How Long Does It Take for Cactus Needles to Dissolve + Solutions

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Here’s a common prickly Q: How Long Does It Take for Cactus Needles to Dissolve? We’re here with all the answers!

cactus needles to dissolve

What happens to cactus needles after they prick you? And how long does it take for these pricks to dissolve?

First up, those sharp needles aren’t just for looks—they protect the cactus from animals and harsh sunlight. But for us, a simple touch can turn into a pointy predicament.

Will Cactus Needles Dissolve in Your Skin?

Unless you are some kind of needle-melting superhero, those cactus spikes aren’t going to magically dissolve or disappear from your skin. Made of cellulose and lignin, its needles are quite resilient. There is no highly corrosive substance present in the human skin that could easily break them down.

Yes, the body’s natural defense system would allow healing by gradually pushing the needle toward the surface, but that is not the same as dissolving in any shape or form. Plus, it will take a lot of time.

How Long Does It Take for Cactus Needles to Dissolve?

Cactus Needles to Dissolve

Despite their durability and efficiency as defense weapons, cactus needles aren’t eternally shatterproof. Under natural circumstances, too much moisture or microbial activity can help disintegrate them. However, on your skin, they won’t dissolve soon enough.

It can take weeks to months, depending on their size and your body’s response. Your immune cells may eventually absorb small fragments, but you really shouldn’t wait that long.

When it comes to larger pieces, they’ll just sit there stubbornly until some surgical intervention occurs or till your body forces them out. But if you’ve been in this thorny situation for a while and see no respite, seek medical help immediately to prevent the wound from festering.

However, if it’s just happened and you find yourself desperately seeking solutions on what to do if you get pricked by a cactus on the internet, this article will ease your pain in a jiffy!

How to Get Needles Out of Your Skin?Cactus Needles Out of Your Skin

Depending on the severity of the prick, here’s what you do.

  • For fine, hair-like needles, tape or adhesive strips like wax strips help. Simply place the sticky side down on the skin so that all the needles are attached to the strip, and quickly pull it off. This method also works for stinging plants.
  • For slightly larger needles, try using sterilized tweezers to grasp and gently pull out the needles. Do not shake or move the tweezer unnecessarily while pulling out the needle, as that will lead to further puncture and pain.
  • There’s also a hot water method. If you steam the area that has been wounded for a few minutes, your skin will soften and open up the pores, making it easier to pull the needle out using tweezers.
  • Really, just see a doctor if needles have lodged themselves deep in your skin. Especially with signs of infection, don’t try to remove them at home.

All in all, cactus needles are no child’s play, but there’s no need to panic. If you’re a little clumsy or accident-prone, handle your cactus with protective gear. You can also try keeping them away from the spaces you frequent.

And if you absolutely love these desert dwellers but are growing weary of them pricking you constantly, try growing these stunning crystal-clear succulents instead!

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