29 Great DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas

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Make your garden attractive than ever before using these DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas! Try them today to add a lot of appeal!

Have a look at some amazing DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas to add a lot of character to your garden, whether it is big or small!

Have a look at some awesome ideas to decorate your garden here

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas

1. Clay Horse

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas

Check out that how unique is this DIY clay pot horse project! Learn how to make it here.

2. Large Urn in a Small Garden

With these 18 DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas, make your garden beautiful and attractive than ever before!

Focal points draw eyes towards them and make the space more appealing, and this large urn completely does that trick!

3. Recycled Window Frame

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 2

You can also opt for recycled items, just like this wooden window frame. You can also use old doors for this purpose as well.

4. Canning Jar light

DIY Canning Jar light

How about these canning jar lights? Hang them in clusters in your garden, and they’ll draw attention in the night. The DIY tutorial is here.

5. Wine Barrel Focal Point

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 3

This wine barrel water fountain can be an interesting garden feature. Learn how to make it here.

6. Rusted Metal Focal Point

This rusted metal moon gate acts as a passageway and a focal point in the garden.

7. Double Pot Fountain

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 4

This two-pot water fountain can be the next focal point in your small garden. Learn how to make it here.

8. Plants as a Focal Point

Plants can be a focal point as well—some architectural plants like agaves, yuccas, large types of lilies, and ornamental grasses.

9. Concrete Focal Garden Fountain

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 5

This impressive concrete fountain is not difficult to make. The detailed tutorial is here.

10. Mini Lights

Click here to see this helpful video and learn important tips to create a beautiful focal point in your garden.

11. Garden Art Flowers

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 6

You can have small focal points like this here and there in your garden. Learn how it was made at Instructables.

12. Head Planters

You can turn old dolls into interesting head planters and place them at strategic positions in your garden. We’ve 10 DIY ideas for you here.

13. Concrete Garden Orbs

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 7

Make these inexpensive concrete garden orbs for your garden with the help of this tutorial.

14. Use an Old Door

Just like an old window, you can repurpose doors to create a statement.

15. Gazing Ball

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 8

One of the inexpensive DIY garden focal point ideas to follow. Make a gazing ball following this tutorial and place it on a birdbath with some marble chips around it.

16. Tall Planter Focal Point

Tall Planter Focal Point

Tall planters can be a great focal point. Create an eye-catchy container arrangement for the best appearance. Check out these tall planter ideas!

17. Buy a Garden Sculpture

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 9
Image Credit: David Harber

If you’re not good at DIYs, buy an amazing garden sculpture (like this one) or statue on your budget.

18. A Hidden Water Fountain

A Hidden Water Fountain

Create a water feature–A pond or fountain would be a nice focal point. Here’s the tutorial.

19. Cedar Swing

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 10

If you have a big garden with a large tree, make this cedar swing to add an instant appeal.

20. Mason Jar Chandelier

A wooden board, some mason jars, and votive candles are all you need for this DIY.

21. Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 11

Here’s an easy-to-make DIY that you can follow to make a beautiful hanging birdbath.

22. Glowing Planters

These glowing planters can surely make your garden stand out in the night!

23. Stone Fountains

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 12

All you need is a grate, preformed pond liner, pump, tubing for the pump, sand, river rock, and a few other supplies to make this one.

24. Clay Pot Lighthouse

Check out this DIY to make a fun and interesting lighthouse from clay. Your children will love this too!

25. Watering Can That Pours Crystals

DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas 13

You can make this beautiful pouring watering can for your garden or your. Position it over flowers for a stunning display!

26. A Fire Pit

A stone fire pit in the corner of the garden is going to be both a focal point and a good sitting place to hang out!

27. Garden Bench


A rustic bench can be a good focal point in the garden surrounded by plants of your choice.

28. Glass Table Top Waterfall

Here is a beautiful DIY that you can make to add a focal point cum water feature in your yard.

29. Mirrored Obelisk Focal Point


A tall mirror obelisk or any similar object like this can be an exceptional focal point in your garden.

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