13 Flowers That Will Amp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Here are some amazing flowers that will make your house stand out, enhancing its curb appeal to new heights!

If you showcase plants the right way around your house, they can make it look a million bucks! Flowers can be a great pick for this, and we have some amazing ones to do the job for you!

Flowers That Will Amp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Hydrangeas

flowers that will make your house stand out

Scientific name: Hydrangea

With their white, bright pink, and blue flowers, Hydrangeas are perfect for softening the edges of your traditional suburban curb. They thrive in slightly shaded areas, which makes planting them on the front entrance a perfect choice.

If you are going for blue Hydrangeas, amend the soil with compost to increase acidity so that they stay healthy and full of color.

2. Petunias

plants that make your home attractive 2

Scientific name: Petunia

If you are a busy gardener, pick petunias for their low-maintenance nature. You can use these in hanging baskets on the front porch, where their hues contrast beautifully against neutral exteriors, making your house stand out!

3. Sunflowers

flowers that will make your house stand out 2

Scientific name: Helianthus annuus

Sunflower’s large blooms will look beautiful along the curb of your house, where you can grow them in raised flower beds. Their sunny blooms reflect the fun summertime and give your home a country-style touch.

These grow nicely in well-drained soils, and you can also provide support to taller varieties to prevent them from toppling over in windy conditions.

4. Roses

Amazing roses Flowers for Home's Curb Appeal

Scientific name: Rosa

You can let the roses climb up trellises near the front entrance, where they add a colorful touch to your curb with ease. What better impression can there be when your guests enjoy the fragrance of these blooms?

If you want to decorate your curb with potted roses, plant miniature rose varieties in well-draining soil on the sunny side of your home.

5. Marigolds

flowers that will make your house stand out 6

Scientific name: Tagetes

Are you looking for low-maintenance yet stunning curb appeal? If so, Marigolds, with their yellow, orange, and red flowers, are excellent choices. Plant them in your garden beds or pots near the front door, and see how they instantly elevate your home’s exterior!

6. Dahlias

Amp Up Your Home's Curb Appeal by dahillias

Scientific name: Dahlia

If you plant dahlias in flower beds or large containers, they will add a variety of colors and forms to your curb settings. Thanks to their diverse forms, these can be versatile focal points in both traditional and modern home settings.

7. Daisies

flowers that will make your house stand out 9

Scientific name: Bellis perennis

These perennials have white or pink petals that will add an elegant charm to the front landscape of any home. Daisies grow best in the mix of sun and shade, which makes them a good choice for dappled yards, too!

8. Geraniums

Amazing Flowers for Home's Curb Appeal

Scientific name: Geranium

They are perfect for window boxes, hanging baskets, or garden beds, where they give you multiple options to decorate your curb and invite butterflies and bees. Place them in a south or west-facing window because they need as much direct sun as possible.

9. Lavender

flowers that will make your house stand out 11

Scientific name: Lavandula

Plant lavender along walkways or in containers and see how it enhances the overall appeal of your house! Its soothing aroma and beautiful purple or blue flowers create a serene and inviting atmosphere.

10. Allium

outdoor plants that draw everyone's attention 2

Scientific name: Allium

Alliums bloom from late spring to early summer and require minimal maintenance/ Their architectural blooms add vertical interest and texture to your curb. Ensure that you keep the soil moist while the bulbs are actively growing.

11. Sea Holly

Amp Up Your Home's Curb Appeal by sea holly

Scientific name: Eryngium

Its ability to thrive in harsh conditions makes it a resilient choice for enhancing the rugged beauty of coastal curbs. To mimic these plants’ natural coastal habitat and encourage robust growth, ensure that you provide ample sunlight and well-draining soil.

12. Hibiscus

Beautiful Flowers for Home's Curb Appeal

Hibiscus are tropical plants with large, colorful blooms that will instantly grab attention to your curb with their bold statement. You can place them strategically near entrances or in prominent garden beds to create a focal point full of colors!

13. Bougainvillea

Flowers That Will Amp Up Your Home's Curb Appeal

Known for its papery flowers and sprawling growth habit, bougainvillea is perfect for adding a unique visual impact to your curb. You can plant them along fences, trellises, or walls, where their vigorous growth and drought tolerance will make them thrive effortlessly!

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