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Do Deer Eat Mums? Are Mums Deer Resistant?

If you are wondering — Do Deer Eat Mums or Are Mums Deer Resistant, then we have all the answers for you! Read ahead to find out!

Do Deer Eat Mums? Are Mums Deer Resistant? If you are wondering about these, we have all the answers for you!

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What are Mums?

Also known as chrysanthemums, these photoperiodic flowering plants bloom in autumn and are one of the most popular blooms after roses.

This plant is popular as a natural insecticide and is also used in beverages.

Do Deer Eat Mums?

Yes, deer eat mums, and if you plan to grow these flowers in a garden where these animals frequent, you have to be careful about your plant’s safety.

Deer can see mums from a distance, and as they have a strong sense of smell, it becomes an easy target for them.

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Are Mums Deer Resistant?

Unfortunately, no. Mums are not deer resistant. The only way you can save these flowers from the deer population is to use the following ideas we have listed below.

How to Keep Deer Away from Mums?

Here are some fool-proof methods you can use to keep your mums safe from deer. 

1. Fencing

The most sensible solution to deter deer from your yard is proper fencing. You can also use wooden poles with barbed wires to save costs.

2. Use a Deer Repellant

You can buy deer repellent products and spray them near the fence to keep them at bay.

3. Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Though it is not a long-term solution, it keeps deer away from plants. Place the sprinkler close to these plants for maximum protection.

4. Hang Human Hair

This old deer repellant method is worth trying. It has been said deer dislike the smell of human hair. Collect fallen hair from the brush and hang them in a bunch near the plants.

5. Grow Hot Peppers

Deer hate the taste and smell of hot peppers. Just plant them near mums, and your flowers will stay protected. You can also crush and sprinkle them near these flowers to make this method more potent.

6. Use Garlic

This common kitchen ingredient also has the power to deter deer from the garden. Crush garlic cloves and keep them near mums.

7. Grow Deer Repellant Plants

You can grow plants like mint, rue, lavender, pennyroyal, and garlic chives near mums. All these plants are deer repellant and will keep your flowers safe.

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8. Use Fox Urine

This may sound absurd, but it surely works! Sprinkle it around your garden, and the deer will relate it to foxes being around. This will keep them away from your yard.

9. Use Mothballs

The smell of mothballs is offensive to deer. You can keep them near plants or hang them on fences. Keep them away from the reach of pets and children.

10. Keep a Dog

Last but not least, get a dog! They will be more than happy to bark and keep the deers away from your property!

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