8 Most Beautiful Tradescantias to Grow in Water

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Here are the most gorgeous Tradescantias to Grow in Water for that colorful trailing appeal indoors in a tight space!

Spiderworts are one of the most beautiful trailing plants for tight spaces! They are easy to maintain and look spectacular with their vivid colors. Here are some great Tradescantias to Grow in Water for those seeking a touch of greenery with minimal fuss!

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Best Tradescantias to Grow in Water

1. Tradescantia zebrina

Tradescantia to grow in water 1

This is one of the most popular varieties for water propagation. Its vibrant green and purple stripes leaves make it a visually appealing choice!

2. Tradescantia fluminensis


With its delicate, green leaves, this one is another excellent choice for growing in water. It can be propagated easily in jars or vases.

How to Grow Beautiful Purple Heart Plant in Water

3. Tradescantia pallida


Popular for its striking purple foliage, Purple Heart is a hardy Tradescantia variety that thrives in water and does well in indirect light.

4. Tradescantia albiflora

Spiderwort has attractive, sword-like leaves, and the plant does remarkably well in water. You should ensure that the leaves never come in contact with water for longer periods of time.

5. Tradescantia spathacea

Tradescantia to grow in water 5

While not a true Tradescantia, it belongs to the same family. It has attractive, boat-like leaves with contrasting shades of green and purple.

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6. Tradescantia sillamontana

Our Green Garden

This unique variety has fuzzy, silvery-white leaves, making it an eye-catching choice for water propagation!

7. Tradescantia cerinthoides

Tradescantia to grow in water 7

Lilac Tradescantia features delicate green leaves with a hint of lilac on the undersides. It can adapt well to water propagation.

8. Tradescantia nanouk


Classy and elegant, this one is for those who like the best trailing plant for the shelf or tabletops. It has a lighter shade of pink, white, and green on the foliage.

Tradescantia Nanouk Care | Growing Fantasy Venice

Some Quick Tips to Keep the Plants Healthy in Water

  • Place the container in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.
  • Remove any yellow or dead leaves promptly.
  • Change water every 4-6 days and use a nonchlorinated one.
  • Using a transparent vase would be a good idea as it will help you see the development and condition of roots. It will also show you the water condition (Cloudy/Clear).

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