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19 Aloe Vera Indoor Decor Ideas You Should See

These Aloe Vera Indoor Decor Ideas will give you an idea of how to stylize your home with this famous medicinal houseplant.

Aloe Vera is not just a medicinal plant, you can also grow it indoors to improve your interior. Apart from offering myriads of health benefits, this amazing succulent can tolerate low light, dry soil, and neglect.

Not to mention the fact, it is one of the most popular houseplants, which also purifies indoor air. Just make sure that you keep it at a spot in your home that receives bright indirect and some direct morning sun.

Learn how to maintain the best Aloe plant here

Aloe Vera Indoor Decor Ideas

1. Illuminated Aloe Vera

2. In a Rope Wrapped Pot

3. Aloe Love!

4. Aloe, Candle, and Colorful Wall

5. Aloe Home Improvement Accessory

6. Aloe With a Name

7. Aloe Vera Family

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Major Aloe Vera repot last Sunday! 🌵⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ My amazing boyfriend stayed up with me till 1am, repotting a super crammed pot full of aloes. It was so cramped in there that the big aloes made holes in each other from the sharp bits growing against the other’s fleshy bits. I snagged the beat-up, cracked pot for a few bucks from another gardener (see last pic.).⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I brought it home in a cab and it basically spanned the entire back seat, was touching the roof, protruding to the front side & being smushed against the back seat, trying to get further. Although it was cheap, it was a lot of work. Not only was it really heavy and pokey in every direction and dripping aloin everywhere I carried it (there was an open wound I hadn’t noticed), it also had spiders, ants & snails! First order of business when it arrived home: removing snails & spiders, then trying to get rid of the ants. I also gave them a bit of a trim (see prev. post) & cleaned up any dead/damaged foliage before giving it a good coating of neem oil. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ From the pictures, I’d guessed there were 5 pups -and I was right! I’m gifting my grandma the smaller adult aloe and i’m hoping to rehome these babies through selling/trading. It felt like we were surgeons helping a mama (or two mamas) give birth. When the root ball first slid out, it stank. Badly. The soil also looked possibly a little moisture-retentive so we amended the substrate. After teasing out the roots, removing any dead ones and separating every aloe from each other, we repotted the parent plants with a mixture of garden soil + pumice + zeolite.⁣⁣ ⁣ #Repotting⁣ #RepottingPlants #RepotWithMe #AloeVeraPlants #SucculentBabies #AloePups #GardenTherapy #PlantSales #PlantSwapping #AloeVeraBarbadensis

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8. In a Face-Shaped Planter

9. Multiplying Aloes

10. Aloe Vera for Bathroom Decor

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Evening all, our house is always so chaotic so I've tried to keep the vibes in the bathroom calm and tranquil which is why I bought these plants and Mr Buddha…I've even lit the candles tonight! I'm starting to buy lots of candles for the house, I just find they make the room so much more cosy 💛🧡💛🧡 . . . . #home #homedecor #homesweethome #calm #bathroom #buddha #sheffield #bathroomdesign #bathroomdecor #homeliving #homeinteriors #iloveplants #sheffieldissuper #houseplantsmakemehappy #lovecandles #bathroomdecoration #bathroomsofinsta #buddhahead #caringtoshareyourfeed #bathroominteriors #bathroomplants #ilovehouseplants #myhomesanctuary #beautifulhomesfeature #classydecorstyles #aloeveraplants #whitedecor #greydecor #porcelanosa

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11. Aloe Vera Babyboom!

12. Aloe on Vintage Audio Player

Check out more vintage indoor planter ideas here

13. Coffee with Aloes

14. Aloe Ha!

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ALOE-HA! Look at this pretty aloe vera!! I actually dropped her a couple days ago off my window sill and a piece of her broke… but it’s all good!! I cut open the broken leaf and used the aloe as a face mask, super refreshing! I got this one at my local home dept. store and the pot is super old! I actually found it in the target dollar section a couple years ago! I love aloe vera because it cleanses the air and once it’s grown big enough, you can use it! I highly suggest this plant to beginner plant moms & dads! They are super easy to take care of and grow really fast and really well! 🌿🌿🌿 . . . #bohostyle #boho #aloevera #aloeveraplant #aloeveraplants #plantsofinstagram #plantsofig #roomdecor #aesthetics #aestheticboho #farmhouse #macrame #macramewallhanging #macramemirror #macramelove #aloeveralove #aloeveraforever

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15. Aloe With a View in Pakistan

16. Aloes in Cool Planters

17. Aloe-to-the-World

18. Aloe Decor

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Full moon black planter 🌒with Aloe Vera 🌱 Aloe Vera is typically found outdoors, but you would be surprised to know it is equally happy grown in a pot inside. A slow growing plant, It is actually great grown on a window sill or shelves. It is an easy plant to care for and is known for its healing and air purification properties. 🌿🌱☘️ Dimensions : H: 7” W: 6” Height with plant: 13 “ Price : 1000 Rs Bookends @creohome Painting @bin.qalandar #plantsasairpurifiers #houseplantsofinstagram #indoorplants #indoorgarden #indoorplantsdecor #succulents #urbanjungle #houseplantsclub #plantsinkarachi #aloevera #indooraloevera #aloevera #plantsinkarachi #aloeveraplant #indooralovera

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19. A Beautiful Pot & Stand Combo


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