45 Fabulous Flowers that Start with “B”

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Flowers that start with B are a little special in the botanical kingdom for their versatility and colors!

There is a remarkable number of flowers that start with B, and in this list, we have tried to include all of the beautiful blooms from native wild ones to striking tropical flowers.

Flowers that Start with B

1. Baby Blue Eyes

Botanical Name: Nemophila menziesii

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Late winter to late spring / early summer

This variety of flowering plants loves full sunlight to part shade and prefer gritty, sandy soil. Its blooms attract bees and butterflies too.

2. Bachelor’s Button

Botanical Name: Centaurea cyanus

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Late June through August

Bachelor’s Button is also famous as the Cornflower and has blue blooms that you can also use in herbal teas. it grows best in full sun.

3. Baby’s Breath

Flowers that Start with B 2

Botanical Name: Gypsophila

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Mid-summer season

Baby’s Breath is also famous as Gypsophila and blooms during summers. The plant blooms pink, or white-color flowers.

4. Balloon Flower

Botanical Name: Platycodon grandiflorus

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

Balloon flower is a small herbaceous perennial that grows well in both sunny and shaded spots. It grows star like flowers in blue-purple hue.

5. Bee Balm Flower

Flowers that Start with B 3

Botanical Name: Monarda spp.

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

The name ‘Bergamot’ of this plant is because of the the scent its leaves emit when they are crushed, which will surely remind you of Bergamot orange.

6. Bird of Paradise

Botanical Name: Strelitzia sp.

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: All Year

Bird of Paradise is a tropical evergreen plant with banana like leaves and flowers that resemble a bird in flight.

7. Bellflowers

Botanical Name: Campanula

Type: Annual, Biennial, and Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

Bellflowers bloom in blue-purple hue and are quite easy to maintain and grow. All you need is a bright spot and a small pot for these beauties.

8. Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer to frost

Begonia comes in different colors and looks stunning with its clusters of flowers. The plant grows well in bright, indirect light.

9. Black-Eyed Susan

Botanical Name: Rudbeckia hirta

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer, Fall

Black-Eyed Susans come in shades of yellow and thrive well in a wide variety of soils and loves light shade to full sunlight.

10. Bush Violet


Botanical Name: Browallia speciosa

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Fall

This shrubby nightshade flower usually blooms around summer till fall with tube-like flowers having white centers.

11. Blue Daisy Bush

Botanical Name: Felicia amelloides

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring to Autumn

As the name indicates, the Blue Marguerite Daisy bears blue-color flowers. The plant is quite easy to grow and maintain.

12. Blue Lace Flower

Botanical Name: Trachymene coerulea

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late July or early August

This pretty bloomer comes from Australia and works best in outdoor gardens and as a border plant.

13. Blanket Flower

Flowers that Start with B 7

Botanical Name: Gaillardia x Grandiflora

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer through fall

Blanket Flowers require full sunlight and grows flowers in a stunning shade of yellow and red. Use well draining soil for best growth.

14. Buckbean

Botanical Name: Menyanthes trifoliata

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring or Summer

Buckbean grows clusters of white star-shaped flowers. This wildflower is a common sight in marshes and near ponds.

15. Blazing Star

Botanical Name: Liatris spicata

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: July to August

This flowering species prefer full sunlight and can also tolerate drought-like conditions and poor soil. It grows tower like pink flowers on spikes.

16. Bluebell

Botanical Name: Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Mid-April to late May

Bluebells are one of the best flowers to attract pollinators in the garden. The towering blooms looks spectacular with the light green foliage.

17. Bleeding Heart

Botanical Name: Lamprocapnos

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

Bleeding Heart’s flowers are one of the most amazing ones you can come across! They grow one after the other and match really well with the foliage.

18. Blue-Eyed Grass

Botanical Name: Sisyrinchium

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late spring to early summer

Blue-Eyed Grass can grow up to a foot tall at maturity. The plant also works as a great border or container specimen.

19. Butterfly Bush

Flowers that Start with B 11

Botanical Name: Buddleja davidii

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: July to early September

Buddleja is also famous as Summer Lilac and grows best in bright, indirect light. The plant is also easy to maintain as a container specimen.

20. Blueweed


Botanical Name: Echium vulgare

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Early to mid-spring

It is a wildflower that you can easily grow with minimal care. The plant is also popular as Viper’s Bugloss and prefers well-draining soil and full sunlight.

21. Bluestars

Flowers that Start with B 12

Botanical Name: Amsonia

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

Bluestars can grow up to a height of 3-4 feet. It grows small flowers in sky-blue shade having pink, yellow, or white centre.

22. Bush Morning Glory

Beach Morning Glory That Grow in Sand

Botanical Name: Ipomoea leptophylla

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Early summer to the first frost of fall

The Bush Morning Glory, as the name suggests, keeps a compact growth habit and grows pink flowers in clusters. It does best in full sun.

23. Buttercup

Flowers that Start with B 13

Botanical Name: Ranunculus

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: May and lasts through August

The Buttercup looks like a living bouquet, especially if you will grow in a matching pot. A great garden and indoor specimen where it gets plenty of light.

24. Bougainvillea

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: On and off all year

If you have a sunny spot in your garden, then this vibrant and blooming vine will be more than happy to thrive. This tough plant will give you a vivid display of colors all year round!

25. Bignonia

Flowers that Start with B 16

Botanical Name: Bignonia

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late winter to early spring

The trumpet-shaped flowers come in vibrant shades of orange-red and yellow that match really well with the glossy green foliage of the plant. It is also a great vining plant.

26. Balsam

Botanical Name: Impatiens balsamina

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Late spring to frost

Balsams have beautiful red, pink, or white flowers and are really easy to grow. They also attract bees to the garden.

27. Banksia

Botanical Name: Banksia

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Fall and winter

Banksia has a rugged bark and serrated leaves, but its large flowers steal the show. These plants are also frost tolerant.

28. Beach Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa rugosa

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late spring to early summer

Beach roses are lovely pink flowers that start with “B.” They are a popular ornamental choice and also come in purple and white.

29. Bells of Ireland

Botanical Name:Moluccella laevis

Type: Annual or Biennial

Blooming Period: Mid to late summer

Bells of Ireland are native to Turkey, Syria, and the Caucasus. These plants have tall spikes covered in modified leaves called calyxes. They have tiny white flowers with a sweet smell.

30. Bergenia

Botanical Name: Bergenia crassifolia

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Early spring

Bergenia flowers have beautiful foliage and showy flowers that last 3-4 weeks. They are cone-shaped and come in shades of pink.

31. Big Flax


Botanical Name: Linum grandiflorum

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer

Big Flax flowers are saucer-shaped and have a lovely dark red/scarlet color. The plant grows 1-2 feet tall and needs humus-rich soil.

32. Bighead Knapweed

Botanical Name: Centaurea macrocephala

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

Bighead Knapweeds are a part of the sunflower family and have bright yellow flowers that bloom from July to September.

33. Billy Button

Botanical Name: Craspedia globosa

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer and fall

Billy Buttons are also called Woollyheads because the flowers are globe-shaped and look like balls of wool. They are bright yellow and last for a long time.

34. Bindweed

Botanical Name: Convolvulus arvensis

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

Bindweeds have amazing two-tone flowers with a soft pink color and white stripes. These are vine plants that grow quite quickly.

35. Bloodroot

Botanical Name: Sanguinaria canadensis

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Early spring

Bloodroots flowers are native to eastern North America and have gorgeous white flowers. It is so named because it oozes a red sap from its stems when it is cut.

36. Blood-Red Iris

Botanical Name: Iris sanguinea

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late spring to early summer

The Blood-Red Iris is also called the Japanese Iris. It has grey-green grass-like foliage and red-purple flowers with a beautiful pattern of veins.

37. Boronia

Botanical Name: Boronia

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring and Summer

Boronias are shrubs with lovely flowers in a rich pink color. They need full sun to partial shade, but you need to watch out for root rot.

38. Bouvardia

Botanical Name: Bouvardia ternifolia

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer and fall

Bauvardia flowers are prized for their trumpet-shaped blooms that give off a light fragrance. They can easily reach up to 4 feet tall.

39. Brittlebush

Botanical Name: Encelia farinosa

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer and fall

Brittlebush shrubs are common in the US and Mexico and have pretty yellow, daisy-like flowers. The foliage is also covered in white hairs to keep the plant cool.

40. Bryony

Botanical Name: Bryonia

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late spring to early summer

Bryony is a twining climber with yellow-green flowers and heart-shaped leaves. The plant also has red berries.

41. Bugleweed

Botanical Name: Lycopus virginicus

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring

Bugleweed is a part of the mint family and has tiny white or pink-tinged flower clusters. It can grow 3-4 feet tall and has foliage with prickly edges.

42. Bugloss

Botanical Name: Lycopsis arvensis

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer

Bugloss has bristly stems and leaves and is grown as an ornamental plant. But some species, like the Viper’s Bugloss, are toxic to horses and cattle.

43. Bulbophyllum


Botanical Name: Bulbophyllum

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring, early summer, or early autumn

Bulbophyllums are not like typical orchids and have long, slender petals and asymmetrical flowers. They can be yellow, green, orange, red, and even purple.

44. Bupleurum

Botanical Name: Bupleurum rotundifolium

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late spring to summer

Burpleurums are airy, light quality, and chartreuse blooms and are mostly used as fillers for bouquets. They also have a long vase life and can stay fresh for up to 10 days.

45. Burdock

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Type: Biennial

Blooming Period: Summer and fall

Burdocks are not flashy but have small, tubular, clustered flowers. Plus, the bracts on burdock flowers are hooked, which is what gives them the characteristic burrs that stick to clothing and fur.

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