14 Beautiful Pink Anthurium Varieties

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Pink Anthurium Varieties – though they are not common as other colors, they do stand out with their elegant hue!

 From soft blushes to bold magentas, these plants captivate with their heart-shaped leaves and long-lasting, lustrous blooms. Eager to add a pop of pink to your indoor garden or looking to make a striking statement in your floral arrangements? Read on to discover the must-have Pink Anthurium Varieties!

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Beautiful Pink Anthurium Varieties

Some of the plants in this list may not be pure pink and may include a touch of red in the hue. 

1. Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance

Pink Anthurium Varieties 1

The Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance is like royalty with its delicate pink blooms. The petals transition from soft pink to deeper tones, resembling a beautiful gradient, while the shiny dark green leaves add to their charm.

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2. Anthurium Peach

Beautiful Pink Anthurium Varieties

These Pink Anthurium Varieties are rare and exquisite that showcase delicate pink hues similar to the precious pearls. The subtle and shiny shades of pink in its spathe evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication.

3. Anthurium Kerrich Rose Blush

best Pink Anthurium Varieties 3

These pink anthurium varieties grace your space with a blush of romantic pink blooms that evoke feelings of tenderness and affection. The soft and rosy hues in the spathe create a sense of warmth and intimacy.

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4. Anthurium Obake

lovely Beautiful Pink Anthurium Varieties

The leaves of these Pink Anthurium Varieties are quite large than what you expect from the plants in this genus! They display a captivating blend of pink and green hues, resembling a beautiful watercolor painting.

5. Anthurium Zizou

Gorgeous Pink Anthurium Types

Anthurium Zizou is a tropical beauty that boasts large, glossy leaves and stunning pink blooms. Its vibrant foliage adds a tropical flair to gardens and landscapes, making it a popular choice for ornamental purposes.

6. Anthurium Livium Red

best Gorgeous Pink Anthurium Types

With an eye-catching appearance and vibrant white blooms adorned with pink and red strokes that steal the spotlight, Anthurium Livium Red, a member of the Andreanum group, is an ideal choice for decorative arrangements and special occasions.

7. Anthurium Jambo Sweet

Stunning Pink Anthurium Types
Bloom Youngplants Mexico

Anthurium Jambo Sweet showcases soft pink spathes with a hint of peachy undertones. These Pink Anthurium Varieties symbolize love and tenderness, making them a heartfelt gift for expressing affection and admiration.

8. Anthurium Special Love

Amazing Stunning Pink Anthurium Types

Anthurium Special Love is a symbol of affection and devotion with its amazing white blooms with pink edges becoming darker toward the tip, giving it a gorgeous look.

9. Anthurium Arisa Pink

Gorgeous Varieties of Pink Anthurium

Want something with a stunning presence? Anthurium Arisa Pink boasts delicate pink spathes with a subtle touch of blush that complements its amazing green foliage, perfect for every corner of your home.

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10. Anthurium Colorado

lovely Gorgeous Varieties of Pink Anthurium

The ‘Colorado’ stands out with its bold and vibrant pink spathes. These Pink Anthurium Varieties are a true attention-grabber, making a statement in gardens and landscapes. Its striking color and tropical allure transform indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

11. Anthurium California

exquisite varieties of pink anthurium

Anthurium California is among the most amazing pink anthurium varieties, with its soft pink spathes that exude a sense of tranquility. Its gentle color palette and graceful appearance make it a favorite choice for indoor decor.

12. Anthurium Lilli

beautiful varieties of pink anthurium

Anthurium Lilli is another charming variety with petite white and pink spathes that capture the essence of innocence and purity. Its dainty flowers and glossy leaves create a delightful visual contrast, making it a popular choice for tabletop arrangements.

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13. Anthurium Joli Peach

Stunning Pink Anthurium Varieties

We can’t skip the Joli Peach when talking about pink anthuriums. It showcases lovely peach and white colored spathes with hints of pink, making it a popular choice for event decor and floral designs.

14. Anthurium Royal Pink Champion

best Stunning Pink Anthurium Varieties

These Pink Anthurium Varieties stand out for their majestic presence and vibrant pink spathes. Their intense color and glossy texture make it a standout choice for grand events and formal occasions.

Note: While pink anthurium varieties are visually captivating, they contain toxic compounds. It’s essential to keep them away from children and pets, ensuring they are placed in areas where they cannot be accidentally ingested. Proper handling and care are necessary to enjoy their beauty safely.

Pink Anthurium Varieties – FAQs

1. How do I care for a pink Anthurium plant?

Pink Anthuriums generally require well-draining soil, moderate sunlight, and high humidity. Water the plant when the top inch of the soil feels dry and provide indirect light for optimal growth. Fertilizing every 6-8 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer can also benefit the plant.

2. Are Pink Anthurium Varieties natural or dyed?

While there are naturally occurring pink Anthurium varieties, be cautious when purchasing, as some may be artificially dyed. Always buy from reputable nurseries or sellers to ensure you’re getting a naturally pink variety.

3. How often do pink Anthuriums bloom?

With proper care, pink Anthuriums can bloom multiple times a year, often lasting up to 8 weeks per blooming cycle. The exact frequency can vary depending on the specific variety and growing conditions.

4. Can pink Anthuriums thrive in low-light conditions?

While they can tolerate low light, pink Anthuriums prefer bright, indirect light for optimal growth and blooming. Prolonged exposure to low-light conditions may lead to fewer and smaller blooms.

5. Are Pink Anthurium Varieties safe for pets?

No, Anthuriums, including pink varieties, are toxic to pets like cats and dogs. Ingesting the plant can lead to symptoms like oral irritation, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing.

6. Can I propagate pink Anthuriums?

Yes, pink Anthuriums can be propagated through division or stem cuttings, usually during the spring or early summer when the plant is most actively growing.

7. What type of soil is best for pink Anthuriums?

A well-draining soil mix with organic matter, such as a mix of peat moss, pine bark, and perlite, works well for Anthuriums.

8. How often should I repot my pink Anthurium?

Generally, it’s a good idea to repot every 2-3 years or when the plant becomes root-bound. However, some varieties may have different requirements.

9. Where can I buy Pink Anthurium Varieties?

Pink Anthuriums are usually available at well-stocked nurseries, garden centers, and specialized online retailers.

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