31 Fantastic Indoor Plants in Water on Shelf and Table Ideas

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Add a touch of modernity to your home with these Indoor Plants in Water on Shelf and Table Ideas – an easy way to spruce up the decor.

Here are some of our favorite Indoor Plants in Water on Shelf and Table Ideas for creating your own beautiful and functional plant display. Get ready to be inspired to take your plant decor to the next level!

Here are Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water

Indoor Plants in Water on Shelf and Table Ideas

1. Devil’s Ivy on the Kitchen Shelf

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2. Pothos Vine in Water

3. Succulents in Water Jars


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4. Tabletop Pennywort in Water Vase

5. A Pebbly Devil’s Ivy on the Shelf

6. Prayer Plant and Snake Plant in Mini Water Vases

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7. A Colorful Collection for the Shelf


8. Thick and Shiny Leaves in Test Tubes

9. Water Jars on the Shelves with Burlap and Corks

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10. Big Monstera in Little Water Jar

11. A Stunning Common Water Hyacinth on the Shelf

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12. A Small Spider Plant in a Milk Bottle

13. Spider Plant and Philodendron with a Big Leaf

14. Chinese Evergreen in Water with a Fish

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15. A Vibrant Green Devil’s Ivy

16. A Trio in Water for the Shelf Idea

17. Anthuriums of Red and White

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18. A Pair of Big and Small Plants in Water

19. Autograph Tree in Water on the Shelf

20. A Mini Spider Plant in Water

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21. Blushing Philodendron on the Shelf


22. White Oaks in Water Jars

23. A Peace Lily with Brilliant Roots

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24. Pothos Collection in Water on the Shelf


25. A Windowsill Indoor Water Plant Garden


26. Philodendron in Glass Jars with Rope


27. Devil’s Ivy on the Windowsill


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28. Yellow and Blue Hyacinth Plants in Water


29. Glass Vase on the Shelf with a Bark-piece Tower


30. An Amazing Plant in Water on Shelf Collection

31. Plants on a Wooden Tiered Shelf

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