43 Fanciest Anthurium Types You Can Grow

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Famous for fantastic patterned foliage and shade-loving nature, these Fanciest Anthurium Types will add a lot of appeal to your home or garden!

With bold colors, large leaves, and unmistakable patterns, anthuriums have a certain charm about them that never goes unnoticed. Here are the most Fanciest Anthuriums Types you can grow for that tropical jungle look!

Here’s all you need to know about growing Anthuriums

Fanciest Anthuriums Types

1. Anthurium Ace of Spades

Botanical Name: Anthurium crystallinum

This fancy evergreen anthurium variety offers large, fuzzy, heart-shaped elongated green leaves that can grow up to 1-2 feet across, patterned in beautiful white veins.

2. Flamingo Flower


Botanical Name: Anthurium scherzerianum

This species shows off large, shiny, lance-shaped leaves with narrow tips. Its waxy, red flowers are flat bracts that curl downward.

3. Velvet Cardboard Anthurium

Fanciest Anthuriums 2

Botanical Name: Anthurium clarinervium

Velvet cardboard anthurium has striking oval, heart-shaped leathery deep green leaves with thick white veins.

4. Painter’s Palette

Botanical Name: Anthurium andreanum

This species has plastic-like, waxy, shiny, red spathes with contrasting heart-shaped deep green leaves. Some cultivars offer pink, orange, purple, or white spathes.

5. King Anthurium

Fanciest Anthuriums 3

Botanical Name: Anthurium veitchii

This flowering tropical plant has huge thick, leathery, glossy, green foliage up to a foot long indoors and dangles down beautifully over the rims of the pot.

6. Queen Anthurium


Botanical Name: Anthurium warocqueanum

It features large, lance-shaped dark-green thick, velvety leaves designed in silver-white prominent veins. In favorable growing conditions, it can grow up to 4-6 feet tall.

7. Forgetii

Fanciest Anthuriums 4

Botanical Name: Anthurium forgetii

Native to Columbia, this houseplant has ovate rather than heart-shaped leaves. The large dark-green velvety foliage has lustrous stains that give them a shiny look.

8. Bird’s Nest Anthurium

Botanical Name: Anthurium hookeri

‘Bird’s Nest’ displays glossy elongated green leaves resembling a huge spoon, designed in small dots. It blooms in long purple erect spikes.

9. Black Anthurium



Botanical Name: Anthurium watermaliense

This distinct variety has black bracts that are dark purple in reality. The dark glossy green leaves contrast beautifully with deep chocolate-colored bracts and blooms.

10. Vittarifolium

Botanical Name: Anthurium vittarifolium

It’s a strap-leaf anthurium; the dangling fuzzy deep green leaves with yellow marks are long and thin. It flowers in red blooms.

11. Big Red Bird Anthurium

Fanciest Anthuriums 6

Botanical Name: Anthurium sect. pachyneurium

It features long, broad foliage with wavy edges and short stems. The leaves turn red in bright light or cool climates hence the name.

12. Magnificum


Botanical Name: Anthurium magnificum

The heart-shaped large green leaves have pronounced cream-white veins have a velvety texture. Its new growth has brown-burgundy tones before they turn green.

13. Pendulifolium

Botanical Name: Anthurium pendulifolium

The pendulous foliage gives this species its botanical name. It has long, dangling, green leaves that look beautiful in hanging baskets.

14. Pearl Laceleaf


Botanical Name: Anthurium scandens

It is a climbing vine variety from Southern Mexico and Brazil and has matte green, oval to lance-shaped foliage. The fruits on this anthurium appear like a cluster of white pearls, hence the name.

15. Tulip Anthurium


Botanical Name: Anthurium amnicola

Tulip anthuriums are compact and make for a perfect indoor specimen due to ease of care. The popular cultivars are – ‘White Lady’, ‘Lilli,’ and ‘Lumina.’

16. Superbum

Botanical Name: Anthurium superbum

This exotic foliage variety has round, broad, textured green leaves with mahogany-hued undersides. It is one of the best fanciest anthuriums you can grow indoors.

17. Radicans

Fanciest Anthuriums 9

Botanical Name: Anthurium radicans

This creeping variety has deeply furrowed leaves with an elegant ‘pebble’ surface. A popular hybrid ‘Dressleri’ is fungal resistant.

18. Anthurium Fingers


Botanical Name: Anthurium pedatoradiatum

Anthurium Pedatoradiatum is a terrestrial species with heart-shaped leaves that subdivides into long lobes with time. Mature leaves develop 10-15 ‘fingers.’

19. Giant Paddle Leaf Anthurium

Fanciest Anthuriums 10

Botanical Name: Anthurium coriaceum

Anthurium Coriaceum is a Brazilian bird-nest variety and displays delicately patterned, paddle-shaped, deep green velvety leaves.

20. Faustino’s Giant

Botanical Name: Anthurium faustomirandae

This Mexican cultivar has been named the ‘largest anthurium in the world’. It produces broad, rich green leaves with blue tones. Each leaf has unique lobes and a firm feel.

21. Salgarense

Fanciest Anthuriums 11

Botanical Name: Anthurium salgarense

The huge, emerald green and heart-shaped leaves of this plant show off clean, outline texture and open cavity.

22. Bonplandii


Botanical Name: Anthurium bonplandii

It’s a compact bird-nest epiphyte with thick, rubber-like foliage. The new growth has a deep purple hue and turns green with maturity.

23. Pheasants Tail Anthurium

Fanciest Anthuriums 12

Botanical Name: Anthurium schlechtendalii

This anthurium has long, plume-like, thin, green, ruffled foliage. The new growth develops with a mirror-like surface that reflects light.

24. Cardboard Plant


Botanical Name: Anthurium jenmanii

This variety stands out with large upright, stiff, thick, green leaves. Given proper light, it can be a great tabletop plant.

25. Bullatus

Fanciest Anthuriums 13

Botanical Name: Anthurium bullatus

It is a trending variety. The plant’s new leaves emerge oval and elongated, taking an unusual hourglass shape with pronounced lobes.

26. Clavigerum



Botanical Name: Anthurium clavigerum

It’s one of the largest and loved climbing varieties with fingerlike leaves. Every green leaf is quite varying and has wavy margins with a riffled-textured.

27. Splendidum

Fanciest Anthuriums 14

Botanical Name: Anthurium splendidum

This mind-blowing species is a perfect example of bizarre yet attractive foliage. The individual leaves are big in size with a crinkled pattern.

28. Crystal Hope Anthurium


Botanical Name: Anthurium crystallinum ‘Dorayaki’

This hybrid variety offers soft, velvety, thick, round foliage with a silver sheen. It is a great choice for small to medium-sized pots.

29. Luxurians

Fanciest Anthuriums 15

Botanical Name: Anthurium luxurians

It offers quilt-like furrowed, textured, shiny, dark green leaves that look glazed. Like its name, the plant truly looks luxurious making it one of the fanciest anthuriums you can grow!

30. Corrugatum



Botanical Name: Anthurium corrugatum

This wonderful species features densely pronounced veins with a heavy bubbled texture that appear like corrugation. The undersides of the foliage are pale and covered with powdery hair.

31. Villenoarum

Fanciest Anthuriums 16

Botanical Name: Anthurium villenoarum

The light-green leaves of this variety are large, stiff, velvety, patterned in stunning white veins. The foliage slants outward from the central stem with triangular petioles.

32. Rotundistigmatum

Botanical Name: Anthurium rotundistigmatum

It’s an epiphytic species with large, triangular, and light green leaves with wide lobes. The upright petioles have purple tones near the base.

33. Friedrichsthalii

Fanciest Anthuriums 17

Botanical Name: Anthurium friedrichsthalii

The strap-like, pendant foliage of this anthurium stays small and offers blue-green, narrow, thick leaves with an elevated central vein and medium-sized petioles.

34. Podophyllum


Botanical Name: Anthurium ‘Podophyllum’

This anthurium produces fascinating and bizarre blue-green foliage in a webbed form that divides with maturity.

35. Metallicum

Fanciest Anthuriums 18

Botanical Name: Anthurium metallicum

It is a rare variety with shield-shaped, broad velvety leaves. The plant grows up to 3-4 feet long patterned in deep, bright veins on a glowing surface.

36. Rugulosum

Botanical Name: Anthurium rugulosum

The deeply textured leaves of this red-line endangered Ecuadorian epiphyte. The rich deep green foliage is deeply lined with several creases and a leathery surface.

37. Regale

Fanciest Anthuriums 19

Botanical Name: Anthurium ‘Regale’

This bright-veined species offer giant heart-shaped green foliage with white veins shining outward from the central line. The leaves grow up to 2-4 feet long, making it one of the largest existing anthuriums.

38. Wendlingeri


Botanical Name: Anthurium wendlingeri

This is one of the huge anthuriums with spectacular pendant leaves and long corkscrew spadix. The leaves are long or short, skinny or fat, uniform or textured – no two plants are exactly similar!

39. Marmoratum

Fanciest Anthuriums 20

Botanical Name: Anthurium marmoratum

This variety has elongated, lance-shaped, narrow velvety, green leaves with distinct, soft veins. It looks great as a corner houseplant.

40. Balaoanum

Botanical Name: Anthurium balaoanum

This climbing variety offers heartleaf-shaped, leathery, paper-thin, light green leaves with an arching space between lobes.

41. Butterfly Anthurium

Fanciest Anthuriums 21

Botanical Name: Anthurium papillilaminum

The beautifully veined, heart-shaped grey-green leaves have a red tinge, while the new growth has a gorgeous violet-red hue.

42. Ovatifolium


Botanical Name: Anthurium ovatifolium

This rare variety features finely inscribed veins on oval, rich dark green leaves. It beautifully contrasts to other broadleaf anthuriums.

43. Cutucuense


Botanical Name: Anthurium cutucuense

This distinct and exceptional variety has many categories with fingerlike triangular shapes, bubbled bullate texture, narrow straplike leaves, and pendant growth.

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