7 Best Succulents to Grow in Water

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You can grow many succulents in water, even though they usually like dry conditions. Some easy ones are String of Pearls, Zebra Plant, Snake Plant, Kalanchoe Uniflora, Crassula ovata, Echeveria, and Aeonium. Just change the water every 4-5 days and give them enough light. They're perfect for new plant growers, and you can even use small bottles or jars.

Despite their typical preference for dry conditions, there are many Succulents that Grow in Water without any issues!

Here’s a list of Succulents that Grow in Water without too much maintenance, making them a great option for those who are looking for low-care plants and quick centerpieces.

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Succulents that Grow in Water

Changing water every 4-5 days is essential for the best health of these plants. If you are growing them from cuttings, make sure you let them heal (Callus).

1. String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

String of Pearls Grow in Water

This trailing variety is quite easy to grow and maintain in water – the only thing you need to check is that the leaves stay above the water and only the bottom stem remains submerged.  Also, keep it in bright, indirect light all day long.

2. Zebra Plant (Haworthiopsis attenuata)

Zebra Plant grow in water

This little beauty is a great option to grow in mason jars filled with water – start with a haworthia pup and place it in a container with water, submerging the bottom part of the stem.

Change the water regularly to maintain oxygen levels and prevent bacterial growth.

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 3. Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

snake plant grow in water

You can start this succulent by leaves cuttings in a jar or vase of water – make sure that the cut end is submerged. It is exceptionally tolerant of varying light conditions and water quality, making it a great option for water.

4. Coral Bells

kalonche grow in water

If you want a little greenery on your tabletop or shelves, this tiny trailing specimen is a great choice! You can grow it in mini milk or soda glass bottles, too! Just ensure to keep the leaves away from water and expose them to the bright indirect sun for 3-5 hours daily.

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5. Crassula ovatacrassula ovata in water

These plants stand out with fleshy leaves that get an eye catchy red tint under full sun exposure. To keep these plants thriving in water, make sure the leaves are not submerged. Do change the water the moment is gets a little cloudy.

6. EcheveriaEcheveria in water

Echeverias are the most popular group of succulents that people love to grow in water. Why? Because there are so many varieties, and all of them are easy to grow, they are in our list.

7. Aeonium

aeonium in water

Growing aeonium in water is not much of a deal – simply take a cutting with a bit of stem attached and pop it in a water-filled glass. That’s it! Ensure it gets plenty of bright and indirect light all day long.

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