24 Amazing DIY Cinder Block Ideas for Garden

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Give your yard an elegant look by trying these practical DIY Cinder Block Ideas! These are easy to complete, cost less, and add an instant appeal!

Do you want to change the look of your garden without spending much? Check out some amazing DIY Cinder Block Ideas to add an industrial and smart look to your yard!

Have a look at some awesome garden ideas with used items here

DIY Cinder Block Ideas

1. Cinder Block Fire Pit

DIY Cinder Block Ideas

Construct a pocket-friendly fire pit using cinder blocks—just like the raised garden bed, arrange the cinder blocks in a square shape, fire can be made within it. Find the details here.

2. Cinder Succulent Planters

You can grow succulents in the hollow centers of cinder blocks! Make a ‘living wall’ by piling them up, add soil, and propagate succulents. Watch the video here.

3. Cinder Block Bench

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 2

Make a bench using wood and cinder blocks—paint it with your favorite shade for a more finished look. Add some cushions and molding as well. Check the DIY here.

4. DIY Cinder Block Planter

Create this cinder block planter by gluing the blocks together with metal sheeting. The holes can be used to grow plants, flowers, and veggies.

5. Cinder Block Potting Table

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 3

Build a two-shelf potting bench with lumber and cinder blocks for your garden. For finishing, add rustic hooks to the self. Find the DIY here.

6. Cinder Block Planter and Bench

This DIY can create outdoor seating. After making a bench, you can use single cinder blocks to build containers for plants.

7. Cinder Block Vase

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 4

Cinder blocks look great as a flower vase—you can paint them from outside to make them more attractive. Follow this tutorial here.

8. Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

Follow this DIY and build a raised garden bed from cinder blocks. This simple project involves easy steps of stacking some cinder blocks.

9. Cinder Block Rustic Bench

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 5

Check one more Cinder block bench DIY with a stylish yet rustic adaptation that looks amazing in the garden.

10. Cinder Block Outdoor Bar

Create an outdoor bar or grill prep with the help of this DIY—take a few pallets and cinder blocks for making the body of the grill, ridged steel roofing, some boards for finishing. Follow the step-by-step tutorial here.

11. Cinder Block Plant Shelves

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 6

Construct a perfect place to showcase your plants—only four cinder blocks with pieces of wood are used to build shelves. Read the details here.

12. Cinder Block Grill Station

Stack cinder blocks to create a grill station and top with pavers and paint to make it look more stylish! Follow the DIY here.

13. DIY Cinder Block Table

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 7

Make this beautiful table using cinter blocks for the base. The inside section also provides storage space. The DIY is here.

14. Cinder Block Firewood Rack DIY

Take two cinder blocks and some wood beams and create this firewood rack in minutes without tools. See the DIY here.

15. Cozy Cinder Block Outdoor Seating

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 8

Combine a dozen cinder blocks with four pieces of lumber to make this comfy outdoor seating in your yard. Check out the tutorial here.

16. Cinder Block Shelf

Here’s an easy video on making a shelf using just cinder block and wood pallets.

17. Grassy Table Centerpiece with Cinder Blocks

DIY Cinder Block Ideas 9

Use the cinder blocks as a centerpiece for the dining table or desk—learn more here.

18. Cinder Block Outdoor Bench

All you need are some concrete cinder blocks and wood posts to make a clever seating arrangement like this.

19. Concrete Block Planter

This DIY concrete block planter not only looks fantastic, but you can get super creative with it and come up with your own unique design.

20. Cinder Block Solitary Bee Hotel

To attract native bees into your garden, make this easy bee hotel using cinder blocks. Details are here.

21. Porch Cinder Block Bench

Adding a cinder block bench on the front porch takes little time to craft. It’s easy to make, durable, and perfect for DIY enthusiasts!

22. Outdoor Bar + Planter

Make an easy-access outdoor bar using just the cinder blocks and some other tools. Details are here.

23. Bench Potting Stand

Make your porch a dreamy jungle escape by building a tiered plant stand using cinderblocks! Click here for details.

24. Outdoor Bar from Concrete Blocks

Make a fun DIY bar from concrete blocks so that it won’t put a huge dent in your wallet! Details are here.

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