26 DIY Garden Privacy Ideas That Are Affordable & Incredible

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If you need privacy in your garden, the 26 DIY Garden Privacy Ideas here are worth looking at!

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1. Use Potted Plants

Growing bushy potted plants gives you the cover you need. It’s an easy way to improve privacy that also adds some foliage to your outdoor space. Get plants that spread out wide as they grow.

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2. Shutter Privacy Screen from Old Windows

Shutter Privacy Screen from Old Windows

Get old windows and doors with louvers and line them up against the fence on the side you intend to cover. The step-by-step idea is here!

3. Living Walls for Privacy

Living Walls for Privacy
Image Credit: Hometalk

Growing a living wall is a fabulous idea if you want to cover your exposed area, though a high-maintenance one. You can grow flowering plants too. Click here and here to see the tutorials!

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4. Grow Bamboos for Privacy

Growing Bamboo in pots is also possible. So leave your privacy concerns behind as they provide a well-concealed look as well as lush greenery. Here’s an informative Bamboo Growing Guide.

5. Vines for Privacy

Vines for Privacy

If you want to cover your garden fences or railings in a balcony or rooftop, vines are good options. Here’s a helpful article on Gardening Know How to read!

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6. Bamboo Screens for Privacy

Bamboo screens become a great screening wall that restricts those prying eyes from peeping into your property. You can either buy or DIY them, not difficult. See the tutorial here!

7. Privacy Wall made from Wood Lattice

Privacy Wall made from Wood Lattice

This wall is easy to make and has the benefit of making your patio prettier and more private. Add flower pots or small herb planters to hang on the lattice to make it look more appealing. Click here to watch the tutorial video!

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8. A DIY Slat Wall

A slat wall isn’t too complicated to make, nor costly. What’s more, you can hang pots on it and grow plants vertically. DIY post is available here!

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9. The Tin Wall Privacy Screen

You can put the tin in the area you intend to cover, this will also provide an industrial look to your space. Dress it up and see how much it transforms your outdoor space. Visit Crafty Texas Girl to understand the idea in detail.

10. Grow Tall Ornamental Grasses

This idea is most suitable for city dwellers. Have large galvanized pots with long grass planted to cover the exposed area.

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11. Wattle Privacy Screen

Use twigs and branches to make this privacy screen. The screens can be moved around in the backyard, so you don’t have to build them overly broad. Visit the Apartment Therapy to see more of it!

12. Privacy Curtains

The curtains are quick and classy, as well as a convenient option to try. They cover the space well and can be removed anytime. See the idea in detail here.

13. Vertical Garden Privacy Screen

Vertical Garden Privacy Screen

This idea is unique, works for almost every place, and serves its purpose well. A great way to add more planting space as well. Visit One Man’s Garden to know more!

14. Use Repurposed Old Doors


If you have access to old doors (you can find a few unused ones from workshops), create a privacy screen from them. Click here and here to learn more about the idea!

15. DIY Slat Screen

DIY Slat Screen

If you have a minimalist house, this is what you need. The slatted screen covers the small area entirely and seems like part of the house. We found the tutorial at The Brick House.

16. Fabric Privacy Screen

It’s another privacy screen idea to try, but only if you’ve some carpentry skills. Visit the Diy Network to learn the DIY.

17. Use Wine Bottles to Make a Privacy Screen

Use empty wine bottles to try this unique idea. You’ll get the beautiful colored shadows during sunshine, light filtering through this incredible privacy screen. Watch the tutorial video here!

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18. Use Jeans to Create Privacy

DIY Jeans Ideas

An eye-catchy idea, which is bizarre too. Line the inside of the jeans with a plastic bag and then fill them up with soil and use a fence or metal rod to provide support and place them closely. The DIY is available here.

19. Wood and Aluminum Privacy Screen

Wood and Aluminum Privacy Screen

The wooden frame holds the aluminum sheets in place. Your creativity in undertaking this project determines what the outcome is; it will look great no matter how you choose to do it. Lowe’s.com has the tutorial of it!

20. Wooden Privacy Screen with the Chevron Logo Design

Wooden Privacy Screen with the Chevron Logo Design

It’s a wooden privacy wall but with a creative twist to it. Easy to build, and you’ll notice the beauty of it once you complete this DIY project.

21. Use Faux Hedges

You can enjoy having a green fence that you don’t need to maintain. Simply get some faux boxwood hedges, and you are good to go with them.

22. Curtain Privacy Screens

The curtains can match the color of the furniture, outdoors or indoors. Use them to create privacy.

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23. Freestanding PVC Pipe and Curtain Privacy Screen

Find PVC pipes and bedsheets to make this simple privacy screen. The movable screen can be used in different areas of your outdoor space and looks appealing and straightforward at the same time. Visit HGTV.com to see the tutorial!

24. Repurposed Shutters

Repurposed Shutters

Either leave them as they were or paint them and line the shutters across the area you want to cover, and that’s it.

25. Pallet Fences

If you enjoy working with pallets, then this is the kind of DIY you’d like to do to improve your privacy. We found this idea here! You can learn more about it at The Inspired Room.

26. Chicken Wire Privacy Fence

A simple and quick way to get things done. Just use chicken wires to fence the desired area and plant climbers or use twigs or something else to cover it, and that’s it.

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If you need privacy in your garden, the 26 DIY Garden Privacy Ideas here are worth looking at!

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  1. I really like how you shared your ideas for use of screens for garden privacy. This is a great idea because my wife and I have wanted more privacy in our garden and needed a solution for that. We’ll have to buy some screens and set them up so that we can have some more privacy while still keeping some airflow around our garden.

  2. I like these ideas! I especially like the hinged doors and shutters. Also, the bamboo and fabric shades. The jeans cracked me up!

  3. In this gently winding side-garden path, 24 x 36 bluestone steppers sit atop a bed of stone dust. Plantings soften the path; the curves help to spark curiosity about the area that lies beyond.


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