party!

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13. Monochrome is the New Color!

Landscaping with Mums Ideas 10

If you love whites then why not go overboard with it? White mums with white pumpkins, white upholstery, and paint on the walls are a perfect way to sum up an elegant decor that can go with every season and celebration. If you are thinking about Decorating with Mums, go with this idea!

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14. Same Colored Mums as Centerpieces


A large porch right next to the front garden can be a great spot to use two same-colored mums as centerpieces, like the two yellows here in the picture. You can add some artifacts, a wreath on the door, pumpkins, or any other flowers or variegated plants of your choice to add more to the overall look.

15. Use Garden Tree as a Backdrop for the Mums

Landscaping with Mums Ideas 12

A tall garden tree can be a perfect backdrop to arrange elegant white mums around it. Hang an old lantern on the trunk and display white chrysanthemums in baskets along with pumpkins to give your garden a little fairy garden-like touch! If you have always wanted to do Landscaping with Mums, this is the idea to embrace!

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16. Display Mums in a Relaxing Backyard


A tall ladder with mums along with different flowers with a relaxing chair on the side is a super cool way to add colors to a backyard. You can also showcase different colored mums in baskets along the stone pathway to make a solid impression. If you are thinking about Decorating with Mums, go with this idea!

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