32 Different Ways to Grow Wandering Dude Indoors

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Here are 32 Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors to enhance the beauty of its colorful foliage. Try one of these soon!

We’ve got many Different Ways to Grow Wandering Dude Indoors so you can enjoy their variegated leaves of purples, greens, silvers, and pinks in any corner of your home.

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1. Keep it On Plant Stands

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors 1

Opt for a plant stand where you can keep the plant in a pot to make it like a colorful and small room centerpiece.

2. Try DIY Planters

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew

Use DIY planters to give the plant a more personalized appearance.

3. Do Not Miss Basket Planters

 Grow Wandering Jew in hanging basket

A woven basket can lend a rustic appeal to your plant’s setting.

Learn everything about caring for the Wandering Jew plant here

4. Try Self-Watering Pots

Grow Wandering Jew Indoors in self watering pot

Maintain optimal moisture levels effortlessly with self-watering pots.

5. Use Stubby Planters

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors 2

Use a stubby planter for a minimalist look and showcase it anywhere you like.

6. Go For Macramé Hangers

Grow Wandering Jew Indoors in ceiling

Macramé hangers allow the vines to drape elegantly, providing a boho-chic feel.

7. Hang the Plant from the Ceiling

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors 3

Secure ceiling hooks to dangle the plant pots at various heights.

Check out the best wandering jew varieties here

8. Hang the Plant Near a Window

Grow Wandering Jew on window

Utilize window mounts to let the plant receive maximum sunlight.

9. Go For Tiered Hanging Pots

 Grow Wandering Jew on tiered hanging pot

Multiple-tier baskets allow you to hang more than one plant, creating a lush appearance.

10. Hang the Pot on a Hook

Grow Wandering Jew Indoors gate

Hang the plant over doors using special hooks for an unexpected display.

11. Keep it On Floating Shelves

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors 3

Place the plant on floating shelves along the wall, allowing the vines to trail down.

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12. Keep its Pot on a Bookshelf

Grow Wandering Jew Indoors on a bookshelf

Integrate the plant into a bookshelf for a burst of natural color among your books.

13. As a Coffee Table Centerpiece

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors 4

Make the plant as centerpiece of your coffee table for a vibrant focus point.

14. Keep it Near a Table on a Tall Stool

Grow Wandering Jew Indoors on a tall stool

Set the plant on a tall stool near a side table next to your sofa or bed for easy admiration.

15. Hang it on a Shower

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew in a Bathroom Shower

Brighten up your bathroom by placing the plant on the shower or keep it in a corner.

16. Display it in Quirky Containers

Grow Wandering Jew in a quirky pot

Use face containers or any other quirky pot of your choice to make the plant stand out!

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17. Keep the Plant on a Tall Chair and Let it ‘Flow’ Down!

Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors 5

A tall chair in the living room or in patio is a super cool way to showcase its dangling stems and foliage!

18. Grow it in a Window Box

Grow Wandering Jew on a window box

The colorful and trailing leaves of the plant will add to curb appeal of the home when you grow it in a window box.

19. Grow it in Water

Grow Wandering Jew in water

A clear vase filled with water will make the pretty foliage of this plant take center stage. We have a great article on it here.

20. Hydroponic Jar

Grow Wandering Jew in a hydrophonic jar

You can easily find hydroponic jars online; if you don’t, do make one yourself.

21. Test Tubes

Grow Wandering Jew in test tubes

You can also grow individual Wandering Jew cuttings in test tubes.

22. DIY Mannequin Planter

Grow Wandering Jew in mannequin

The idea isn’t to copy this one but to find a quirky thing in your home and upcycle it.

23. Hang Them Outside

Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors 6

The bright light will surely make the colors pop. What you’re seeing is Tradescantia Nanouk and Tradescantia Zebrina.

24. Make a Natural Curtain

Grow Wandering Jew as natural curtain

What better way to adorn the windows than this natural plant curtain? We found the idea here.

25. Mini Wandering Jew Tree

Ways to Grow Wandering Jew combo

Get a plant stand and pair up different wandering jew varieties for a colorful tree display.

26. Hang it on the Window

Grow Wandering Jew as window certain

If your plant has grown a bit, you can hang it near a window. A northeast window would be perfect.

27. Create a Colorful Shelf Display

Ways to Grow Wandering Jew as shelf display

The vines trailing down and reaching the ceiling at the same time will create a stunning display.

28. A Cutting Trio

Grow Wandering Jew in a cutting trio

Test tubes are great at another thing – growing wandering jew cuttings.

29. Grow it in a Railing Hanger

Ways to Grow Wandering Jew in a railing hanger

What a great idea to save space! Don’t forget to pair it up. What you’re seeing is Turtle Vine, Wandering Jew, and Purple Heart.

30. Keep it on the Top Shelf

Grow Wandering Jew in a shelf

Keep the pot on the top shelf. In time, it will create a dense, trailing display.

31. Root it in a Test Tube

Grow Wandering Jew in a test tube

Test tubes are great for rooting these plants and help keep track of growth.

32. Near a South Facing Window

Ways to Grow Wandering Jew in a south facing window

SaltMill grew this one in a wide planter near a south-facing window, and here’s the result.

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