70 Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Backyards

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Here are some of the best Privacy Fence Ideas for Backyard that are affordable and serve the purpose!

Have a look at some easy-to-make Privacy Fence Ideas for the Backyard to keep the prying eyes away from your garden!

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 Look at some awesome plants you can grow as fence

Privacy Fence Ideas for Backyard

1. Pallet Wood in Metal Frame

Pallet Wood fence

Take a look at this stunning privacy fence you can make with just metal poles and wooden pallets. Check out the DIY here.

Here are Plants that Look like Lucky Bamboo

2. Sleek Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence

Follow this gorgeous DIY wooden privacy fence with slim wooden pallets for a modern look. Here is the DIY.

3. Wooden Privacy Fence with Planters

Wooden Privacy Fence

Who wouldn’t want to have this lovely wooden privacy fence that has special spaces for your favorite planters? Check it out here.

4. Wooden Fence for Hanging Planters

Wooden Fence for Hanging Planters

Take pallet wood and turn it into this stunning privacy fence for your backyard, with plenty of space to hang lush plants. Here is the DIY.

5. Living Wall on Metal Fence

Living Wall on Metal Fence

Want a privacy fence without compromising the foliage? Turn an old metal fence into a privacy screen by introducing a lush vine and turning it into a living wall.

Here are Splendid Vines with Heart Shaped Leaves

6. Install a Living Wall for Privacy

Living Wall for Privacy fenceHow about making your deck more enchanting and private by installing a green wall? Here are the steps to continue.

Your Backyard Can Be the Best Hang Out Place with these DIYs

7. Wattle Fencing for Privacy

Wattle Fencing for Privacy

Get a very cost-effective and appealing look for privacy in your outdoor space with this wattle fence. Learn more about it here.

8. DIY Garden Slat WallGarden Slat Wall fencing

How about creating a slat wall for merchandising your garden pots and accessories? Check out the tutorial here.

9. Shutter Privacy Garden

Shutter Privacy GardenUsing these window shutters can be one of the most unique and distinctive privacy fence ideas for the backyard. For details, click here.

Check out these Ideas To Create Privacy Using Plants

10. Reed Roll Fencing

Reed Roll Fencing

You can also opt for reed roll fencing in your garden and backyard for a completely raw look. This Hungarian blogger here used to cover the balcony for privacy.

11. DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

Bamboo Privacy ScreenBamboo privacy screens can give a more natural and zen look to your patio or backyard deck while providing a privacy cover. Learn more here!

12. Repurposed Shutter Fence

Shutter FenceGive your backyard privacy a new look by repurposing old shutters. The how-to is here.

13. Privacy Fence From Junk

Privacy Fence From JunkThe best out-of-waste idea for your privacy fence. Check out the garden decoration with junk here.

Check out more DIY garden projects from junk items 

14. Tin Accent Wall

Tin Accent Wall

Want to give an industrial touch to your backyard? Build a tin accent wall with the help of this tutorial.

15. Lattice Privacy Wall

Lattice Privacy Wall for backyard

Building a wood lattice privacy wall has two advantages. First, it helps with privacy. Second, you can use it to hang pots and grow plants vertically. All the instructions are here.

16. Privacy Screen Hot TubPrivacy Screen fence

You must have tried an outdoor shower, but how about an outdoor hot tub? Build a privacy screen for that with the help of this DIY.

17. Patio Hideaway Screen Project

Patio Hideaway block fence

Put up a very modish look on your patio by using these wooden and aluminum hideaway screens. Check out the instructions here.

Here are DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants to Make a Statement

18. Build a Privacy Wall

Privacy Wall fence

Isn’t it a great idea to build a privacy wall with a barrier of fence panels? Learn to create it here.

19. Urban Garden Privacy Screen

Urban Garden Privacy Screen

If you’re in an urban garden, build a privacy wall that not only saves you from prying eyes but also provides you with a lot of vertical space to grow plants. Get the details here.

20. Plank Fence for a Sloping BackyardPlank Fence for a Sloping Backyard

Learn how this redwood plank fence was built to lend privacy to a sloping backyard in this DIY article from HGTV.

21. Beautiful Contemporary Fence

Contemporary Fence

This contemporary fence idea goes well with beautiful foliage plants. We found it here.

Here are Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters

22. Cedar Wood Panel Fence DIY

Cedar Wood Panel Fence DIY

Using cedar wood panels can be a great solution for building a privacy fence. Here is the DIY.

23. Privacy Fence with Vertical GardenPrivacy Fence with Vertical Garden

A straightforward and budget-friendly DIY that can enhance the look of any garden using this horizontal privacy fence, and the best part is you can hang planter pots on it. The DIY is here.

24. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen

Outdoor Privacy Screen fence

If you’re on a budget, build a privacy fence with shower curtains, bamboo poles, and zip ties. Check out the details here.

25. Modern Horizontal Fence

Horizontal Fence

Learn the interesting story behind this modern horizontal fence and how it was made here in this blog.

Here are DIY Vertical Garden Bed Ideas for Backyards & Gardens

26. DIY Privacy Fence Bamboo Look

 Privacy Fence Bamboo Look

Learn how these reed fence rolls were utilized to create a natural privacy screen in this DIY post.

27. DIY Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence 2

Check out this project if you want to build a sturdy DIY fence for your backyard that will take care of both your privacy and safety.

28. Privacy Fence for Under $300

Privacy Fence of grass

This DIY privacy fence idea for the backyard is similar to the number 21. You’ll need to buy the heaviest bamboo fence rolls and follow the directions they show here.

Check out some stunning DIY vertical succulent garden ideas 

29. Build a Gabion Fence

Gabion Fence

Learn how to build the most natural–gabion fence in your backyard with the help of this tutorial.

30. Build a Living Wall

Living Wall fence

Easy to assemble, colorful, the supply of fresh herbs near your kitchen, privacy, and whatnot? Click here to see the tutorial.

31. Wattle Fencing

Wattle Fencing

Who doesn’t prefer an ancient and sustainable fence style? Check out this easy wattle fencing DIY here.

32. Bamboo Fence Rolls

Bamboo Fence

You can cover some unattractive features or views of your garden by using these bamboo fence rolls. Check out the idea here.

Find out some fantastic DIY fence planter ideas 

33. Staining Fence

Staining Fence

A two-in-one project can be really beneficial–staining a fence not only gives it a polished look but protects it from rain and bad weather. Learn more here

34. Modern Privacy Screen

Modern Privacy Screen fence

Build this easy and contemporary style privacy screen in 8 simple steps with the help of this tutorial.

35. Project Picket Fence

Project Picket Fence

That classic-good-old American picket fence never goes out of style. Bring its charm to your backyard with the help of this DIY.

36. DIY Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

Check out this fantastic makeover of the backyard and how to make this beautiful bamboo fence here.

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37. Light Colored Wood Fence

Colored Wood Fence

Here’s a detailed video on how to make a wooden fence for your backyard with ease.

38. Build a Private Fence on Budget

Private Fence on Budget

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money making a fence for your yard, then you must check out this video.

39. Beautiful DIY Fence

Beautiful DIY Fence

Here’s a simple yet functional wire fence DYI that you can take ideas from and make a similar one for your small garden.

40. Install Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

If you are a fan of the minimalist look, then this is the fence for you! Watch the video for complete details.

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41. DIY Cedar Fence Panels with Built-in Lights

Cedar Fence Panels

These Cedar Fence Panels make for a great fence, and the built-in light arrangement adds a lot of appeal at night!

42. A Large Fence Gate

Large Fence Gate

Here’s an effective way to cover up an open area on your property using cedar panels. Details are here.

43. Horizontal Slat Fence

Horizontal Slat Fence

Here’s an appealing idea that you can use as a fence to cover up your garden using horizontal boards or planks.

44. Fence on a Slope

Fence on a Slope

If you have a sloping garden, you can use different fence styles to cover the area neatly. Here are all the details.

45. Marble Fence

Marble Fence

Transform the look of your boring wooden fence by adding glittering marbles! For details, click here.

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46. Planks and Metal Fence

Metal Fence

Add planks to metal posts to create a rustic wooden privacy fence for the backyard with this DIY.

47. Painted Wood Fence DIYPainted Wood Fence

Construct a wooden fence and turn it into a piece of art by adding dark paint. Check out the DIY here.

48. Faux Hedge DIY

Faux Hedge fence

Turn your old wooden fence into a beautiful privacy screen by adding a lightweight hedge to it. Check out the DIY here.

Check out DIY Planter with Privacy Screen Ideas

49. Modern Wood Fence

Modern Wood Fence

Here is an elegant and sleek privacy screen for the backyard that you can make using wooden slats. Learn the DIY here.

50. Bamboo CamouflageBamboo Camouflage fence

Add a bamboo camouflage to your existing metal fence to keep away prying eyes. Here is the DIY.

51. Salvaged Closet DoorsSalvaged Closet Doors using at fence

Want your backyard to stand out? Follow this DIY to make a privacy screen using salvaged closet doors.

52. DIY Shutter Screen FenceShutter Screen Fence

Have old shutters? Why not recycle them into this amazing DIY shutter privacy screen for the backyard?

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53. Fence Topper DIYFence Topper

Make your backyard secluded by creating this amazing DIY fence topper without replacing the existing one. Learn how to DIY here.

54. Metal Fence DIYMetal Fence

A bright fence for great privacy, this industrial corrugated metal fence will definitely keep prying eyes out of your backyard. Here is the DIY.

55. Square Lattice Fence DIYSquare Lattice Fence

Here is another amazing DIY to create a beautiful and private square lattice fence to add some privacy to the backyard.

56. Wooden Lattice PanelsWooden Lattice Panels

Follow this amazing DIY to create wooden lattice panels to add the best privacy to the backyard.

Here are the Best Privacy Plants That Can Become Perfect Screen for Outdoors

57. Cedar Wood Plank FenceCedar Wood Plank Fence

Here is a fun DIY to create a privacy fence using wooden slats. These sturdy cedar wood planks can be easily constructed and keep intruders out.

58. Bi-Fold Door FenceBi-Fold Door Fence

This DIY bi-fold door fence is made by combining doors of wooden closets.

59. Wood and Welded WireWood and Welded Wire

With wooden frames and welded wire, this privacy fence can be adjusted to your liking with the spacing between the wires for little privacy or more. It will also serve as a trellis for climbing plants in the backyard. Here is the DIY.

60. Recycled Wooden Pallet FenceRecycled Wooden Pallet Fence

Bored of simple wooden pallets? Follow this DIY to create a privacy fence for your backyard using recycled wooden pallets and adorning these with stunning plants or paintings.

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61. DIY Hogwire Privacy FenceHogwire Privacy Fence

Want some privacy but do not want to obstruct the airflow? Here is the DIY to create a beautiful hog wire privacy fence that gets the job done.

62. DIY Pallet FencePallet Fence

Turn your backyard into a safe space secure from prying eyes with this amazing pallet fence idea. Check out the DIY here.

63. Cheap Wooden Fence DIYCheap Wooden Fence

Here is a cheap and stunning wooden fence idea that is perfect for adding privacy to any backyard. Learn the DIY here.

64. DIY Modern Privacy FenceModern Privacy Fence

Check out this amazing privacy fence for backyards with a touch of lights that will keep your yard blooming and attractive.

Check out the Best Plants for Privacy in Florida 

65. Cheap DIY FenceCheap DIY Fence

Want to build a privacy fence without burning a hole in your pocket? Here is an inexpensive privacy fence that will get the job done. Check out the DIY here.

66. Galvanized FenceGalvanized Fence

Turn galvanized sheets into a shiny privacy fence to add a touch of beauty with function to the backyard. Learn the DIY here.

67. Log FenceLog Fence

Have a large property with plenty of wooden logs? Stack them to create a beautiful natural privacy fence for your backyard. Here is the DIY.

68. Modern Wattle DIYModern Wattle fence

Create a modern wattle privacy fence in the backyard. Learn how to make it here.

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69. Backyard Bamboo Space and Fence

Bamboo Space and Fence

Turn an old fence into a masterpiece using cheap bamboo fencing found online and pair it with an excellent sitting space. Here is the DIY.

70. Wooden Post Privacy Screen

Wooden Post privacy fence

Wooden posts, deck screws, cement mix, and a little bit of elbow grease are all you need to create these wooden post privacy screens for your backyard. Here is the complete tutorial.

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  1. A beautiful idea that blends into the landscaping is a pressure treated wood with a flat top, which then has a lattice top along the top. It lasts for decades, allows more sunshine through later in the day, and looks sweet once vines begin growing along it.


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