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Can Asparagus Fern Grow in Water | Asparagus Fern Propagation

Can Asparagus Fern Grow in Water? Will it be a good idea to propagate it this way? Read ahead to get all the information!

Can Asparagus Fern Grow in Water

Can Asparagus Fern Grow in Water? If you have this question in mind and are not sure about the answer, then we are here to help you with all the details!

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Asparagus Fern Information

Despite its name, the Asparagus fern (Asparagus densiflorus) is not a true fern but a climbing, evergreen vine with spiny stems that can grow up to 20 feet long.

Its bright green, fern-like foliage, small white flowers, and dark purple berries make it a unique and attractive addition to any garden or indoor space.


Can Asparagus Fern Grow in Water?

So, Can Asparagus Fern Grow in Water? Yes, it is possible to grow asparagus fern in water; just ensure the fronds have attached roots so that they can get the needed nutrients from the water.

Provide a few hours of gentle morning sun and bright indirect light daily, and change the water regularly for the best growth.

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How to Grow Asparagus Fern in Water?

  • Select a plant section with roots and fronds while dividing.
  • Clean the roots under running water and remove any damaged or rotten parts.
  • Place the plant in a vase or glass bowl with stones or gravel to keep the roots in place.
  • Fill it with non-chlorinated water but avoid covering the upper fronds and leaves.
  • Place the fern in a spot with gentle morning sun and bright indirect light.
    Remember to change the water regularly.

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How Long Can Asparagus Fern Survive in Water?

With proper care, Asparagus Ferns can thrive in water indefinitely, but ensure they receive bright, indirect light and change the water every 4-7 days. Fronds without roots may only last 1-4 weeks in water.

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Requirements for Growing Asparagus Fern in Water


To ensure optimal growth, place asparagus fern in an area that receives bright, indirect light while avoiding direct sun exposure, particularly during the afternoon.

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Prevent algae growth by changing the water on a weekly basis and more frequently if it becomes cloudy. Occasionally add a small amount of aquarium water for extra micronutrients.

Cleaning the Container

To maintain a healthy environment for your fern, it’s important to clean the bowl or vase every 3-4 weeks. Carefully remove the plant, clean the container thoroughly, and rinse with water before placing the fern back in.


When growing asparagus ferns in water, they require minimal fertilization. During summer, feed the plant once a month with 1-2 drops of balanced liquid fertilizer every time you change the water.

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