26 Productive DIY Porch Herb Garden Ideas

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Transform your porch into a lush oasis with these Porch Herb Garden Ideas to grow fresh herbs outside your door and add flavor to your meals!

Porch herb gardens are a great way to add fresh herbs to your cooking while enjoying the outdoors. With various options, there’s an idea to fit any porch size or style. Take a look at these Porch Herb Garden Ideas to create the perfect herb garden for your home.

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Porch Herb Garden Ideas

1. Ladder Herb Stand on the Porch

Porch Herb Garden Ideas 1

Utilize the space on the porch with a ladder plant stand carrying pots filled with various herbs.

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2. Vertical Herb Garden On Porch

Wire wall Porch Herb Garden Ideas

Follow this idea and create this vertical herb garden on the porch using a hanging file organizer, coco fiber liners, and assorted herbs.

3. The Pallet Herb Garden on the Porch

Diy Porch Herb Garden Ideas 2

Mount a pallet on the porch wall, and accommodate pots of herbs in it. Decorated it with hand-drawn art, making it not only functional but also an attractive space-saving garden for your herbs.

4. Hanging Herbs on the Porch

Porch hanging Herb Garden Ideas

This wall frame plant stand  Idea for porches with compact space; grow herbs in this cool way.

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5. Metal Frame Herb Garden

Diy Porch Herb Garden Ideas 8

This metal frame can carry a number of herb planters on your porch.

6. Hanging Herb Garden

Diy Porch Wire hanging Herb Garden Ideas

Build this custom-potted hanging herb garden for your porch with the help of this DIY here.

7. Ladder Herb Garden

Ladder Porch Herb Garden Ideas 1

This ladder herb garden idea is a great option for tight spaces; you can hang planters on the ladder, as shown in the image.

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8. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Planter

Vertical Ladder Porch Herb Garden Ideas

This vertical ladder planter has sturdy shelves for your herbs; lean it up against your porch and dress your salads with aromatic herbs. Check the DIY here.

9. Herb Tower on the Porch

Herb tower Porch Herb Garden Ideas 25

Construct the tower of herbs on your porch and grow as many herbs as you want in limited space; check the tutorial here.

10. Rain Gutter Herb Garden

Rain gutter Porch Herb Garden Ideas

The reused rain gutters and chalkboard can be a great addition to your porch for creating a herb garden.

11. Herb Garden in Shoe Organizer

Shoe Rack Porch Herb Garden Ideas 29

This space-saving idea is a creative option for growing herbs on the porch. Find DIY here.

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12. Tin Can Hanging Herb Garden

Tin Can Porch Herb Garden Ideas

Make smart use of empty paint cans and make a beautiful hanging herb garden on the porch on wooden planks. Check the details here.

13. Hanging Shelves

Hanging Shelves Porch Herb Garden Ideas

Add these hanging shelves to the porch for an amazing place to hang clay planters full of the best types of herbs. Check it out here.

14. Ladder Box Herb Garden

Box Ladder Porch Herb Garden Ideas 74

Follow this amazing DIY to create such a ladder box herb garden that will grow herbs and add a touch of elegance to the porch.

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15. Vertical Hanging Tins

Vertical Hanging Tins DIY Porch Herb Garden Ideas

Tin cans, chains, and a little bit of elbow grease are all you need to create this vertical herb garden for your porch. Here is the DIY.

16. China Tea Cups on Pegboard

DIY Porch China Tea Herb Garden Ideas

Did you know you could create such a unique and functional herb garden for the porch using china tea cups? Learn how to DIY here.

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17. Chalk Wall Herb Garden

Chalk Wall Porch Herb Garden Ideas 101

Add a touch of elegance and beauty to the porch with this chalk wall herb garden, perfect for growing the best herbs. Check out the DIY here.

18. Rustic Herb Garden

Diy porch Rustic Herb Garden

Have a wooden porch? Follow this DIY to create a rustic herb garden with wooden shelves and amazing herb planters.

19. Mason Jars on Wood Panels

Diy mosan jar Porch Herb Garden Ideas 47

Add a wooden panel to the porch to hang these amazing mason jars full of herbs. Here is the DIY.

20. Herb Garden of Mason Jars

DIY Porch Herb Garden Ideas 5

Paint mason jars and hang them on a wooden pallet to create this porch herb garden. Here is the DIY tutorial.

21. Paint Can Herb GardenPaint can DIY Porch Herb Garden Ideas

Transform your porch into a beautiful herb garden with these hanging painted tin cans. Check it out here.

22. Upcycled Tins

DIY Porch Herb Garden Ideas in garden

Turn a baking tin into this gorgeous wall-hanging herb garden for the porch with this DIY. Learn how to DIY here.

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23. Hanging Gutter Planter

Hanging Gutter Planter Diy porch ideas

Here is an attractive and out-of-the-box hanging gutter planter herb garden to alleviate your porch. Check it out here.

24. Herb Garden Container

Diy Porch Herb Garden Ideas 201

What could be better and more space-efficient than this massive herb container garden for your porch? Here is the DIY.

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25. Rain Gutter Herb Garden

Diy Rain Gutter Herb Garden

Add this vertical rain gutter herb garden to the porch and enjoy fresh and savory herbs all day. Learn how to make it here.

26. Colorful Herb Garden

Porch Herb Garden Ideas 2

Check out this amazing DIY to learn how to make this modern and colorful herb garden for your front porch.

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  1. Wow, these Porch Herb Garden Ideas are fantastic! I love the concept of turning my porch into a herb haven, and the creativity here is inspiring. One additional tip I’d recommend is using self-watering pots or adding a drip irrigation system to ensure your herbs thrive, even on those scorching summer days. It helps maintain consistent moisture, which can be a game-changer.

    I’m curious, though, has anyone tried combining herbs with edible flowers for both aesthetics and culinary flair? Any favourite herb and flower pairings to share? Thanks, Matt


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