75 Modern Garden Edging Ideas

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Transform your garden into a stylish outdoor oasis with our curated list of the best Modern Garden Edging Ideas!

Tired of the same old dull garden edging that just blends into the background? It’s time to ditch the plain and bring in the modern! Get ready to be inspired with some fresh and innovative Modern Garden Edging Ideas that will make your outdoor space pop. From sleek metal borders to unique wooden designs, these modern garden edging ideas will elevate your garden to the next level!

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Modern Garden Edging Ideas

1. Terracotta Pipes

Look how amazing this edge of terracotta pipes looks around the flower bed. Learn how to DIY here.

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2. Recycled Bottle Edge

Put glass bottles to good use and create a stunning edge for your garden with this DIY here.

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3. Edging with Woven Branches

Have multiple branches? Follow this DIY to create a gorgeous woven branching edge for your garden.

4. DIY Timbers Edge

Who knew you could use landscape timbers to create a modern and sturdy edge for the garden? Learn how to DIY here.

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5. Seashell Edge

This amazing seashell edging idea is one that people would fight over to get the perfect and unique garden. Here is the DIY.

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6. Metal Tubes

Metal Tubes filled with gravel and succulents for edging are a timeless classic. Check out the DIY here.

7. Metal Wall Garden Edging

Follow this DIY to create a metal garden edging that is strong and durable and will make your plants stand out.

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8. DIY Rock Edge

Rocks are a great option to create an edge and landscape in your garden. Learn how to DIY here.

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9. Concrete Edging

Want something robust that blends with modern architecture? Check out this amazing concrete edging DIY you can do yourself.

10. Water Hoses and Metal Poles

Follow this fantastic DIY to create an edging of metal poles weaved with water hoses for a unique edge for the garden.

11. Terracotta Flower Pot Edging

Have terracotta or clay flower pots? Turn them upside down to create the perfect edge for your garden, like this DIY here.

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12. Stone Edging

Check out this DIY to create a unique natural stone edge for your garden.

13. Edging with Wattle

Want to add an English country feel to the garden edge? Look no further than this DIY wattle edging.

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14. Sandstone Edging

This natural sandstone edge, coupled with gravel, is one of the most stunning yet graceful edges. Check it out here.

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15. Cinder Blocks

With an eye-catching size and modern design, these cinder blocks will uplift any garden edge. Check it out here.

16. DIY Edging with Fence Pickets

Follow this DIY to create a spectacular, cute mini fence picket edge for your garden. It is a beautiful and Modern Garden Edging Idea.

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17. River Rock Edge

Follow this DIY to create a captivating river rock edge that will entice everyone who visits.

18. Paving Slabs

Take a look at these fantastic rustic paving slabs that are perfect for edging. Learn how to make them for your garden here.

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19. DIY Garden Bed Edging with Wall Blocks

Want a sturdy and tall edge for your flower bed? Look no further than this DIY wall block garden edging DIY.

20. Weathering Steel Edging

Follow this elegant weathering steel edging DIY to get a strong edging that can withstand any weather.

21. Rope and Wire Mesh Edging

Combine wood with some rope and wire mesh to create a stunning edge for your garden with this DIY.

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22. Wooden Log Edging

Look how perfect this wooden log edging is for this sandpit in the backyard. Here is the DIY so you can create one for your home.

23. DIY Upcycled Wooden Pallet Edging

Have spare wooden pallets? Put them to good use and create this wonderful wooden pallet edging. Check out the DIY here.

24. Sawtooth Edging with Bricks

Here’s another edging idea that you can make using bricks that will add a touch of beauty to your garden. Learn how to DIY here.

25. Coastal Rope Edging

Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous coastal rope garden border for their backyard? Check out the DIY here.

26. Rocky Beach


If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your modern garden, use this corten steel edging idea for its rustic, sleek appeal.

27. Metal Garden Edging


Here’s another metal garden edging idea for you to try, as it is resistant to weathering. This makes it a good choice for low-maintenance gardens.

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28. Concrete Curbing


This concrete curbing edging idea is another popular choice, as it offers you both style and functionality. You can choose any size or shape of bricks that suits your garden.

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29. Victoria Wide


For those looking for a contemporary, long-lasting edging solution, its adaptable design and resistance to weathering make it a low-maintenance option.

30. Play with Shapes


With FormBoss Steel Edging, which offers the ideal balance of design and functionality, turn your garden into a work of art.

31. Aussie Sandstone


Australian Sandstone Split Blocks provide character and charm to any garden or landscaping project by offering a genuine, natural touch.

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32. Ironbark Metal Design


The rusty, warm tones of the steel add charm to the layout of your garden and go well with the surrounding vegetation.

33. Peaceful Oasis


With the aid of our Landscape Curbing, you can turn your backyard into a tranquil haven that will appear exquisitely renovated.

34. Colorful Edging


Paying meticulous attention to detail in the borders, this design adds a splash of color and liveliness to the landscape.

35. Concrete Borders


This low-maintenance option is well-liked for contemporary outdoor design because it provides a strong and long-lasting substitute for conventional garden edging.

36. Curb with Concrete and Pebbles


This custom high-end concrete curbing can completely transform your outdoor space and provide a one-of-a-kind solution for garden and landscape design. 

37. Corten Steel

Corten Steel is a popular option for garden and landscape edging because of its distinctive rusty patina, which gives any outdoor space a contemporary and organic feel.

38. Straight Lines

APC Kadina – Moonta – Yorke Peninsula

For retaining walls, flower beds, and borders, concrete blocks offer a reliable and adaptable option. They also give any outdoor space a sleek and contemporary appearance.

39. Serpentine Way

Concrete serpentine adds a unique and elegant touch to garden and landscape design, creating a fluid and flowing border with its gentle curves.

40. Metallic Edges

In addition to adding a sleek and contemporary touch to the garden and landscape design, metal planter border edging offers a solid and long-lasting way to divide planter beds.

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41. Tiles Game

When used to divide garden beds and give interest to outdoor spaces, tiled edging adds a stylish and distinctive touch to garden and landscape design.

42. Stone Border Edging

Stone border edging gives a genuine, organic touch to garden and landscape design while offering a long-lasting way to divide garden beds and establish clear lines.

43. Traditional Stone Border Edging

Traditional Stone Border Edging uses natural stone to create a neat and attractive border between garden beds, giving garden and landscape design a timeless, classic appeal.

44. This and That

A combination of rocks, pebbles, metal, and concrete offers a dynamic and unique look to garden and landscape design, providing a range of textures and materials for defining garden beds and separating landscaped areas.

45. Pave it All the Way


By offering a variety of colors, styles, and sizes for paths, walkways, and defining garden beds and borders, pavers offer a flexible and fashionable choice for garden and landscape design. Check out this DIY post for more help.

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46. A Concrete Edge

For roads, walkways, retaining walls, and defining garden beds and borders, regular concrete offers a sturdy and long-lasting solution for garden and landscape design.

47. Bricks in Patterns

Brick edging offers a traditional and timeless touch to garden and landscape design while also offering a strong and adaptable way to divide garden beds and establish clear lines.

48. Two Layered Edges

Two levels of brick edging provide garden and landscape designs with a distinctive and layered appearance, dividing landscaped areas and giving garden beds depth and character.

49. Chips and Stones

Combining wood chips and small white stones to create a garden pathway with plant borders on both sides is a charming and natural-looking landscaping idea that adds texture and color contrast to outdoor spaces.

50. Marbled Life

A distinctive and contemporary landscaping technique that gives garden beds, pathways, or other outdoor elements a touch of elegance and sophistication is the vertical edging of marble slabs.

51. The Structured Way

Adding bricks to a garden path and stone blocks and planters to separate grassy areas gives outdoor spaces a beautiful and structured feel while also serving a utilitarian purpose.

52. Gravel Edging

Gravel edging requires small rocks or pebbles to define and create a clean edge around garden beds, walks, and roads. It is a practical and affordable garden bordering solution.

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53. Beautiful Fencing

A unique and environmentally responsible technique to make a natural and rustic border around a garden or outdoor area is to use twigs and thin branches as a fence.

54. Wooden Poles

A common modern garden edging idea keeps garden beds cleanly separated from other outdoor features while creating a natural and rustic aesthetic. It uses cylindrical wooden poles as the margins.

55. Rich Pattern


A garden or outdoor area can have a timeless, classical appeal with a brick pattern edging. The warm, rich colors of the bricks can go well with the vegetation and give the space a sense of organization and structure.

56. Classic Red Border

A classic and timeless addition, a red brick proper pathway can add elegance and organization to your garden, leading the way to different sections and highlights.

57. Colorful meets Earthy

Make a garden filled with the contrast of earthy, red, mud, and vibrant tiles for a bold statement. Surrounding this area with an array of colorful plants will add to the overall charm.

58. Multiple Shades of Green

White flat stones and various shades of green plants and grass provide a visually remarkable contrast in this garden.

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59. Rocky Manicure

In a garden, big boulders can provide a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing approach to separating plants from the sand. The stones’ organic shape and size can lend depth and dimension to the area while also providing a practical role.

60. Rusty Appeal

A border made of substantial boulders can give your garden a natural, rustic character while also visually separating the grass from other plants. The placement of the rocks can be varied to produce a distinctive appearance and can also aid in slope erosion control.

For a striking contrast between the natural materials, plants might be positioned between the rocks.

61. Natural and Chic

A lush plant bed built into a rock wall is a stunning addition to any outdoor area. While the plants bring color, texture, and life to the space, the flow of the rocks gives them a natural and organic appearance.

62. Bold and Beautiful

Using a mixture of huge, old stones and smaller pebbles, bold and attractive garden edging is created. The small pebbles give the design character and complexity, while the large stones provide a firm foundation.

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63. Depth and Appeal

A border of rocks frames a serpentine grass path, giving the garden a beautiful and organic appearance. The stones’ strikingly different texture draws attention to the grass pathway’s gentle curves, giving the whole design more depth and interest.

64. The Curious Case of Edging

An eclectic and one-of-a-kind garden edging design comprises small stones, metal wire fencing, and wooden poles. These materials come together to provide an intriguing and textured border that improves the outdoor area’s overall look and gives it depth and dimension.

65. Tough on the Side

Any garden or landscape design will look more rugged and natural with the addition of boulder edging. The massive stones provide a strong, distinct border, and their natural beauty melds with the nearby flowers to create an easy-going, peaceful outdoor place.

66. Pebble it Up

Any garden or landscape design will look contemporary and sleek with metal edging filled with stones. Pebbles and metal together create a border that is sleek and opulent while still seeming organic and natural.

67. Classic Beauty


The green and non-green areas of the garden are divided by a pathway made of bricks, which gives the landscape design a timeless and refined feel.

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68. Conch Shells

Conch shells used as edging provide gardens and landscape designs with a distinctive coastal touch. They produce a textured and aesthetically appealing barrier or pathway that goes well with beach or tropical-themed outdoor spaces.

69. Sinusoidal Edges

For a natural yet dynamic touch, use sinusoidal wooden slabs for garden and landscape design. It can create a fluid pathway or barrier while bringing a warm and earthy feel to the outdoor space.

70. Liliput Fencing

Liliput fencing adds a decorative and natural touch to the garden and landscape design, creating a subtle and elegant barrier while allowing for the growth and flow of plants and flowers.

71. Pots in a Row

Planting, organizing, and separating various aspects of the outdoor area can be accomplished by lining up pots in the garden and landscape design.

72. Stack Inverted Bottles

As a creative approach to distinguish garden beds and divide landscaped areas, stacked inverted bottles bring color, texture, and sustainability to garden and landscape design.

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73. Inverted Bottles in the Ground

Inverted bottles provide garden and landscape design with a quirky and eco-friendly touch. They offer a special method to delineate garden beds and divide landscaped areas while recycling and upcycling materials.

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74. Mix Materials and Textures

Pebbles, bricks, and stones combined lend a unique and organic touch to garden and landscape design. They also offer a variety of textures and materials for building paths and walks.

75. Snake Path

Adding a fluid and organic touch to the garden and landscape design, a snake-like brick pathway makes for a lively and enjoyable way to move across outdoor spaces.

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